How To Check Iqama Profession Mehna Online (KSA)?

In Saudi Arabia, thousands of expatriates work in different workplaces nationwide. And most of them get their professional status changed for some reason. Such as job promotion or getting a new job, and they don’t know how to check the iqama profession.

In addition, the Iqama profession is called ‘Mehna’ in Saudi Arabia, meaning a profession or job category. So, if someone asks about your iqama Mehna, he wants to know about your iqama profession, not your profession.

However, if your iqama profession is different from your actual profession, you need to change your profession according to the new rules of the Saudi government. Otherwise, the government will charge heavy fines on you and send you to the detention center.

How To Check Iqama Profession?

There are two ways to check Iqama’s profession/Mehna. One is by looking at your iqama card, and the second is online through the official website of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.

The first one is the old method, and if you recently changed your profession, you can’t check until you hold your iqama in your hands.

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And the second is the newly introduced method by the Saudi government that uses the latest technology to make the professional check easier than before.

So, if you want to check iqama Mehna, you have come to the right place where we guide you to check the iqama profession with a few lines of follow-up and also explain other related issues.

Iqama Profession Check Via Iqama Card

If you want to see your Iqama profession. Check it on your Iqama card mentioned in the “Mehna” category. So, if you live in Saudi Arabia as an ex-pat, you must know its details.

 Iqama Profession Check Via Iqama Card

Moreover, the Labor officers often raid factories to ensure everything goes under the Law. And here, they check the profession on your Iqama and see whether you work according to your Iqama Mehna.

For example, if your Iqama Mehna is Computer Technician but you are working in a medical store (in a different field). Then the officers will detect you and charge penalties because it violates Saudi rules.

Check Iqama Profession Change Status Via MOI

The is the official website of Saudi Arabia. MOI stands for Ministry of Interior, which collects employees’ data from other countries and works in Saudi Arabia. If you changed your Profession, this website leads you to check the details of your iqama profession.

The Saudi Government recently started the initiative to give online services to their employees. This is because often the HR persons don’t give their proper response and information about the transfer of the profession of their employees.

So, this initiative helps the country’s citizens and foreign residents and makes more effortless and time-saving processes. Although a guiding procedure helps you to iqama means check online.

  • First, you have open the official website of MOI.
  • Then, log in with your account by entering your Name, Iqama number, Password, and Captcha code.
  • By default, this site language is Arabic, so click into English or select your preferred language.
  • If you do not register an account, make a new one on Absher MOI.
  • When the login process completes, you need to click on the ‘My Dashboard’ option that is written just beside your name.
  • Now, you can see all your information on your screen’s down-left side.
MOI website
  • Here, this block also shows the profession name, either old or new.
  • You must pick up a new Iqama card in the update form if the profession name changes.

Documents required for change of my Iqama Profession
Yes, you need the following documents:

  • Your Attested Degrees
  • Registration of your Profession
  • Fees for Changing Iqama profession, which is 1000 Rials
  • For the change of Profession, you must require registration in both professions (your previous one and new one). Otherwise, application requests are rejected.

Drawbacks of Having Different Professions

As we mentioned earlier in this article, it is illegal to have an iqama profession that is different from your profession. And if you come under the eyes of Jawazat officers, they send you to the detention center and impose heavy fines on you. Although, here we are going to discuss some drawbacks of having different professions on Iqama cards.

  • You cannot apply for a family visit visa for your family and dependents.
  • If your profession is low profile, the Saudi government rejects your visa application from different countries.
  • You cannot bring your family to Saudi Arabia permanently.

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Q1: What is Iqama?

 Iqama is a residence permit issued to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia.

Q2: What is Mehna?

Mehna is the profession mentioned in the Iqama.

Q3: What is Absher?

Absher is an online platform that provides various services to Saudi Arabian residents, including visa and passport services, traffic violation inquiries, and more.

Q4: How can I pay for services provided by Absher?

Absher offers various payment options, including online banking, debit, and credit cards. You can choose the payment option that is most convenient for you while making a payment for any of the services provided by Absher.

Final Thoughts

Iqama profession status and all the relevant information are connected with MOI and it is registered in their official database, so you cannot change it by yourself. If you have any question about it, then please inform the officials of MOI and your kafeel also to take further steps according to the situation.

Because you are working as an expat in Saudi Arabia and have no rights as compare to the local citizens of this country. So, keep in mind that work here gently and try your best to keep your kafeel satisfy and don’t report against you.

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