How To Check First Iqama Medical?

Are you planning to get your first Iqama number registered? If yes, then you must know about the medical check-up done before its completion. As per the Saudi government, it is mandatory to visit any registered medical center where your Kafeal belongs, before applying for your first Iqama Account.

How to check Effada (Medical Report)

What do you need to get this medical test done and how can you check its reports online? Read ahead to find the answer to both of these questions below and learn about the requirements for this test and your first Iqama id.

Medical Test for First Iqama

As soon as you land in Saudi Arabia, look for approved hospitals to get this medical test done. Visit the nearest one with your official passport and SR 2000 to pay for its fee. This test consists of X-rays, HIV/AIDS, and other urine and stool tests.

After you are done with these tests, you can either go and pick up your reports after two days using your Passport and Visa copies and passport size pictures or use the innovative and effortless online method to check these medical reports easily.

Iqama Medical Test Fees And Requierments

Check Your First Iqama Medical Test Results Online

The easiest way to check your Medical test status is by using the original Efada Saudi Arabia website for this. Follow the mentioned steps to understand this method better.

  1. Start by typing in the URL of Efada or simply Click Here.
  2. As soon as your page loads, you will be asked to enter your Border Number and Sponsor ID.
  1. Enter both of these details correctly using your Passport and once done, select the Iqama Insurance option.
  1. Finally, click on the Search button and the status and result of your medical test will be displayed on your screen for you to check.

Another way to check these results is by using the Ministry of Health’s official website. The procedure here is similar to that of the Efada method as well.

  1. First, open the website of Saudi Arabia’s official health ministry by clicking here.
  2.  Once again, you will be asked to enter your Border Number and Sponsor ID correctly.
  1. Select the type Iqama Insurance and enter the image code correctly to move on the searching option.

 Almost instantly, the status of your medical report will be shared on your screen!

Final Words

Both of the aforementioned methods follow the same steps and need the exact same details to load your medical test result. Use any of these to check the status of your medical report from home and depending on this result, complete your application for your first Iqama ID ever.

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