How To Apply For Awdah Services In Absher?

For apply awdah services in Absher, Absher is a mobile application and website that allows residents and citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform certain transactions related to their residency permits, visas, national ID cards, passports, vehicle registration, and ownership certificates. Absher is a government platform that offers all kinds of government services to the citizens, including Awdah services.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) offers Adwah online services. It aims to facilitate the process of applying for the financial assistance provided for unemployed citizens by the Ministry, as well as providing services to those Saudi expatriates who want to return home. 

In this article, we will show you how to apply for Awdah services through Absher.

This service is only available to expatriates who have a valid final exit re-entry visa. Visit visas and tourist visas can also be used for Awdah services.

If violators are wishing to return to their home country, they can also apply for this service. The sponsor or employer can help expats obtain a re-entry visa if they do not have a valid exit visa.

Step-to-Step Guide on How to Apply for Awdah Services in Absher

  • Public access to Absher Awdah Services is available. You can find the Awdah logo under the login button. Using an Absher login is not required.
How To Apply For Awdah Services In Absher
  • The “New Travel Request” button can be clicked to begin a new travel request. Under “Travel Request Status,” you can find information about your application.
Awdah Services

Once you click on the New travel request button, you will need to provide the following information.

  • You will be asked for your Iqama Number or Border Number.
  • Your date of birth is required
  • You will receive an approval message on your mobile number.
  • After entering the image code, tap the continue button.
Awdah Service

You will be notified that your request hasn’t been completed if you don’t have a valid Exit Re-Entry or Final Exit Visa. Then they will ask you to issue a Visa, so they can apply.

Awdah services

You need to take one more step when applying for Awdah services with a valid exit re-entry visa or exit visa.

The following information needs to be provided for Awdah’s return flight.

  • Where do you live in Saudi Arabia?
  • Your current city
  • Choose your departure airport.
  • You have chosen your country of designation.
  • Then click Awdah.
 Awdah return flight

The Absher Awdah system will give you a request number once your Awdah request has been successfully submitted.

Absher Awdah system

Who Can Apply For Return Flight Through Awdah Services Absher?

In the following cases, Expats may apply for a return flight through Awdah travel to request Absher Services.

  • Holders of an Iqama or Visit Visa.
  • Iqama holders who are at least 6 years old.

Return flight service from Awdah is only available if you meet the following conditions.

  • The visa you need for reentries and final exits must be valid.
  • In order to access the Jawazat system, you must register your fingerprints.

How To Get Awdah Ticket?

Upon approval of the Awadah Service Application, you will receive a text message with your reservation details. A text message containing payment instructions will be sent to you.

On the date of departure from the airport, you will receive a message of a movement permit after you have paid for a ticket for Awdah.


What is Awdah Services?

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) provides an online service called Awdah. It aims to facilitate the process of applying for the financial assistance provided for unemployed citizens by the Ministry, as well as providing services to those Saudi expatriates who want to return home.

How can I check my Awdah status?

By visiting the Awdah Absher service first, then following the Awdah travel inquiry page, you can check the status of your Awdah application.

Where is the Awdah option in Absher?

Awdah is a section on top of the public query option when you open Absher and click on the login button.

Final Words

The process was quite easy. I just went to their website and requested a form to fill out. After completing the form, I mailed everything back to them, expecting that my card would be arriving in the mail at some point in the future. But shortly after that, I received an email telling me my card had been ready for pickup.

It only took a week or so for the whole process to be completed. Awdah does require documents from you like your certification from Pakistan or Turkey as well as your educational degree (and then translated into Arabic if you’re applying from Turkey) but overall it’s pretty smooth and hassle-free.

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