How To Apply For NewBorn Iqama?

Want to apply for a newborn Iqama and want to get it registered on Iqama immediately? We are here to help you achieve this using our extremely easy and simple-to-do guide about applying iqama for a newborn child. Whether they are living within Saudi Arabia or outside, following this method, you can apply for their Iqama application instantly.

Checklist to Apply for Newborn Iqama

Before we begin explaining to you how to apply for the Iqama Number, it is important that you gather the listed documents below in PDF format for your newborn. These include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Valid Insurance certificate
  • Deposit slip of Dependent fee
  • Photographs
  • Vaccination card
  • Both parent’s passport copy
  • Both parents iqama copy
  • Original marriage certificate if the mother is not the father’s sponsor
  • Complete Iqama form with company stamp and fine in case of applying after twelve months of birth

If your child is not born within the premises of Saudi Arabia then you need some additional documents in PDF format to apply for Iqama. These include:

  • Passport page with border number
  • Copy of visa on your arrival passport
  • Polio immunity certificate
  • Deposit slip of SR 2000 Iqama fee

How to Apply for a Newborn Iqama Using the Absher App?

  1. Before doing this, make sure that you are registered on the Absher app and have an active account. Log in to this account using your username and password and select the My Services option from the Services tab.
Absher services (Apply for a newborn Iqama)
  1. Next, go to the Passport option and click on the Tawasul button. You will now be redirected to a new screen where you should look for the New Request option and click on it. Now fill in the selected fields as mentioned below:
iqama passports
  1. Set your language to Arabic, and select the sector and service. Explain your problem in the Request Description field and attach the PDF file containing all the documents there. Once done, apply for the Iqama by clicking on the green button on the bottom.
iqama service
  1. Your browser might show you an error message in certain cases. When this happens, double-check your details and whether the link between your child and Jawazat is connected along with the attached file opening correctly and containing every document.
newborn iqama documents
  1. Now, wait until you receive a message on your registered phone number regarding this Iqama request being answered. As soon as you get this affirmative reply, log in to your Absher account and select the General Services tab. Click on the Passport option and then the Tawasul service button.
iqama passport
  1. Select Inquire for Request and check the status of this application. If it is not affirmative, go over the details once again but if it is accepted, visit the nearest Jawazat office along with the printed Tawasul and Iqama form, and previously mentioned documents. Book an appointment with the officer there and leave it upon them to get your newborn’s Iqama ID in no time.
check status of application


The above method is very easy to register a newborn baby for iqama. You can easily register your baby iqama through Absher using the above-mentioned way. If you are facing an issue in applying for iqama for newborns please ask us in the comments.

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