A Complete Guide on all Types of Visas in Saudi Arabia

Whenever you plan for a trip to any country the first concern is about your visa. If you are planning for a trip to Saudi Arabia then select the all type of visa in Saudi Arabia according to your purpose of the trip. Saudi Arabia gives multiple types of visas. In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide of some common types of visas, their requirements, their fees, and some prohibited things in Saudi Arabia. By reading this you will definitely have knowledge about all the concerns about different types of visas of Saudi Arabia.

Importance of all Types of Visas in Saudi Arabia

Like most other countries in Asia such as Iran, Iraq, and Thailand, Saudi Arabia requires its citizens to obtain a visa before entering. But Saudi Arabia offers the opportunity to travel to four countries without Visa. These countries are Bahrain, Oman, UAE, and Kuwait.  The people of these countries just need their ID cards to enter Saudi Arabia. 

Types of Visas in Saudi Arabia

There are many types of visas in Saudi Arabia. Online applications are possible for some, but for others, you have to visit the consulate in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we will provide the most common types of Visas of Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudi Arabia family visit visa: The following link will provide more information and detail.
  • Saudi Arabia eVisa 
  • Saudi Arabia business visa
  • Saudi Arabia visitor visa
  • Saudi Arabia work visa:The following link will provide more information and detail.
  • Saudi Arabia Umrah Visa/Hajj Visa
  • Student Visa of Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Arabian Government Visa

Saudi Arabia Family Visit Visa

If one of your family members lives in Saudi Arabia and you want to visit him. Then you can apply for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia online if your country is present in eligible countries for eVisa service. Whether you follow a variety of religious beliefs or none at all, it is required that you abide by the Islamic laws of the country while on a Family Visit Visa. only your family members like your wife and children are eligible for a family visit visa. Your parents are not eligible for a Family vise in Saudi Arabia . Your son who is more than 18 years old is not eligible for a family visit visa. 

Types of Visas in Saudi Arabia

Prohibited Items from Bringing Into Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia EVisa

Saudi Arabia introduced the eVisa in Saudi Arabia for tourism, family visit, or business purposes. Saudi Arabia selects 51 countries that can apply for eVisa in Saudi Arabia. Applicants for a Saudi eVisa can apply online through the official Saudi Ministry of Tourism website. Saudi Arabia offers eVisas to citizens of the following countries.

Saudi Arabia EVisa
CanadaChina (Hong Kong & Macau as well)Croatia
CyprusCzech RepublicDenmark
MontenegroNetherlandsNew Zealand
RomaniaRussiaSan Marino
South KoreaSpainSweden
SwitzerlandUkraineUnited Kingdom
United StatesHolders of Schengen visas, US visas, or UK visas 

Saudi Arabia Business Visa

Saudi Arabia business visas are available for foreign visitors who wish to visit the kingdom for business purposes such as meetings, training, business deals, etc. With this Saudi visa, you will be able to visit Saudi Arabia for short-term business meetings, discussions, and training events. Saudi visas are available for three months or six months, depending on whether you wish to enter the country once or more. At most, you can stay for 30 days during a single visit. Saudi visas will be issued according to the government’s regulations regarding multiple entry or one-time entry.

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Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa

A Saudi visitor’s visa is necessary if you intend to visit relatives or friends in Saudi Arabia. You can easily get one. You can get a Saudi Arabia visa from an embassy if you are not eligible for an eVisa or visa on arrival. You will be permitted to enter Saudi Arabia with a Saudi Arabian tourist visa for the sole purpose of sightseeing and tourism.

Saudi Arabia Visitor Visa

Saudi Arabia Work Visa

If Saudi Arabia offers you a job then the only thing you need is your work visa in Saudi Arabia. Employers in Saudi Arabia are only eligible for a work visa or employment visas Saudi Arabia. Once you enter the KSA with the Saudi Work Visa, you will also need to request a residency permit from the Ministry of Labor in the KSA. You can live and work in Saudi Arabia full-time with this visa. To be eligible for the job, you must have an employment contract, invitations, and all other necessary documents such as a medical report and attestation certificate. 

Saudi Arabia Hajj Visa/Umrah Visa

Those who qualify for a Saudi Arabia eVisa may also use it to perform Hajj/Umrah in the Kingdom.

This visa is free of cost for all Muslim countries. If you want to perform Umrah or Hajj then you need to apply for Hajj and Umrah Visa in Saudi Arabia. Such pilgrimages are centered in Makkah and Madinah.

The Saudi Government sets some rules for women for hajj and Umrah visas. Women must travel with a Maharam. But women over the age of 45 can travel with the organization with a letter signed by their husband or Maharam.

Student Visa of Saudi Arabia

If you want to study in Saudi Arabia then Saudi Arabia offers a Student Visa.  The first step is to get accepted into an accredited university or institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To obtain a Saudi Student Visa, your university must apply to the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs. Once you have been granted your visa, you can apply for a Saudi study visa at the Saudi Consulate in your city.

Saudi Arabian Government Visa

If you want to visit Saudi Arabia just for the purpose of government events then you just need a Government visa of Saudi Arabia. Most often, this pertains to attendees at conferences (e.g. Cancer Research Conference), public events (e.g. Panel Discussions, Lectures, Concerts, FundRaising Events, Sporting Events like bard), or the applicant is invited by an official Saudi government body, e.g. the Ministry of Defence, the Royal Bank of Saudi Arabia, an educational or medical institution, an association of lawyers, a court of justice, a hospital, a charity, an environmental organization, a human rights organization, etc.

How to apply for a Saudi Visa?

There are tw0 methods to apply for Saudi visas. Here we will provide you with these two methods.  

  • Through Online
  • Through Saudi Arabia Embassy

Saudi Arabia Visa Apply online

The first method is applying for a visa online through the website of Saudi Arabia. You can apply only for eVisa online on the official website of Saudi Arabia. You can only apply for this visa if you are eligible for eVisa. In the above portion, we will provide you with a list of 51 countries that are eligible for online eVisa service in Saudi Arabia.  

Saudi Arabia Visa through Saudi Embassy

If you are not eligible for an online service or visa then you have to go to any Saudi Embassy for a visa. So you can check for the visa requirements for Saudi Arabia in its embassy first, and then either make an appointment or contact the agency. Embassies required some documentary work for Visas. You require your passport first and all primary documents. Many agencies offer different Visas but beware of fake agencies. 

Fees for Saudi Arabia Visa

The Saudi Government sets some fees for all types of Visas in Saudi Arabia. Here we will provide you with lists of fees.  

Visa TypeFees
Saudi eVisa feesSAR 440 (appx. US$ 117)
Business Visa Single EntrySAR 200 (appx. US$ 53)
Business Visa Multiple EntrySAR 500 (appx. US$ 133)
Government, Hajj, Umrah WorkFree
Residency, Transit & StudentSAR 50 (appx. US$ 13)

Punishments if Visa Expired

If you overstay in Saudi Arabia. Overstay means when your visa expires but you still stay in the country then this country punishes them and sets some fines.  

1st15,000 SRDeportation
2nd25,000 SR3 months Jail& Deportation
3rd50,000 SR6 months Jail& Deportation


Here, we provide you with the most common types of visas of Saudi Arabia and their description. Fees for the Visas, their methods, and punishments if you overstay in Saudi Arabia.

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