Fears in expatriate

Everyone dreams of living in a peaceful placing having all the facilities that you can image. Most of the people leave their homeland and live like an expatriate in another country. Living as an expatriate is not that easy, there are multiple fears that surround you.

Most people live with their family so in their mind there is always a small financial pressure. You can overcome this financial pressure very easily.

Save Your money.

Save 20 percent of your salary.  This is a very small amount but if you consider it for the long term then it will help you a lot. Saving is very important. Don’t get miser or greedy but balance your spending. Focus on essential things and leave the unnecessary or show off material. Here is also a very significant point that you need to immediately separate 20% of your salary, either put it in a separate account or put it in a safe place in your house.


As the time passes the money depreciates. Depreciation is influenced by various factors, such as war, pandemics, or economic instability. All these factors are very essential and have a great effect on the common man. How to overcome this loss of money? The answer to this question is investment.

You need to understand that investment is a long-term process and, in that case, show some patience and courage. There can be many options when you talk about investment like stocks, property, bitcoin etc. but in my view, gold is the best option in all of them.

Why invest in gold

Gold is the symbol of wealth. If you look at the history of mankind, gold is the ultimate material which makes you rich. The value of gold always increases day by day. Although the increase in value is very minute but if you see for a long period of time then the impact is huge. Compare the gold value from the previous year; the value has definitely increased. This increment in value not only covers the inflation but also gives you profit.


Always save small amounts regularly and invest. Before any investment do some research and go through the 5-year trend. At start make a small investment and observe it then you can gradually increase the investment. The investment is not intended for managing your kitchen.

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