Check How Many Sims On Iqama?

Unknowingly having multiple sims registered on your Iqama number can lead to numerous security and privacy threats. To eradicate the chances of this breach in your account, it is highly important that you check exactly how and whose sims are registered on your Iqama number.

How do you do this? Well, there are two main methods to check sims on your Iqama using the official CITC online portal launched by the Saudi Interior Ministry. We will explain both of these below along with which one you should follow in your case and why. Therefore, read ahead to learn about the simple procedure to check registered sims on your account.

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Check How Many Sims Registered on Your Iqama?

Below I have explained two methods to check registered sims on your iqama.

Check Registered Sims Through CITC Website

If you have your registered phone number available with you to receive and input the OTP code, follow this method to check the number of sims on your account.

  1. Start by opening the official CITC website by either typing its URL or simply clicking on the link: . Using the top menu, select English as your preferred language and wait for your screen to translate.
  1. Now, select the Individual option as your Actor Type and enter your Iqama number and date of birth in their labelled slots respectively.

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  1. Finally, enter the phone number which is registered on your account along with the Image code correctly and press the Search button.
  1. Almost instantly, you will receive an OTP code on your phone and enter this in the browser to verify your identity. Click submit and wait for the window to reload with the list of every sim and phone number registered on your Iqama.

Second Method

If you don’t have your registered phone number available with you, then follow this approach to check the number of sims on your Iqama account.

  1. Open the CITC portal by typing in their URL or clicking on the link: Enter your Iqama number and date of birth in their respective fields carefully.
  1. Now, select the I do not have a mobile number option and simply enter the image code and press the search button.
  1. A list of all the sim provider logos on your Iqama will be displayed on your screen. As opposed to the sim data and phone numbers, this approach is limited to only showing the number of sims and their service provider logos to you.

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Removing Unwanted/ Unregistered Phone Number

After checking these lists, if you find a phone number that is no longer in use and needs to be removed, try visiting your nearest service provider’s office. In contrast to this, if you find some unregistered numbers, block them immediately using the Iqama customer care helpline number.

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Final Words:

And that is all you have to do to check the number of sims registered on your Iqama. Choose between either of these methods depending upon the availability of your registered phone number and get any unwanted or unregistered sim card blocked immediately to prevent security breaches and threats.

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