A Comprehensive Guide to Transit Visa for Saudi Arabia

With its rich history, vibrant culture, and booming economy, Saudi Arabia has become an increasingly popular travel destination for tourists and business travelers. As a transit hub for international flights, the Kingdom offers a convenient stopover option for travelers en route to other destinations. To facilitate smooth transit experiences, Saudi Arabia provides a well-defined transit visa process. This comprehensive guide will explore the details of obtaining a transit visa for Saudi Arabia, including eligibility criteria, application procedures, visa duration, and essential information for transit travelers.

Understanding Transit Visa 

A transit visa is a temporary entry permit granted by a country to travelers passing through on their way to a different destination. In the case of Saudi Arabia, a transit visa allows visitors to enter and remain in the country for a specified period, typically up to 72 hours, without the need for a regular visitor visa. It enables travelers to explore the country, participate in various activities, or relax during their layover before continuing their journey.

Understanding Transit Visa 

Eligibility Criteria 

To qualify for a transit visa for Saudi Arabia, travelers must meet specific eligibility requirements. These criteria include:

Confirmed onward ticket

Applicants must possess a confirmed ticket for onward travel to a third country within the designated transit period.

Valid visa for the destination country

Travelers must hold a valid visa or entry permit for the country they are ultimately destined for.

Applicable airline carrier

Passengers must travel on specific airlines approved by the Saudi Arabian authorities for transit purposes. These airlines usually have agreements with the Saudi government to facilitate smooth transit procedures.

Passport validity

The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least six months from entry into Saudi Arabia.

Travel documents

Applicants must hold all necessary documents for their final destination, such as visas, permits, and health certificates.

Application Process

Applying for a transit visa for Saudi Arabia involves a straightforward process. Here are the general steps to follow:

Check Eligibility

Before proceeding with the application, verify that you meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned earlier.

Contact the airline

Contact your airline carrier to confirm their participation in the transit visa program. They can guide specific requirements and any additional documentation needed.

Prepare documents

Gather the required documents, typically including a valid passport, confirmed onward ticket, and valid visa for the final destination. Make sure your passport has blank visa pages for entry and exit stamps.

Complete the application form

Fill out the transit visa application form accurately, providing the necessary personal and travel details. This form is usually available on the official website of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or through the airline carrier.

Submit the application

Submit the finalized application form and supporting documents to the airline or designated visa processing centers. Some airlines allow online submission, while others may require physical compliance at their offices.

Pay the visa fee

Pay the applicable visa fee, which can vary depending on the airline and transit duration. The cost is generally non-refundable, regardless of whether the visa is approved.

Await processing

The processing time for a transit visa can vary, but it is typically completed within a few working days. It is advisable to apply well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications.

Receive the visa: If approved, you will receive the transit visa either as a physical sticker in your passport or as an e-visa, depending on the processing system of the airline or visa center.

 Transit Visa Duration and Conditions 

 A transit visa for Saudi Arabia is usually valid for a maximum of 72 hours (three days) from entry. It allows travelers to stay within the designated transit areas of the airport or venture out for short visits within the country. It is important to note that a transit visa does not grant permission to work or engage in business activities in Saudi Arabia.

While holding a transit visa, travelers are expected to adhere to particular conditions:

 Transit Visa Duration and Conditions 

Stay within the transit area

 Transit visa holders must generally remain within the airport transit area during their layover. However, some airports in Saudi Arabia have specific facilities for transit passengers, including transit hotels, lounges, and duty-free shopping areas, allowing them to make the most of their short stay.

Temporary admission to Saudi Arabia

 In some cases, transit visa holders may be allowed temporary admission to the country if they have a valid reason, such as attending a specific event or conducting business meetings. This requires obtaining prior approval from the relevant Saudi authorities.

Prohibited activities

Transit visa holders are prohibited from seeking employment, starting a business, or participating in activities inconsistent with the transit’s purpose.

Compliance with local laws and customs

 Travelers must respect Saudi Arabia’s laws and cultural norms during their stay, including dress code, public behavior, and customs regulations.

Special Transit Visa Programs

In addition to the regular transit visa, Saudi Arabia has introduced special programs to enhance the transit experience for travelers. These programs offer extended transit periods and opportunities for sightseeing or exploring the country. Here are two unique programs:

Special Transit Visa Programs

The “Saudi Tourist Visa on Arrival” program

Under this program, passengers arriving in Saudi Arabia via King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh or King Fahd International Airport in Dammam can obtain a tourist visa. This allows them to stay in the state for up to 3 days (72 hours) without a prior visa. During transit, travelers can explore nearby attractions, such as Riyadh’s historical sites or Dammam’s coastal areas.

The “Saudi Arabian Airlines Transit Plus” program

This initiative by Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) offers transit passengers a chance to extend their layover up to 96 hours (four days) and explore the Kingdom’s attractions. The program includes various tourism packages, transportation services, and accommodations tailored to the needs of transit travelers. This allows visitors to experience the rich culture and heritage of Saudi Arabia, such as visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, exploring bustling markets, or enjoying traditional cuisine.


Obtaining a transit visa for Saudi Arabia allows travelers to experience the country’s unique culture, heritage, and hospitality during their layovers. By following the eligibility criteria, submitting the required documents, and abiding by the visa conditions, transit passengers can enjoy a memorable glimpse of Saudi Arabia en route to their final destination. Whether it’s a short visit to the vibrant cities or a stopover exploration of historical sites, a transit visa provides a valuable chance to make most of your time in the Kingdom.


Who needs a transit visa for Saudi Arabia?

Travelers passing through Saudi Arabia and having a layover of more than a few hours may need a transit visa, depending on their nationality and the duration of their stay. It is recommended to check with your country’s Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate to determine if you require a transit visa.

How long is a transit visa valid in Saudi Arabia?

A transit visa for Saudi Arabia is typically valid for up to 72 hours (three days) from entry. Travelers must depart within the specified timeframe.

Can I leave the airport during my transit with a transit visa?

In most cases, transit visa holders must stay within the airport transit area. However, some airports in Saudi Arabia have facilities that allow transit passengers to explore nearby attractions within a limited radius. It is preferable to check with the airline or airport authorities regarding any specific provisions for transit passengers.

Can I apply for a transit visa directly, or do I need assistance from the airline?

The application process for a transit visa may vary depending on the airline. Some airlines facilitate the visa application process for their passengers, while others may require travelers to apply directly through designated visa processing centers or the Saudi Arabian embassy/consulate. It is recommended to contact your airline for guidance on the application procedure.

Can I extend my transit visa if I want to stay longer in Saudi Arabia?

Generally, transit visas are issued for a specific duration and cannot be extended. However, in some instances, travelers may be allowed temporary admission to Saudi Arabia with prior approval from the relevant authorities. This requires valid reasons and proper documentation. Before traveling, clarifying this with the Saudi Arabian embassy or consulate is essential.

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