Check Iqama Kafeel Name & Sponsor ID in KSA (2022)

Here is a complete guide on how to check Iqama Kafeel name online.

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  • Iqama Check Kafeel Name
  • Iqama Check Kafeel Status Via Absher App
  • Check Kafeel Via MOL
  • Check Kafeel Status Via Visa

check iqama Kafeel name If you are living in Saudi Arabia

If you are living in Saudi Arabia as an expat, then most probably you need to work under the local citizen or company’s ownership which is known as Kafeel in this country.

Moreover, this ownership shows on your Iqama (identity card/permission letter) that is registered by the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Kafeel is the person who takes your responsibility and provides you to iqama for working legally in Saudi Arabia. I use the word “responsibility” because if you dissatisfy him he will report against you in Jawazat, then the government will charge heavy fines on you and maybe they deported you back to your country. So, Kafeel is a sponsor type of person.

check iqama Kafeel name If you are living in Saudi Arabia

Iqama Check Kafeel Name

Iqama Kafeel’s name enables you to check your Sponsor or Kafeel’s name in Saudi Arabia. Mostly this type of information is used at that time when the ex-pat wants to change their ownership from one Kafeel to another one.

After this procedure, the expat may check either the name of his Kafeel change or not.

However, usually, the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Labour involve these types of activities, but there are many ways to check that your iqama Kafeel name change or not.

Although, there are different methods on how to check kafeel name. Here are all the methods of checking sponsor names in KSA.

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Check Kafeel Status Via Absher App

The easiest method of iqama to check kafeel name is through the Saudi government’s official app that is called Absher.

Many times the foreign workers or employees apply for transfer of their ownership. when this process was done they want to know that either it is changed or not, then they check kafeel name on the Absher app.

  • First, install the Absher app through Google Play Store or if you have then simply open it.
  • Then, enter your iqama number, Password and captcha code to login your account.
  • After that, you get the message of confirmation code so simply put this on given option.
  • When your account will open, you need to click on dashboard option that is below your name and picture.
Check Kafeel Status Via Absher App
  • Clicking on dashboard will open new page on this Window.
  • Then click on more details option and it show your all personal information.
Check Kafeel Status Via Absher App
  • That’s it, you can check your Kafeel name here and also other details as well.
Check Kafeel Status Via Absher App

Although, if the kafeel name is changed it means your ownership transfer has been done successfully. Otherwise, the case is under process and you have to wait for completion.

Check Kafeel Status Via Ministry of Labour

We all know that we can do one thing with different methods. Because some methods were very difficult for us and we can’t understand some times. In this case, we try different methods so here we also telling you other methods to check iqama Kafeel’s name.

However, another method is to check kafeel name by iqama number via the Ministry of Labour’s official website. Here you only need your iqama number and this will have done without any Absher account.

  • First of all, open the Ministry of Labour’s official website.
  • Now, enter your iqama number on the given option.
  • Then, you get the message of verification code so enter in the required field.
  • After that, you can see your kafeel name here.

Check Kafeel Status Via VISA

Visa is a permit that gives you permission to enter any country. The government of the country gives you permission to live or work in their country. However, in Saudi Arabia, you can also check Saudia Iqama Status with kafeel name on your Visa.

  • First take the Visa Copy in your hands.
  • Open the page that is stamped by Saudi Government and find the Sajal option.
  • This shows you the name and number.
  • Now, this is your Kafeel name and its ID number also.
Check Kafeel Status Via VISA

Check Kafeel Name Via Human Recourse Department

Human Resource Management is the department of the company where you are employed. In Saudi Arabia, every company has a specific department that solves their employee’s issues.

This department saves all personal and professional information about you. So, if you want kafeel information then simply ask them to give all the Kafeel status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work in Saudi Arabia without Kafeel?

The answer is yes; you can work on a free visa to save yourself from bad kafeels.

Final Thoughts

You are working as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia and have no rights as compare to the local citizens of this country. So, keep in mind that work here gently try your best to keep your kafeel satisfy and don’t repot against you.

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