How to Check Huroob Guide to Verify Employment in Saudi Arabia

Have you ever wondered how to check if you or someone else has been reported as Huroob? Huroob is a term used in Saudi Arabia to refer to the status of a worker who has run away from their employer or violated their work contract. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your Huroob status and take the necessary steps to rectify it if you are in such a situation.

What is Huroob?

Huroob is an Arabic term that translates to “absent” or “runaway” in English. In the context of Saudi Arabia’s labor laws, it refers to a worker who has escaped from their employer or violated the terms of their employment contract. The employer can report the worker as Huroob to the authorities, triggering the legal consequences of this status.

What is Huroob?

Consequences of Huroob Status

Being reported as Huroob can lead to severe repercussions for individuals working in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the consequences:

1. Deportation

Once a worker is labeled Huroob, they are considered an illegal resident, and their residency permit becomes invalid. The authorities can initiate deportation proceedings, forcing the individual to leave the country.

2. Fines and Penalties

Huroob status can result in financial penalties imposed on the worker. The amount of the fine may vary depending on the circumstances and the duration of the Huroob status.

3. Employment Ban

Being reported as Huroob can lead to a ban on reentering Saudi Arabia for a specific period. This ban can range from one to several years, depending on the severity of the violation.

How to Check Huroob Status

You can follow either online or offline methods to check if you or someone else has been reported as Huroob. Let’s explore both options in detail:

How to Check Huroob Status

Online Method     

The online method provides a convenient way to check Huroob’s status without the need to visit any physical offices. Here are two popular online platforms you can use:

MOI (Ministry of Interior) Website

1.      Visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Saudi Arabia.

2.      Look for the “Public Query Available Funds” section on the homepage.

3.      Enter the required information, such as your Iqama number (residency permit number) and the captcha code.

4.      Click on the “View” button to check your Huroob status.

Absher Mobile App

1.      Download and install the Absher mobile app from the official app store.

2.      Log in to the app using your Absher account credentials.

3.      Navigate to the “Services” section.

4.      Look for the option to check Huroob’s status.

Follow the instructions provided to check your Huroob status.

Offline Method

If you prefer an offline approach or do not have access to the internet, you can visit the following offices to inquire about your Huroob status:

Passport Office

1. Locate the nearest passport office or branch.

2. Carry your identification documents, such as your passport and residency permit.

3. Approach the relevant counter and request to check your Huroob status.

4. Provide the necessary information and wait for the officer to verify your status.

Jawazat (General Directorate of Passports) Office.

1. Find the nearest Jawazat office in your city or region.

2. Bring your identification documents, including your passport and residency permit.

3. Ask for assistance at the information desk or approach the appropriate counter.

4. Request to check your Huroob status and provide the required details.

5. The staff will help you determine your current status.

Jawazat (General Directorate of Passports) Office.

MOL (Ministry of Labor) Office

1. Locate the Ministry of Labor (MOL) office in your area.

2. Carry your identification documents and any relevant employment-related papers.

3. Speak to the official representative and explain that you want to check your Huroob status.

4. Provide them with the necessary information, such as your work permit details and employer information.

5. The staff will assist you in checking your Huroob status.

Checking Huroob Status for Expatriates

It’s not just Saudi citizens who need to be aware of Huroob’s status; expatriates should also monitor their status regularly. The process for expatriates is similar to the methods mentioned above. However, expatriates should also ensure their work and residency permits are valid and current to avoid potential issues.


Can I check someone else’s Huroob status?

 No, checking Huroob’s status is typically limited to the individual. Each person must check their status using their identification and residency permit details.

 What should I do if I have been reported as Huroob?

 If you discover that you have been reported as Huroob, it is essential to take immediate action. Contact the relevant authorities or seek legal advice to understand the steps you need to take to rectify your status.


Knowing how to check Huroob’s status is crucial for individuals working in Saudi Arabia. By staying informed about your legal status, you can act appropriately if you find yourself reported as Huroob. Whether you choose the online or offline method, regularly verify your situation to avoid potential complications.

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of checking Huroob status, you can take control of your legal standing in Saudi Arabia and make informed decisions about your employment and residency.

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