How To Apply for Driving License in Saudi Arabia in 2023?

In Saudi Arabia, a driving license is as important as food for survival. A fine of between SR 500 and SR 900 is imposed if you drive without a license. If you are new in Saudi Arabia then firstly you have to apply for a driving license after getting your iqama. If you have a license from another country then applying for a license in Saudi Arabia is quite easy. Because then you don’t need to pass an initial test for the license you directly send to the final test.

The two cases are listed below:

  1. You hold a valid driver’s license from your country.
  2.  You do not hold a driving license for your country.

In case you already possess a driving license (translation required) they will not send you to classes for a week and you can test immediately if you pass. If you pass, you will be sent for the final driving test and the parking test, as well as the road signs test, on the computer.

In case you don’t possess a driving license from your country or even you couldn’t pass the initial test for a driving license then you will have to go for initial weeks of classes of road signs and laws and all types of driving training according to Saudi Arabia. After this, you will be able to take the final test and get your driving license. Then you have to pass a medical test too for a driving license.

Requirements For Driving License in Saudi Arabia

  • You will need a copy of your Iqama.
  • Saudi Arabia requires 18 years of age to obtain a driving license
  • Driving license from another country translated.
Requirements for Driving License in Saudi Arabia
  • A properly filled out application is required in order to obtain a driver’s license.
  • Saudi Arabia’s medical exam for driving licenses.
  • Take 4 passport-size photographs.
  • License fee.
  • Copy of passport and visa.

Renew Driving License

Application Form for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

For Applying for a driving license you need an application form. You can download it from the official website of Saudi Arabia for a driving license. Then fill by yourself and pay a fee for a driving license to the agency. Here is a sample of this application.

Application Form for Driving License in Saudi Arabia

How to pay the driving license fee in Saudi Arabia

Procedure for Driving License

Check out the Dallah Driving School

You can pick up a Token at any Dallah Driving School by waiting in the long queue. In your first trial, you will receive a token beginning with the letter “B”. This token corresponds to the “License check counter”.

The first driving test for Saudi Arabia

A first trial will be required after this. It will be possible to choose either an automatic or manual car for the trial. A Saudi driving license with restriction code 1 will be issued if you choose an automatic car. The guy who’s on trial is probably a Saudi with limited knowledge of English. To be prepared, it’s a good idea to know some Arabic words, such as Right, Left, Stop, Start, and Reverse.

You will receive a grade of “A” if you pass the first part, which means you are now ready for the final part. If you fail the first part, you must attend classes in Dhalla driving school. This school has two shifts for classes. You can choose one for your ease. 

  • Timings for Dallah driving school:
    • Shift: 7:00 in the morning until 12:00 in the afternoon
    • Evening shifts run from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Fee for driving school in Dallah: SR 420

As soon as you have successfully completed the training, you will be given a date for the Final Exam (which is a reverse parking and computer test). All school-days except Friday are scheduled for operation

Computer Test for Saudi Arabia’s Driving License

For classes with instructions of the Computer Test, you must deposit SR 100 if you receive a grade “A”.
Then, use the computer class slip to return to Dallah Driving School for your test. Announcing results will be done shortly after the test.

Licence Collection

Your driving license will be issued once you have passed both your driving test and computer test. It requires that you submit your file at a counter. You will be called to pick up the license.

Licence Collection

Saudi Arabia Driving License Fee

You will be required to pay the following fees in order to obtain a driving license:

  • The government charges SR 400 for a 10-year license. (SR 200 after 5 years & SR 80 after 8 years)
  • The application fee for a driving license is SR 20.
  • There is a fee of 100 SR for the computer test.
  • Fee for the Dallah driving school is SR 420.
  • SR 940 is the total.

Final Words

This document summarizes how to apply for a license in Saudi Arabia. You need to pass an initial test then go for the computer test and final test. If you couldn't pass your initial test then go for Dhalla driving school for classes. After passing all tests, submit your documents to the office which are mentioned in this article. And pay fee to get your Driving licence for Saudi Arabia.

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