How to Change Mobile Number In Absher?

If you are In Saudi Arabia and using Asher services and want to update your mobile number in Absher then this article is for you. Here I explain in detail how to change the mobile number in Absher.

How to Change Your Mobile Number in Absher?

There are two different methods to update your mobile number in Absher.

Change Mobile Number Through Absher Official Website

If you want to change your phone number and have your previous phone and its registered number with you, follow this method to change your mobile number on Absher easily, using its e-service portal.

Firstly, log in to your Absher account using your already registered number and name and select the three dots icon, present on the top-most right part of your screen. From the top-down list, click on the tab that says User Information and then on the Edit button.

Now, the website will prompt you to enter your new phone number and after you have done this carefully, press the Save button. Finally, enter the verification code and wait until you receive a confirmation message about your account’s information being updated successfully.

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Changing Through the Absher Self-Service Kiosk

If you want to change your mobile number in Absher you need to follow this method in case your previously registered number is not in your possession anymore. For this, find the location of the nearest Absher Kiosk Machine on the internet and visit it immediately. Select your preferred mode of language, English in our case, and proceed with the following steps.

Carefully, fill in your ten-digit Iqama Number on the field and press the Update Mobile option. Now, you need to verify your identity using left and right index finger biometrics. Once this is done and confirmed, you will be asked to type in your new phone number correctly.

As soon as you do this, be prepared to receive an OTP message on this new number and enter it on the machine. Lastly, press finish and your phone number has been changed on the Absher service portal! 

Naqal Maloomat Online by Absher App

What is the Absher Service?

If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia then you probably are aware of the term Absher. Even if not, read ahead to make yourself familiar with this word. Absher is a recently launched e-service portal, essentially for expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia. This was introduced by the country’s ministry of interior with the aim of providing easy access to government services online.

How to Register and Activate in Absher

How To Register on The Absher Service?

To register on the Absher e-service portal, you simply need to use your phone number and other essential details. But what happens if for some reason you need to change this phone number? Well, in such a case, there are two basic approaches to making these amendments easily and instantly. Let us explain each of these in detail below.

Final Words

Yes, it is really as simple as that! Follow through our simple to-do guide, pick your approach depending upon the availability of your previous phone number and change your mobile number on the Absher e-service portal with minimum effort and inconvenience.

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