Check Your Electricity Bill through WhatsApp in Saudi Arabia

Check electricity bills through WhatsApp in KSA has become convenient for residents in the Kingdom. The Electricity Company of Saudi Arabia has launched an interactive WhatsApp service to ease customers. Through this service, you can check Electricity Bills through WhatsApp in KSA.

It’s a straightforward method, and you can keep track of your bills and accounts as you wish. All you need to do is send an SMS to the Saudi electricity number, and you will all the details of your bill. For your convenience, you can send the SMS directly through this link.

How to Check Electricity Bill through WhatsApp in KSA
How to Check Electricity Bill through WhatsApp in KSA

How to Check Electricity Bill Amount through WhatsApp in KSA

Here is a step-by-step guide just for you. Go through the steps below to send the SMS and check your electricity bill.

  • Head over to your WhatsApp Application.
  • Send a new message to this number “920001100”.
You can type 'Hi' and send it to the specified number
  • You can type ‘Hi’ and send it to the specified number.
  • Now select the language accordingly.
  • If you want to select ‘English,’ choose option 2
Now select the option 'Bills and Accounts Services' by sending the text '1'
  • Now select the option ‘Bills and Accounts Services’ by sending the text ‘1’
  • Then select ‘Show my Bill’ by sending ‘1’
  • Now send your Saudi electricity account number

After a while, you will receive an SMS containing the details and amount of your electricity bill. 

People Also Ask

What can you check other than Electricity Bill through WhatsApp?

The Saudi Electricity Company’s Interactive WhatsApp Service allows users to register complaints, report disconnection, and find the nearest SEC branch.

How to pay the electricity bill online in Saudi?

Go to your bank’s website, choose the “Bills Payment” tab, and select “Electricity Bill Payment.” To use this option, you must have a subscription to your bank’s online services. After that, Bank Authorization is needed. The bill amount will be debited immediately from your bank account by authorizing your bank. Have a look at how to open an online account in Riyad bank.


This was the simplest and most convenient way to check your electricity bill online in Saudi Arabia. There is no need to get your physical electricity bill. All you need to do is check the bill through WhatsApp and head to your bank app to pay the electricity bill. Amazing, isn’t it? The hassle of getting the physical bill is now resolved. you may also read how to open Al Rajahi account online.

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