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A lot of people live in Saudi Arabia and most of them work under the ownership of a sponsor which is known as Kafeel in this Country. Kafeel takes your responsibility and provides you with iqama for working legally in Saudi Arabia. Here in this guide, I will explain in detail how to change kafeel in Saudi Arabia.

Most of the ex-pats get to change their Kafeel due to some of their reasons such as job promotion, getting a new job, or academic excellence. And this Kafeel change process known as ‘Naqal Kafala’ in Saudi Arabia allowed you from one employer to another.

Change Kafeel In Saudi Arabia

However, if you are looking for how to change your Kafeel then you have come to the right place where we guide you to transfer your ownership with a few lines of follow-up and also explain other related issues. Have a look at How to Check Kafeel Name.

Iqama Kafeel Change Process In KSA

The manual system of changing ownership may take a month but there are no more difficulties to change the ownership on iqama because of its online procedure. So, when your notice period is about to end, your new Kafeel needs to create a request to transfer ownership through the Ministry of Labour record. After request, you can ask your new Kafeel to accept the iqama transfer request in the Ministry of Labour’s system.

When the request is accepted, your iqama ownership is transferred to your new Kafeel in the MOL’s database. So, pay the iqama transfer charges in the Jawazat office. Once it is done, you can get the print of your new iqama from the Jawazat office.

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Requirements To Change Kafeel

Changing the iqama Kafeel is totally legal. Nobody can stop you if you want to change your kafeel/sponsor from one to another in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the best thing is if you apply online then you don’t need any documents. Because these websites have all your information in their database.

However, there are some requirements that you might notice when you going to change your Kafeel.

  • You must know what is your company/Kafeel Nitaqat Status in the Ministry of Labour department. If there is Green or Platinum then it’s ok. If there is Red or Yellow it’s very difficult for you to apply for transfer ownership.
  • You cannot change ownership if your Passport is expired. You also cannot change Kafeel if you have an exit re-entry Visa or a Final exit Visa.
  • If you are under Huroob status, then you cannot apply for transferring of your ownership.
  • If you are a new employee in Saudi Arabia and your Kafeel failed to provide Iqama within 3 months. Then you can change your Kafeel legally without any consent of your current Kafeel. You may Also Read the Iqama transfer check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we transfer iqama without Kafeel’s consent?

You can transfer iqama without Kafeel’s consent, but there are some conditions and if the ex-pat meets any of the following conditions then he/she can change their iqama without Kafeel’s permission. If:-
You don’t get salaries from Kafeel.
Your Kafeel has Red Nitaqat status in Saudi Arabia.
Your Kafeel doesn’t provide iqama within 3 months of your arrival.
Or Kafeel is not able to renew your iqama.

What are the charges of Iqama Transfer?

According to Saudi Law, if you are going to transfer your iqama for the first time then it would be charges of 2000 Saudi Riyal, and for the second time it would be 4000 Saudi Riyal and for the third time, it would be 6000 Saudi Riyal charge by the government.

Who pays the Iqama transfer charges?

As per Article 40 of Saudi Labour Law, it is the duty of your sponsor to pay the charges of first and second-time iqama transfers. And, if you are transferring your iqama a third time then you should pay half of the charges.

What is meant by Iqama Kafeel’s colour status?

The government of Saudi Arabia creates some levels for Kafeel/Sponsor according to the reputation of the Kafeel or Companies and gives them different colour statuses. Although, there are 3 colours in this category Green, Yellow, and Red.
The “Green” colour is the symbol of safe and if your Kafeel’s Nitaqat colour is green, it means your Kafeel has a good reputation in Saudi Arabia.
The yellow colour means your Kafeel or Company have the average reputation in Saudi Arabia and there is a need for some improvements.
And if your Kafeel’s Nitaqat colour is red, it means your Kafeel is bankrupt or has a bad reputation in Saudi Arabia. So, it is as bad for you as bad for your Kafeel/sponsor.

Can I transfer Iqama under Huroob?

It is banned to transfer the ownership of an employee whose status has been under Huroob. however, if your current Kafeel has Red Nitaqat Status, then your new Kafeel can do this by visiting the Labour Department.

Final Words

Changing the Kafeel process and all the relevant information are connected with MOL (Ministry of Labour). It is registered in their official database, so you cannot change it by yourself. If you have any questions about it, then please inform the officials of MOL. Your kafeel should also take further steps according to situation.

Because you are working as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia. You have no rights as compared to the local citizens of this country. So, keep in mind that work here gently. Try your best to keep your kafeel satisfied and don’t report against you.

In the end, we hope that you like this article and we thank you for spending your important time here. If you really like this then also share it with your friends and colleagues, so they also take benefit from us.

Hence, if you have any questions related to this topic or want to add some extra information about this article, then you can ask and tell us in the comment box.

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