How Many Penalties For Expired Iqama? What You Need to Know

How much penalty For an Expired Iqama? Iqama is the Saudi identity card issued to Saudi ex-pats. However, this identity card is given for a certain period, expected to get renewal before it expires. However, many people need to pay more attention to the severity of the matte. Do not get their Iqama renewed beforehand, and ultimately, face the music. 

Saudi Arabia has strict rules, and the Saudi government puts severe penalties and fines on illegal or illicit activities. Notably, the expiration of Iqama also counts as unlawful activity, and so does putting fines or penalties on Saudi ex-pats. 

Read this article to learn how much penalties Saudi ex-pats charge for expired Iqama. 

Penalty or Fine For Expired Iqama

According to the Immigrant rules of Saudi Arabia, an ex-pat can only legally live or get employment if they own citizenship of Saudi Arabia. People can possess citizenship by issuing a permit card, also called Iqama, from government institutes. 

How much penalty For an Expired Iqama? Please note that the government issues these residence permit cards or Iqamas with a specific expiry date and the person has to renew that particular permit card or Iqama before it expires. However, if the person fails to renew it before the expiry date and the date passes out, they will be charged a specific penalty. 

It is because having an expired Iqama means the person lives illegally in the country. In this case, the Saudi government charges penalties depending on four conditions. Below are the penalty details according to expired Iqama conditions. 

  • You will be charged with no penalty if you renew your Iqama within three days of its expiration. 
  • If you fail to renew your Iqama within the probation of three days, this is your first time. You will be charged SAR 500. 
  • If you fail to renew your Iqama in the second quarter too, or your Iqama expires for the second time. You will be charged SAR 1000. 
  • Likewise, if you fail to renew your Iqama before its expiry date for the third time. You will face the worst consequences, as the Saudi government will deport you from Saudi territory. 
Penalty or Fine For Expired Iqama

Also, it is noteworthy that the Iqama fee gets doubled if you fail to renew your Iqama within the first three days of your Iqama expiration. For instance, the standard Iqama fee is around SAR 650. However, it becomes around 1300 after the probation of three days. 

Penalties for Hiring An Employee With Expired Iqama 

It is noteworthy that the Iqama is issued through the organization in which you work or the company that sponsors you. It simply means that Iqama needs sponsorship from any authorized company or institute. 

Likewise, if the company hires a person with an expired Iqama, the company will also be penalized for hiring a person who is living illegally. According to the Immigrant rules of Saudi Kindom, the company will be set at SAR 2500 for hiring an employer with an expired Iqama. 

What if your IQAMA is lost?

If your IQAMA (residence permit) is lost in Saudi Arabia, it is crucial to take immediate action to report the loss and follow the necessary procedures to obtain a replacement. Here are the steps you should take:

  • File a Police Report: The first step is to file a police report at the nearest police station or through the online Absher portal. This report will be required for obtaining a replacement IQAMA and serves as proof that your IQAMA has been lost or stolen.
  • Contact Your Sponsor/Employer: Inform your sponsor or employer about the loss of your IQAMA as soon as possible. They may need to provide you with the necessary support and guidance for obtaining a replacement.
  • Apply for a Replacement IQAMA: To obtain a replacement IQAMA. You must apply through the Absher portal or by visiting the Jawazat office in person. You must provide the required documents, including a copy of the police report, passport, and other relevant identification documents.
  • Follow the Procedures for Replacement: The procedures for obtaining a replacement IQAMA may vary depending on your specific situation and Saudi Arabian regulations. It’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the Jawazat or the Absher portal carefully and accurately to provide all the required documentation and information.

Difficulty in renewing Iqama

Renewing an Iqama after it has expired may require additional documentation, and the process can be more complicated and time-consuming, resulting in inconvenience and delays.

Traveling With Expired Iqama Companion 

If an Iqama holder person travels with an expired Iqama companion in your vehicle, the vehicle owner will also be charged a hefty amount. The charge of giving a lift to a defunct Iqama holder person is around SAR 10000. Or in some cases, the person will be deported or imprisoned for three to six months. 


1. How long can a Saudi ex-pat stay in the country after the Iqama expiry?

A Saudi ex-pat can stay in the country after the Iqama expiry for sixty days. The validity of this period starts from the date your visa is issued. 

2. Does my registration on Tawakkalna fail due to my expired Iqama?

No. Your registration on the Tawakkalna will not end with the expiration of your Iqama. You can still use the application.

3. Can I obtain a fake Iqama?

Obtaining a fake Iqama is a severe crime that can cost you a hefty fine if you get caught with a fake Iqama. The authorities can fine you SAR 10000 with jail or deport you immediately. 

The Final Word

To conclude, the Saudi government listens to no excuses for keeping an expired Iqama. The government gives leniency for three days after expiration. However, it puts heavy penalties or charges once the probation of these three days is over. 

Therefore, it is best to link your active mobile number with your Iqama to stay updated for the expiration date of your Iqama, as you will receive an official reminder near the expiration date. It will save you from the hassle and penalties as well. 

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