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Are you on holiday with your family in Saudi Arabia and worried about your visa expiring soon? Or have you forgotten its validity date completely and plan to get it extended? In either of the cases, you have nothing to worry about as we are here to teach you about checking your family visit visa validity online! Check Family Visit Visa Validity following these steps.

Knowing how problematic tourists can get over their visa’s expiry date. We have compiled this article for all of you to guide you on how to check this validity date by following simple steps. Use the Absher electronic portal or the ministry of the interior official website.

How To Check Your Family Visit Visa Validity Online?

  1. Depending on whether you have a registered and active Absher account or not. Start by opening either the Absher portal using the link: or the ministry of the interior website by typing in the URL: in the search bar.
  1. Log in to your Absher account using your username and password and verify yourself. Use your registered phone number on the ministry of interior website. Next, click on the My Account option and select Dashboard from the drop-down list.
  1. As soon as your page loads. Scroll until the very end to find the Visit Visa option and click on the More Detail button.

Now, a list of your family visit visas will be displayed on your mobile screen along with their validity dates and date of entry. Get this information printed in case you need its copy. Or apply for the extension of your visa using the Extend Visa option shown on the bottom.

Remember that the Extend Visa option only works within three to seven days after its expiry. Also, read about family visit visas in KSA.

Final Words

Any visit visa lasts between thirty to ninety days depending upon the time interval you applied for. To help you check exactly how many more days you have left to spend in the luxurious city of Saudi Arabia and request an extension. In certain cases, we have listed down the steps to check your family’s visa expiry date online.

Use either the Absher portal or the ministry of the interior website for this purpose and follow our simple steps to get a list of your family’s visa expiry dates printed. We hope that this guide helps you solve this problem and plan your trip beforehand.

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