Final Exit Visa for Family Members & Dependents in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the issuance of final exit visa for family is possible through the involvement of Sponsor. So, if you are sponsor of your family members or dependents then you can issue final exit visa for them.

Moreover, the expatriate can now apply for final exit visa for dependents through online procedure in Saudi Arabia. Although, they don’t need to visit Jawazat office, follow the lengthy procedure. Alternatively, you can use the Absher Portal to apply for final exit visa for dependents in few clicks.

Absher is the online service of Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Saudi Arabia, that solves all the iqama related quarries of their local citizens as well as foreign expats.


Before starting the procedure of final exit visa for family, Jawazat wants you to fulfil the following requirements that we discussed here:

  • The Family member or dependent should be alive.
  • The validity of the passport of family member or dependent must be 60 days at the time of applying.
  • Your dependent or family member must have valid Iqama.
  • Pay all the traffic fines or penalties, If any
  • The dependent should not have any huroob charges and also not any istiqdam violation.
  • If you apply for final exit visa, then you first need to cancel the exit re-entry visa. If you apply
  • The dependent need to enrol their fingerprints with Absher.

Pay the Dependent Fee

When you go to the apply for final exit visa of your dependent, then first you need to pay the expat fee that is required according to the rules.

However, if the iqama validity is more than two months from the date of issuance then you don’t need to pay the fee. But if the iqama is expiring in next two months, then you need to pay the fees. Once you pay the fee, then visit the Absher portal and start the visa process online.

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Procedure to Issue Final Exit Visa for Dependents and Family Members

When you want to send your family permanently to your home country, then you must issue the final exit visa for your family member or dependents.

However, if you want to apply for final exit visa for dependents the MOI Absher provides the online service. So, here we are going to explain you this process through step by step guideline.

  • The first step is open MOI Absher official website or Absher mobile application on your mobile or PC device.
  • Login to the Absher account by entering User name, Password and fill the captcha code. (If you don’t have Absher account then create your Absher account)
  • When you successfully open your Absher account, then select the “E-Service.”
  • After that, select the “Passports” and then choose the “Dependent Service” option.
  • The next window will show your all dependent details. So, choose the dependent or family member to whom you want to issue final exit visa.
  • Then, click on the button of “Issue final exit visa.”
  • Now, the next screen shows you the name of dependent, iqama number and passport number. So, read all the details carefully click on “OK” if you agree with them.
  • The new page shows final confirmation of dependent again read the terms & conditions and click on “issue final exit visa.”
Procedure to Issue Final Exit Visa for family

That’s it, when all the procedure was done you will see a message on the top that “The Final Exit Visa is successfully issued and sent to passport department system. There is no need to print the visa to shown at the immigration. Iqama is under the sponsor’s responsibility and it should be collected.”

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