Car Registration Renewal in Dubai: A Comprehensive Guide

Car registration renewal is an essential process for vehicle owners in Dubai, ensuring legal compliance and road safety. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai governs the registration and licensing of vehicles, providing streamlined procedures for residents and visitors alike. In this article, we will delve into the details of car registration renewal in Dubai, highlighting the necessary steps, requirements, and important considerations.

Understanding the Car Registration Renewal Process

Car registration renewal in Dubai involves several steps that vehicle owners need to follow diligently. It is crucial to initiate the renewal process before the expiration date of the current registration to avoid penalties or fines. The process can be completed through various channels, including online platforms, service centers, and authorized agents.

Understanding the Car Registration Renewal Process

Eligibility Criteria

To renew the car registration in Dubai, you need to meet specific eligibility criteria:

Valid Insurance

Ensure your vehicle is covered by a valid motor insurance policy in compliance with UAE laws. Insurance is mandatory for the registration renewal process.

 Passing Vehicle Inspection

The vehicle must pass the required technical inspection at authorized centers. The inspection ensures that the car meets the safety and environmental standards set by the RTA.

Clear Outstanding Fines

All traffic fines, if any, should be settled before initiating the renewal process. Outstanding fines can be paid through the RTA’s website, mobile app, or any authorized payment center.

Required Documents

 To renew your car registration, you will need the following documents:

Vehicle Registration Card

The current vehicle registration card or a copy of it is required.

Vehicle Registration Card

Emirates ID 

The owner’s original Emirates ID or a valid passport is necessary for identification purposes.

Valid Insurance Certificate

Present a valid insurance certificate covering the duration of the renewed registration.

 Vehicle Inspection Certificate

Provide the vehicle inspection certificate issued by authorized centers.

Previous Plates

Surrender the old number plates to obtain the renewed registration plates.

Steps to Renew Car Registration:

The car registration renewal process can be completed through the following steps:

Online Renewal

Visit the RTA’s website or use the RTA Dubai App to access the online services. Enter the required information and follow the instructions for renewal. Pay the applicable fees online using a credit card or other available payment options.

Online Renewal

Service Centers 

Visit one of the RTA service centers or authorized typing centers. Present the required documents mentioned earlier and request the renewal of your car registration. Pay the fees at the service center.

Authorized Agents

You can also engage authorized agents to renew your car registration. These agents provide convenient services for a fee, handling the entire process on your behalf.


The car registration renewal process incurs specific charges. The exact amount varies depending on factors such as the vehicle type, age, and the duration of renewal. The RTA’s website and service centers provide detailed information regarding the applicable fees. It is essential to settle all fees promptly to avoid any delays in the registration renewal process.

Delivery Options

Upon successful completion of the renewal process, you have multiple options for receiving the renewed registration card and number plates:

Courier Delivery

Opt for courier delivery services offered by the RTA, which allows you to receive the documents at your preferred address.

Service Center Collection

Visit the RTA service center you selected during the renewal process to collect the renewed registration card and plates in person.

Additional Considerations

Grace Period

The RTA provides a grace period of 30 days after the registration expiration date, during which you can still renew your car registration without penalties. However, it is advisable to initiate the renewal process well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications.

Automatic Renewal

The RTA offers an automatic renewal service for vehicle registration. By subscribing to this service, the registration will be automatically renewed before the expiration date, eliminating the need for manual renewal. This convenient option ensures continuous compliance and saves time and effort.

Personal Appearance

In some cases, the vehicle owner may need to personally appear at the RTA service center for specific reasons, such as updating personal information, addressing legal issues, or resolving outstanding fines. It is advisable to check the RTA website or contact their customer service for any specific requirements.

Ownership Transfer

If you have recently purchased a used car in Dubai, you may need to transfer the ownership before renewing the registration. The ownership transfer process involves additional documentation and fees, and it is essential to complete it before initiating the renewal process.

Online Account Registration

To access the online services provided by the RTA, it is recommended to create an account on their website or through the RTA Dubai App. This account will allow you to conveniently manage various vehicle-related services, including registration renewal, fines payment, and vehicle history inquiries.


Car registration renewal in Dubai is a vital process that ensures compliance with legal requirements and promotes road safety. By following the outlined steps and fulfilling the necessary criteria, vehicle owners can easily renew their car registration through various channels offered by the RTA. Initiating the renewal process on time, settling fines, and ensuring the vehicle passes the required inspection is crucial for a hassle-free renewal experience. Remember to stay updated with the RTA’s guidelines and avail yourself of the online services to make the process more convenient. By adhering to the regulations and completing the renewal process promptly, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of owning a registered vehicle in Dubai.


Q1. Can I renew my car registration before the expiration date?

 A: Yes, you can initiate the renewal process before the expiration date to ensure a seamless transition and avoid penalties.

Q2. Can I renew my car registration if I have outstanding fines? 

A: No, it is necessary to settle all outstanding fines before renewing the registration. The RTA provides multiple channels to pay fines conveniently.

Q3. Can I renew my car registration if my vehicle fails the technical inspection?

A: No, the vehicle must pass the required technical inspection to proceed with the registration renewal. Repairs or maintenance may be necessary to meet the standards set by the RTA.

Q4. Can I renew my car registration if my insurance has expired? 

A: No, a valid insurance policy is mandatory for the registration renewal process. Ensure your insurance coverage is up to date before initiating the renewal.

Q5. Can someone else renew my car registration on my behalf? 

A: Yes, authorized agents and typing centers can handle the renewal process on your behalf for a fee. They are well-versed in the procedures and can ensure a smooth renewal process.

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