How To Cancel Exit Re-entry Visa – A Complete Guide

Applied for an exit re-entry visa but now want to cancel it? Well, don’t stress yourself over this problem anymore as we are here to tell you how to cancel this visa request easily using the electronic Absher portal.

Cancel Exit Re-entry Visa

Before going ahead with that, let us share a little about the possible fines that might arise in case you don’t cancel your exit re-entry visa at the right time, being about ninety days after the issue date or the exit before the date. Even in these cases, you won’t be fined but your insurance fee will not be returned.

How To Cancel Final Exit Visa

Penalties for non cancelation of exit re-entry visa

In case you forget to cancel your visa and it expires without your knowledge, the Saudi government will charge you 1000 SR for the first violation. This penalty only rises with the second and third violation and goes up the value of 3000 SR.

How to Cancel your Exit re-entry Visa using the Absher app

 If you are dependent on another Saudi resident, follow the mentioned steps below using your household head’s Absher account to cancel your exit re-entry visa through the app.

  1. Log in to the Absher account using their username and password. Go under the Family Members tab and select the Services option.
  1. Next, click on Visa Services and press the Next button to move ahead. As soon as you are done with this, you will be shown a list of all the registered dependents and family members on their account.
How To Cancel Exit Re-entry Visa
  1. Select the dependent and press the option for More Detail. On this new page, look for the Cancel Visa option and press the Confirm button to successfully cancel your dependent’s exit re-entry visa.
How To Cancel Exit Re-entry Visa

If you are an employee registered under your employer, you will have to ask them to cancel your re-entry visa through the Absher portal. Employers can do this by logging into their Absher accounts, selecting the Labour tab and looking for the services option.

Secondly, they should select the Visa option and pick the employee who has requested for this cancellation. Finally, click the Cancel exit re-entry visa option and confirm this to complete the cancellation process.

Final Words

And there you have it, a simple step by step guide about how to cancel your exit re-entry visa as a dependent and an employee working in a company. We hope that following this, you will be able to complete this process easily and save yourself from getting fined or paying the penalties in case your visa expires without your knowledge!

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