6 Conditions to Extend Family Visit Visa via Absher 2023

Extend family visa via absherJawazat has established specific requirements for an online family visa. The six conditions to extend a visit visa via the Absher portal are listed below.

Conditions for extending a family visit visa through Absher

  • After the extension, the overall validity of the visit visa cannot be more than 180 days, or six months, from the date of entry into the kingdom. Look at how to extend an expired visit visa in KSA from outside.
  • When extending, the visa’s remaining period for validity must be seven days or less, and not more than three days may have occurred after the visa’s expiration.
  • Visa holders must be physically present within the kingdom without pending traffic fines.
  • The medical insurance validity must cover the extension term.
  • The passport of the tourist must be current.
  • Fees for visit visa extensions must be paid.

How to extend a family visit visa to Saudi Arabia in 2022 – Steps

Follow the given procedure:

1. Get Insurance

medical insurance period does not cover

After extending the family visit visa, you must first obtain health insurance that will cover you for the entire time.

  • Error Message: Sorry, the medical insurance period does not cover the period after the visa extension.
  • Verify the visit visa insurance’s validity.

2. Pay the Visit visa extension fee

The charge for extending the family visit visa is SR 100, which must be paid. If you submit your application for an extension less than 3 days before your visit visa expires, you will be fined an extra SR 500. you may also read how to pay a fee for a permanent family visa.

The system will display the following error message if you don’t pay the fee.

error message

Error Message: Sorry, the visit visa (VV) cannot be extended due to insufficient funds. Please deposit sufficient funds to proceed with the (VV) extension.

3. Extend Single Entry Family Visit visa

Once the abovementioned conditions are met, you can begin extending a single-entry family visit visa through Absher.

  • Open your Absher account and log in.
  • Select the “Services” tab from the Family Members Services menu.
  • Pick “Extended Visit visa” from the menu.
Services" tab from the Family Members Services menu
  • Select “Continue” from the menu.
  • You can now see all individuals who have family visit visas and are sponsored by you.
  • Select “Extend Visa” from the menu.

Verify the information, agree to the terms and conditions, and finally, your family member’s 30-day single-entry visit visa to Saudi Arabia has been successfully renewed.

4. Extend Multiple Family Visit Visa

You must submit a Tawasul request if you want to extend a multiple family visit visa or if you see the message below on Absher.

 Multiple Visit visas cannot be extended
  • Sorry! The visit visa (VV) cannot be extended; don’t hesitate to contact the passport department for further information.


Create a PDF file for each family member containing all the documentation listed below and upload it to Absher. The PDF file shouldn’t be more significant than 1MB.

  1. Screenshot of an error message.
  2. Passport of the visa holder.
  3. Absher’s visa information.
  4. Insurance information.

Family Visit Visa Extension

Log into your Absher account

Log into your Absher account
  • Under “My Services,” select the “Services” tab.
  • Choose “Passports.”
  • Select “Tawasul” as the service.
New Request

You must click the “New Request” button on the new page that will open.

After 180 days, change the language to Arabic and choose the following options to extend the family visit visa.

  • Sector: تأشيرة زيارة 
  • Service: تمديد تأشيرة الزيارة العائلية 
تأشيرة زيارة
  1. If you got the message below, it means that if you apply again, you’ll only obtain a 2-week visa extension.
  • Message: يجب ارفاق اقرار وتعهد بالمغادرة خلال اسبوعين
  1. If so, submit a new Tawasul request with identical supporting documentation and a statement that you will return your family within 15 days.
يجب ارفاق اقرار وتعهد بالمغادرة خلال اسبوعين
يجب ارفاق اقرار وتعهد بالمغادرة خلال اسبوعين

Special characters not allowed: If you eliminate all the special characters (.!?,” etc.), you are set to go.

Check the Status of the Extension Request

Check the Status of Extension Request

In order to check the status of the Absher request for an extension of the family visit visa;

  1. Login to your Absher account
  2. Select “General Services” by clicking.
  3. Choose “Passports.”
  4. Select “Tawasul” as the service.
  5. Choose “Inquire for Requests.”

If the request is denied, you can resubmit it with an explanation of why it was denied.

Extend family visit visa through Istiqdam.

You should go to the Istiqdam if your family visit visa is about to expire and Jawazat hasn’t extended it online.


  1. Make an appointment with Istiqdam.
  2. The visa holder’s original passport and a copy.
  3. The sponsor’s original Iqama and a duplicate.
  4. A properly completed application to extend a family visit visa.
  5. A white-background passport-sized photo.
  6. Payment of the visa extension charge.
  7. The visa holder must have current health insurance.
  8. A letter from a doctor in the event of a medical emergency.

Visit Jawazat

You can go to the Jawazat office to extend your family visit visa when you have all the necessary paperwork. The official will examine your papers before extending the visa.

In a medical emergency, attend Istiqdam with the documentation above during the visa’s validity period. The officer will then extend it for an additional 15 days.

Extension through Bahrain – Jordan

Kingdom of Saudi Arbai passport- Extension through Bahrain - Jordan

The single-entrance family visit visa is only valid for one entry into Saudi Arabia. As long as the multiple-entry family visit visa is still in effect, it is possible to enter Saudi Arabia many times. The phrase “Valid till” denotes the duration of the visa.

People holding multiple entry visas can exit Saudi Arabia through the borders with Bahrain or Jordan and re-enter to extend their stay for an additional 90 days.


1- Who can apply for a family visit visa extension?

Expats with any Iqama profession can apply for a family visit visa extension for their eligible family members, such as spouses, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, in-laws, etc.

2-What are the requirements for a family visit visa extension?

The requirements for a family visit visa extension are:
The visitor must not have any traffic violations.
The applicant must have a valid Iqama with a minimum of 3 months of validity.
The applicant must have a Nafath registration.

3- How can I check the status of my family visit visa extension application?

 You can check the status of your family visit visa extension application by visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) portal at https://visa.mofa.gov.sa/Home/Index and entering your application number and Iqama number. You can also check your Saudi visa status by entering your passport and visa numbers.


Now we assume you have learned all the six conditions to extend a family visit visa via Absher and how to extend it using various methods.

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