List Of All Iqama Professions Eligible For Family Visa In Saudi Arabia

Do you want to know about all professions eligible for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia? So, here we will provide you with a list of iqama professions eligible for family visa in KSA.

If your profession does not match this list of eligible professions for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia then you have to change your iqama profession. 

There are some professions, however, that are only available to Saudis, so you must be careful when selecting a profession. You want to make sure you do not have an Iqama that falls under this category. 

All Iqama Professions Eligible For Family Visa In Saudia Arabia KSA Site

all iqama Profession eligilble for family visa in saudi arabia
  1. Accounts Manager.
  2. Accountant / Accounts Verifier / Auditor.
  3. Administration Coordinator.
  4. Air Hostess.
  5. Air Navigator.
  6. Air Transport Manager.
  7. Aircraft Landing Controller.
  8. Administrative Manager.
  9. Administrative Researcher.
  10. Agricultural specialist (General).
  11. Air Controller.
  12. Archeological Director.
  13. Archeological Prospector.
  14. Archeological Researcher.
  15. Architectural Draftsman.
  16. Army Officer.
  17. Artists which include actors, musicians, composers, poets, painters, and singers.
  18. Aircraft Maintenance Technician.
  19. Aircraft Takeoff Controller.
  20. Assistant General Manager.
  21. Assistant Pharmacist.
  22. Aquatic Specialist.
  23. Assistant Engineer (All specializations).
  24. Auditor.
  25. Author.
  26. Aviation Guide.
  27. Assistant Pilot.
  28. Astronomer.
  29. Aviation Technician.
  30. Aviation Trainer.
  31. Bank Official.
  32. Bank Manager.
  33. Banker.
  34. Business lady.
  35. Businessman.
  36. Banking Business Manager.
  37. Breeding Specialist (Animals/ Birds/ Bees).
  38. Broadcasting Manager.
  39. Career Counselor.
  40. Chairman (All types).
  41. Captain of Ship/Cruise/Carrier/Steamship.
  42. Chief Justice.
  43. Chairman / Executive Director.
  44. Cinema or Television Producer.
  45. College Dean.
  46. Commercial Broker.
  47. Chemist (All Specializations).
  48. Cinema Cameraman.
  49. Cinema Director.
  50. Computer Programmer / Computer Technician.
  51. Consultant (All types).
  52. Commercial Manager.
  53. Company or Factory Manager.
  54. Cooperative Society Manager.
  55. Correspondent (Newspaper/Radio/TV).
  56. Consultant (All types).
  57. Control Equipment Technician.
  58. Cruise Ship Guide.
  59. Customs Clearer.
  60. Customs Specialist.
  61. Dental Technician (Fixing).
  62. Diplomat (Members of diplomatic corps).
  63. Decoration Designer.
  64. Director.
  65. ECG Technician
  66. Earthquakes expert.
  67. sports Iteams
  68. Economic Analyst
  69. Electricity Manager
  70. Executive Manager or Director
  71. Executive Secretary
  72. Employees at the Embassies in the GCC countries (Except
  73. Engineers (Registered) of all types.
  74. Farm Manager
  75. Flight Technician
  76. Food Controller
  77. Foodstuff Technician
  78. Finance Manager
  79. Finance/Economics Expert
  80. Gardening Specialist
  81. Geologist (General)
  82. Geology Technician
  83. General Professional Trainer
  84. General Supervisor
  85. Head of Prosecution
  86. General Specialist
  87. Hospital Manager
  88. Horse Breeding Technician
  89. Hotel Manager
  90. Institute Manager
  91. Information Systems Expert
  92. Insurance Manager
  93. Investment Manager
  94. Investor
  95. Journalist
  96. Judge
  97. Jeweler
  98. Lab Specialist
  99. Lab Technician
  100. Land Hostess
  101. Lawyer / Advocate
  102. Lecturer
  103. Legal Expert
  104. Laboratory Manager
  105. Land Transport Manager
  106. Library Manager
  107. Literator
  108. Legal Researcher
  109. Maintenance Manager
  110. Male or Female Nurse
  111. Manager (All types)
  112. Manager or Director of any government organization or a private company.
  113. Maritime Controller
  114. Marine Navigator
  115. Marine Transport Manager
