How to Change the Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia 2023

According to Iqama Profession Change latest news 2022, All inhabitants of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must change their iqama profession if they have shifted their occupation due to certain reasons. All Expats are granted Saudi Iqama, to confirm that they are legally residing and working in Saudi Arabia.  Expats need to present correct and updated information on their documents about their original profession while being in KSA, else they would be in a serious trouble 

The Iqama comprises information from your ID card, including your name, DOB, expiration date, and kind of work permit, as well as your changing Profession. If you don’t want any problems while residing in KSA, make sure to change Iqama Profession to ensure all of the information on your identification documents is accurate. You will end yourself in a problem if the authorities discover any discrepancies in any information on the documents.

Change in Iqama Profession is necessary when your IQAMA indicates that you are an engineer, but you are employed in a different profession, as it is unlawful in KSA, and includes working crime. 

Who Is Authorized to Change the Profession?

New rules for profession change have been observed to be eligible for changing the profession in KSA. If and only if a person complies with the conditions and agreement set forth by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD), a person may change their profession. According to MLSD, a person may change jobs if and only if he meets the requirements listed below:

List of All Iqama professions

Condition To Change Profession (For Expats Already in KSA):

  • The Ministry must be aware of social and labor development expats.
  • He fulfilled the terms of his employment agreement with the prior employer.
  • He worked with his former contractor for a whole year (1st contractor after coming to KSA)
  • The work contract for the expat should be certified and recorded.
  • Expats need to have given notice of resignation within the withdrawal period.
  • An expat may change their career with ease if they agree to the aforementioned terms.

Condition To Change Profession (For New Expats in KSA):

  • Following law and regulation, an expat should be able to get a visa in KSA.
  • The expat should have used the QIWI platform (Ministry platform or jobs) to apply for a new job. 
  • The digitalization program and the regulations governing labor procurement documents should be accepted by the expat.
  • The self-appraisal program should have the expat’s approval.

Situations Where Expats Can Change Profession (Without Conditions):

  • When an expat is found to have missed 90 days in a row of employment after arriving in Saudi Arabia.
  • The expat may switch careers if he goes 90 days without receiving a wage.
  • When an employer leaves for 90 days straight after moving to KSA, he is free to change careers.
  • The expat can change his occupation if his Iqama expires.
  • If the Expat disputes with his employer and the employer fail to appear at the past two LABOUR COURT sessions, he may change his profession.
  • If the expat employer decides to leave them, he has the option of changing his career.

How To Change the Profession in Iqama 2023?

If the person thinks that they are eligible to change the Iqama profession in Saudi Arabia, they can follow the steps mentioned below to execute their processes accordingly.

Attested Degree by MOFA

MOFA Attestation

Degree attestation in Saudi Arabia is a critical requirement if you want to modify your work visa, including your IQAMA Profession in the Kingdom, or find a job that fits your requirements with legal standard archives.

The Saudi Embassy must, validate the degrees and stamp them to determine a person’s profession. Even though this procedure seems simple, it is highly drawn out and time-consuming. As a result, you must conduct a lot of research and prepare the documents that will be presented as part of the process.

  1.  The first step to changing your Iqama profession in Saudi Arabia is to double-check the names on your degree and Iqama. The name on Degree and IQAMA must match. However, if there is even a tiny alteration, they have the right to reject your application due to this error. To align the Degree and Iqama, get in touch with Jawazat and request that they change the name or spelling on your Iqama.
  2. Send your degrees to the Saudi Arabian Chamber of Commerce for certification.
  3. To validate the degrees, you must get a letter from your employer referencing the Saudi Cultural Office. Additionally, the letter must contain all pertinent information, including your name, title, or position within the company, and the date you joined. 
  4. As soon as you receive the letters from your organization, send the paperwork with your degrees to the Saudi Cultural Office and the Saudi Embassy. They might also come up to you and ask you to authenticate these degrees right away with the MOFA in your nation or the Higher Education Commission.
  5. A cover letter, a copy of your ID and Iqama, a copy of your visa, and a unique degree are all required.
  6. Someone who resides in your country and is competent to complete the archives and do the necessary administrative work can handle the degree confirmation cycle. If you don’t already have an agent, the standard charge for consultants is SR 400/-.
  7. After receiving the validated degrees back, you may provide them to your organization’s “MANDOOB,” who will handle the process moving forward.

Registering Of Saudi Council of Engineering (In Case If Person Wants To Change His Profession To Engineering):

Saudi engineers council registration for technicians

If a person switches their profession to engineering after receiving their degree attestation, they must register with the Saudi Council of Engineering. Your occupation must be disclosed when you apply for a job in Saudi Arabia since it is related to your place of residency. Failure to do so might have serious consequences.

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When you enter the chamber, you must present your identification and proof of your education.

Each of the documents listed below must be prepared as a pdf file, which you must upload to the Saudi Council of Engineering website.

Required Documents:

  1. CV or Resume (Original or copy)
  2. Photograph (200×200cm)
  3. Grade sheet.
  4. Attested engineering Degree (1 COPY)
  5. Letter of Authorization.
  6. Letter of Employment
  7. IQAMA (1 COPY)
  8. Passport (1 COPY)
  9. The site to submit your Documents is the Saudi Council of Engineering

Registration Of Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (In Case If Person Wants To Change His Profession To Accounts):

In accordance with Saudi labor law, If you are hired as an accountant, you will then need to join Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants. 

