How to Book Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa in Saudi Arabia?

If you want to apply for a permanent family visa, a family visit visa, or a housemaid visa in Saudi Arabia then use an Istiqdam appointment. In this article, I will describe a step-to-step guide on how to book an Istiqdam appointment in Saudi Arabia. 

Follow these steps to make it happen.

How to Book Istiqdam Appointment for family Visa?

The first thing you need to do is log into your Absher account and click on the “Appointments” tab. 

Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa

Now select the “Expatriate Affairs” on the next screen.

Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa

Now press the “Proceed to Service” tab.

Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa

Then on the next screen, you have to choose the purpose of the Istiqdam appointment.

Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa
  • طلب فتح ملف إستقدام = Apply for a housemaid visa.
  • التقدم بطلب إستقدام عائلة مقيم = Apply for a permanent family visa.
  • التقدم بطلب زيارة للأقارب من الدرجة الأولى = Apply for a Family Visit Visa.

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Now choose the region from the “Select the Region” button. 

Istiqdam services

Now select the city of your preferred region. 

All Istiqdam Appointments will be displayed in green on your Absher account now. Select the appointment at your convenient time. Two colors are present for appointments on your Absher account. 

  • Green for Available Appointments.
  • Red for  Appointments Already Scheduled 
Istiqdam Appointments on Absher account

Once you select the Istiqdam appointment time, the system will take you to a confirmation page that contains all the information and requirements for the family visa or housemaid visas such as the time, date, and map location. Here you need to confirm these details.

Istiqdam appointments

A confirmation page would be appearing at the end. It’s good to take a print of this confirmation page and take this with you on your appointment day. 

Istiqdam Appointments

How to Cancel Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa?

Once you confirm the first appointment, the following message appears when you attempt to schedule another.

  • An appointment limit has been reached per person.

The appointment needs to be either canceled or edited in this case. You can cancel your current Istiqdam appointment by following these steps:

  1. Access your Absher account.
  2. To schedule an appointment, click on “Appointments”.
  3. Expatriate Affairs.
  4. Istiqdam appointments can be canceled or updated.
  5. Confirm the Cancellation of your appointment.

How to Solve Error Messages During Booking Appointment?

Sometimes while booking an appointment through Istiqdam you get error messages. I will provide you best solutions to these error messages.  

Appointments Not Available

If you receive a message like No Appointment Available then you should try again at least one time every day. 

Appointment booking

In the Branch of your Selected Region, this Service is not Available 

If this message appears then you need to select another region for a permanent family visa, family visit visa, or housemaid visa. 

Istiqdam Appointment for Family Visa

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