  116. Marketing Executive
  117. Marine Traffic Controller
  118. Marketing Manager
  119. Marketing Representative
  120. Media Person
  121. Media Specialist
  122. Media Controller
  123. Media Manager
  124. Medical Analysis Specialist
  125. Medical Equipment Technician
  126. Medical Therapy Specialist
  127. Museum Manager
  128. Mining Technician
  129. Ministry Undersecretary
  130. Medical X-ray Specialist
  131. Microscopic Technician
  132. Nutrition Specialist
  133. Optical Technician
  134. Operations Analyst
  135. Partner
  136. Pharmaceutical Technician
  137. Physicist
  138. Pilot
  139. Pharmacist
  140. Physician (All specializations)
  141. Press Photographer
  142. Player (All sports items in a sports club)
  143. President or Director of a University
  144. President or Director of a Club
  145. Printing and Publishing Manager
  146. Procurement Representative
  147. Production Director
  148. Professor
  149. Program Designer
  150. Professional Security and Safety Technician
  151. Prosecutor
  152. Program Producer.
  153. Proofreader
  154. Psychiatrist
  155. Quantity Enumerator
  156. Quality Controller
  157. Radio or TV Transmission Technician
  158. Religious person
  159. Regional Director
  160. Referee (sports)
  161. Road Controller
  162. Research & Studies Director
  163. Sales Executive
  164. Sales Manager
  165. Scientist
  166. School Manager
  167. Sales Representative
  168. Secretary or Manager of Library
  169. Ship Maintenance Technician
  170. Ship Captain
  171. Special Needs Teacher
  172. Shop Supervisor
  173. Sports Medicine Specialist
  174. Sports Representative
  175. Sports Trainer
  176. Sociologist
  177. Speech Specialist
  178. Surgeon (All specializations)
  179. Systems Analyst
  180. Statistics Specialist
  181. Support Services Jobs)
  182. Telecom Technician
  183. Teacher / Instructor
  184. Tourism Agency Manager
  185. Tourist Guide
  186. Television Manager
  187. Theatre Manager
  188. Translator
  189. Travel or Tourism Agent
  190. Trader
  191. Train Maintenance Technician
  192. TV Cameraman
  193. TV or Radio Programs Presenter
  194. University student
  195. University Professor
  196. Veterinary Doctor
  197. Weather expert
  198. Well Drilling Technician
  199. X-ray Technician
  200. X-Ray Specialist
  201. Zoology Specialist

Final Words

Here, we provide all the Iqama professions which are eligible for family visa in KSA. We have not provided a single profession which is not eligible for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia. If you want to apply for a permanent family visa then you must have to belong to the following eligible professions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Iqama and Family Visa in Saudi Arabia:

  1. What is an Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

    An Iqama is a residency permit that allows expatriates to live and work in Saudi Arabia legally.

  2. What is a family visa in Saudi Arabia?

    A family visa in Saudi Arabia is a visa that allows the dependents of the Iqama holder to enter and reside in the country.

  3. What professions are eligible for a family visa in Saudi Arabia through Iqama?

    Eligible professions for a family visa in Saudi Arabia include doctors, engineers, and senior managers, among others. The full list of eligible professions can be found through the Jawazat (Passport and Immigration) office.

  4. What documents are required for obtaining a family visa in Saudi Arabia through Iqama?

    The required documents for a family visa in Saudi Arabia include the sponsor’s Iqama, marriage certificate, birth certificate, and passports of the dependents.

  5. Can I bring my spouse and children to Saudi Arabia on a family visa if I have a different profession?

    The eligibility criteria for a family visa depend on the profession listed on your Iqama. You should check with the Jawazat (Passport and Immigration) office to determine if your profession is eligible for a family visa.

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