The enrollment process is essential when requesting a family visa. The cycle becomes somewhat simpler after you join SOCPA.

If a person switches to accounting after receiving their degree attestation, they must register themselves as accountants. 

Each of the documents on the list below has to be turned into a pdf file. then upload the file to the website of the Saudi Council of Engineering.

Required Documents:

  1. Passport (1 COPY)
  2. IQAMA (1 COPY)
  3. Grade sheet.
  4. Letter of Employment
  5. Letter of Authorization.
  6. Photograph (200×200cm)
  7. Resume or CV (Original or copy)
  8. Attested accountant Degree (1 COPY)

The site where you can submit your Documents is the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants

Changing Iqama Profession Fees:

The MOI must request your validated degrees; they do not need to be included in the online process for changing your Iqama calling. In light of this, it is wise to use this procedure only after having verified degrees on hand.

To change Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia, you ought to submit 1000 SAR. The charge must be given by the company in accordance with Saudi labor law.

Because you are unable to bring your case to “JAWAZAT” for a calling adjustment, you will need your GRO to go there on your behalf to complete the cycle. 


  • Make sure there are no pending criminal accusations against you before attempting to change your iqama profession in KSA. 
  • The expat shouldn’t be the subject of any traffic violation reports.
  • Expat IQAMA has to be current and valid.
  • There should be no “HUROOB” allegation against him.
  • A letter of authorization from the Saudi Ministry of Labor is required for expats.
  • The expat ought to have paid his Iqama fees in full.
  • There shouldn’t be any traffic breach reports against the Expat sponsor.

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Check Changed Iqama Profession on Ministry Of Interior Website

One can check the status of their new IQAMA profession at the “ABSHER” profile if they have changed their IQAMA profession.

  1. Open the “ABSHER” webpage on the MOI (Ministry of Interior) official website.

2. Upon accessing the website, you have the option of selecting between the two options “INDIVIDUAL” or “BUSINESS” depending on whether you are an individual or a business.

Absher individuals or buisness (change iqama profession)

3. Using the built-in Google function, you may change the language after selecting your preferred language.

4. Click login to access your current account after selecting your preferred language. 

Language change

5. After clicking the Login option, be sure to enter your English username and password properly.

MOI Absher login

6. Next, carefully enter the picture captcha code, and then click continue.

7. After you select “Continue,” a verification code will be sent to the mobile number connected with the Absher platform.  Simply enter the code to access your account. 

8. As soon as you enter your account, you will see complete information about yourself below your image.

User Information

9. Directly over the “MORE SERVICES” button, you will find a “CURRENT PROFESSION” column. 

Additionally, you may view your current professional information here. There is no need to be concerned if your present profession is changed on your Absher account; however, if your IQAMA profession is not changed, then you have to request for a change iqama Profession to avoid any inconvenience. 

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Reasons for rejections in Iqama Change Profession

Following are the reasons for the rejection of change in the Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia

1. If the person has an “Aamil Manzali” or domestic worker work visa

2. If your employer has any offenses or violations on record and you are altering your Iqama’s work status inside Saudi Arabia.

3. If you have any traffic violations and/or criminal convictions and are changing the job of your Iqama inside Saudi Arabia.

4. If you don’t have enough AVAILABLE IQAMA Funds to switch careers.

5. Based on the historical context of your support, the Ministry of Labor rejects the Labor request for service.

6. If he has a “HUROOB” accusation or other reports of traffic violations against him. Furthermore, his sponsor’s name does not appear on any traffic infraction reports.

Is profession change banned in Saudi Arabia?

According to the latest 2022 news, Iqama’s Profession change is open. However, there are several reasons why your application may be rejected. Changing the Iqama profession in Saudi Arabia was banned by MOL for some time but now it’s open.

Labor Office E-Services second-level application channels Conditions of acceptance

1. The applicant must be an authorized representative of the establishment of the Ministry of Labor. 

2-All of the establishment’s permits, including the Saudi Post service of the national address, must be current. 

3. The location needs to be in the platinum or green zone. 

4-Only Saudi citizens are prohibited from changing their Professions.

Ministry of labour


You may face consequences and severe fines/charges if your degree information, including your work permit, does not match your current Iqama profession. It is a task that has to be resolved right immediately. Additionally, it would be ideal to have an Iqama that correctly compiles all of your information and takes into account your vocation for the Kingdom.

You should be required to update the precise data or information on IQAMA if your Profession changes. Additionally, you won’t be able to work or receive any benefits. 


How can I change my profession in iqama online?

Log in to the (Absher) portal. Then Select (Business/Individual) on the home page. Afterward, you have to select “passport service” from the options providing the list of e-services on the website. Place the Application for the change in profession. The system will then update you about the necessary steps required to execute the request.

Is profession change possible in Saudi Arabia?

Workers can change their profession after entering Saudi Arabia or cancel and reissue their visas and reselect their profession.

What is my Iqama profession?

There are two ways to identify the profession of Iqama. One is to check the Iqama card, and the other is to check it online from the official website of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior. The first is the old way, if you have recently changed profession, you won’t be able to see this until you get Iqama.

How can I change my home driver profession in Saudi Arabia?

The current employer must submit an application to the new employer via Absher to request admission for the employee. The new owner waits for the household employee’s approval through the Absher account, and once the authorization is complete, the employee is assigned to the new company.

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