Iqama Renewal Fee For Expat Having Four Wives & Children 2023

Expats with four wives and children require SR 50,000 for iqama renewal. The General Directorate of Passports of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior has made the advance payment of fees assessed on dependents of foreign employees a requirement for the final exit visas and the renewal of Iqama for expatriates.

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The Ministry of Finance announced the new tax for dependents of foreign employees in Saudi Arabia in 2016, and it became effective on July 1st, 2017.

This year, the so-called “family tax” is SR 100 for each dependent. Every dependent will get SR 100 starting in July 2018. Then SR 200 in July 2019 and SR 300 in July 2019. In July 2020, they increased it to SR 400.

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expat with four wives and children require 50000 riyals iqama renewal
expat with four wives and children requires 50000 riyals iqama renewal

Dependents Fee for Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia

When renewing an Iqama, the Department of Passports will annually collect the money. This implies that if an expat wants to keep his four wives and children with him, he will have to pay SR 50,000 this year. don’t forget to read our guide about iqama renewal for 25 year old.

Since most private enterprises already pay a significant charge for hiring foreigners, expats do not expect their employers to cover or share the additional cost. The Saudi government now levies a monthly fee of 200 Saudi riyals per foreign employee for companies where foreigners outnumber Saudis.

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People Also Ask

How can I pay my iqama renewal fee for dependents?

You must first log in to your Al Rajhi Bank or NCB Bank account to pay your dependent’s fee in KSA online.

Is the dependent fee refundable in KSA?

The dependents fee can be refunded before Iqama renewal if the record is available in your Absher account. As soon as the Iqama is renewed, the dependents fee will no longer be visible in the Absher account, and you will be unable to refund it.
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What is Saudi family Levy?

Dependent Fees or a dependent levy are required for all family members by a resident expatriate. This includes the wife, male and female children, and the parents. An expat resident must pay the dependents levy on his Iqama number to renew his Iqama.


Now that you know the amount of fee you need to pay for your dependents. You should go for the renewal process of their Iqama. To avoid any penalties for late Iqama renewal, you should make sure to pay the dues on time.

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