To Get new Fawri Smart Card Procedure In Saudi Arabia

The bank Al Jazira fawari smart Card is quite well known and reputable in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for money transfer and deposit services. In this guide, I will explain how to apply for a Fawri Smart Card in Saudi Arabia.

Its FAWRI money transfer application is trusted by numerous Saudi residents. And the recent introduction of a smart card is bound to make its popularity higher in the country.

FAWRI Smart Card by Aljazir bank

The FAWRI smart card is equivalent to a paid Mada debit card. FAWRI smart card will make money transactions and deposits easier than ever before. But how can you get this smart card issued by AlJazira bank?

New FAWRI Smart Card by aljazir bank

You don’t need to worry about this as our guide will correctly teach you the steps you need to follow to get your new fawri debit card issued and delivered at your home immediately!

How to Apply for a New FAWRI Smart Card in Saudi Arabia?

You can get a FAWRI account card from any of the FAWRI branches around the city.

Visit your nearest branch and pay the issuance fee for the card, being SR 15. As per the latest changes by the bank Al Jazira and apply for your new FAWRI meda card instantly!

As soon as your card is ready, pick it up from the branch or get it delivered to your home by feeding the Al Jazira bank with your current address.

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Benefits of a FAWRI Smart Card

Apart from giving you the opportunity to practice online banking in Saudi Arabia. There are multiple other benefits that come with a FAWRI atm card. These include:

  • Money withdrawal and deposit via any ATM
  • Transfer of money to different accounts
  • Carrying out government service payments
  • Purchasing through SADAD and MADA networks

Now that we have mentioned exactly how useful the FAWRI credit card is for everyone residing in the country, let us move on about its application and issuance procedure. 

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Where can we obtain a New Fawri Smart Card?

Fawri Al Yasmeen branch in Riyadh is the only branch where you receive your Fawri Smart card because other branches in Saudi Arabia do not yet offer them.

What are the timings for Fawri services?

In Fawri services, the first session cut-off time is: 7.45 am, and the settlement time is 9.00 am. And for the second session, the cut-off time is 12.15 pm, and the settlement time is 2.00 pm.

How much time a fawri account needs for the transfer of the amount?

It takes upto just thirty seconds for the transfer of the amount online. It’s a real-time fund transfer service in Saudi Arabia.

Are there any requirements for transferring money via Fawri services?

For money transfer through Fawri services, both you and the beneficiary must have an active account in the Bank (AlJazira).


And that is all you have to do to get your new FAWRI smart card from the AlJazira Bank in Saudi Arabia. We hope this article helped you learn about this procedure in detail.

If you still have some questions regarding the FAWRI card, you can always ask them on the FAWRI customer care helpline number,  920030001 or by visiting the nearest FAWRI branch to your home .

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