Check Your Nitaqat Color In Saudi Arabia

Recently, the Saudi government introduced the Check Your Nitaqat Color In Saudi Arabiafor all the private and public companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here in this guide, I will explain in detail how to check your nitaqat color in Saudi Arabia.

It is important that every worker checks the Nitaqat colour status of their company to deduce and learn about the terms and policies that their sponsor or Kafeel has according to the government of Saudi Arabia.

Check Your Nitaqat Color Status ?

This Nitaqat colour varies between platinum, green, yellow and red and helps any employee determine the standard of their Kafeel or sponsor company in the country. By checking this colour status, the employment opportunities for Saudi nationals and workers can increase greatly.

We are here to help you learn about the procedure to help you check your Nitaqat colour status online, using the official ministry of labour website in Saudi Arabia! Therefore, continue reading to learn about this quite easy and convenient method to complete this process effortlessly!

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How to Check Your Nitaqat Color Status Online Saudi Arabia?

  1. Start by visiting the Saudi ministry of labour website by simply Clicking Here. Next, select your preferred language from the drop down list and wait for the page to translate.
How to Check your Nitaqat Color Status Online Saudi Arabia?
  1. Now, enter either your or any other co-worker’s Iqama number in the labelled box correctly. Next, you will be asked to type in the image code correctly.
How to Check your Nitaqat Color Status Online Saudi Arabi?
  1. Once you have done this, select the Enter button and your Kafeel’s details, including the Nitaqat colour status will be displayed on your screen!

How to Check your Nitaqat Color Status Online Saudi Arabi

How to Read the Nitaqat Colour Status in Saudi Arabia?

Now your company’s Nitaqat colour status has been displayed on the screen but what exactly does it mean? Well, if the colour status is:

  • Platinum: it means that your company is doing exceptionally well and has a huge number of Saudi nationals working for it.
  • Green: this signifies that your company is doing decently and you are encouraged to continue working there for the present time.
  • Yellow: your company is running low on Saudi nationals and should look into employing more people to improve their status.
  • Red: this is the lowest level of Nitaqat status and shows that the company is not doing well as it employs a very less number of Saudi nationals to work for them.


The Nitaqat color status is important to have an estimate about the number of Saudi nationals any company is currently employing. For this very reason, we have concluded this brief yet informative article about how to check and read the Nitaqat colour status of your Kafeel’s company while working in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We hope that this article helps you check nitaqat color status in Saudi Arabia. with minimum difficulty and gives you an insight about the status of your company as mentioned by the Saudi government.

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