How To Check Iqama Color or Nitaqat Status?

Understanding the difference between Iqama color or Nitaqat status is an essential point for Iqama holders. Because, if you don’t understand the color differences you can’t take an idea of what is the status of your company. The color indicates what is the actual reputation of the company/sponsor / Kafeel, whether they have a high level or an average position. 

Color status is also called Nitaqat which was first introduced by Saudi Government in 2011. Typically there are four main color categories, that are Red, Green, Yellow, and Premium.

Iqama color status: 

  • Red: The worst position of the company.
  • Yellow: Warning for the company to follow the MOL policy.
  • Green: Company is following the maximum rules of the KSA Ministry and its status is safe. 
  • Premium: Company is all set.  

What is Nitaqat?

Nitaqat is a Saudization program that was established by the KSA government in terms to empower the Saudi citizen workforce. In this program, the private companies in KSA will have to give jobs to Saudi citizens at a certain percentage. 

The Nitaqat program identifies in what category a private company falls. The program sets the rules for the company on the basis of these colors. If the company has a high reputation it will fall under the Green or Premium category. At the same time, if a company fails in achieving high standards it will be categorized in the Red or Yellow category. 

The basic purpose of this program was to ensure the quality of business and promote high-standard projects. That can be a reason that companies in Saudi Arabia always work hard to achieve a high status to stable themselves in the Green and Premium categories. 

How Does Iqama Color or Nitaqat Status Works In KSA?

The law of color classification depends on the size and work of the company. The rule for multiple companies differs from each other. As a general rule, the labor market is assessed with 41 commercial activities while the company is categorized into five sizes according to the number of employees they have. 

A private company should have at least 26.52% Saudi citizens to achieve the Premium/Platinum category. At the same time if a company has only 4% Saudi citizens it will get a penalty for Red Iqama. 

Iqama Color and Purpose

Iqama Color or Nitaqat Status

If you’re an Iqama holder, your Iqama has a specific color that has some specific meanings. If you don’t have it yet this guide will give you an idea about the color types of Iqama.

Iqama Red Color Meaning 

If you check your Iqama color from the official site of the Ministry of Labor KSA, it will show you a specific color if it comes RED it means your company is at its lowest position. This means your company is not giving the opportunity and priority to Local Saudi Citizens that are against the Saudization policy. 

The Saudi government doesn’t accommodate such companies with its special benefits and laws. With Red Iqama Color Status, a company can not avail of the facility of getting new visas. Their previous visas will be banned and will not renew. If a company has only 4% Local Saudi in the company they will get a penalty for the Red Iqama color.

The company will face the following penalties if falls under the Red Category: 

  • They can’t get new visas. 
  • They can’t transfer visas. 
  • The company will not have the right to hold the employee to work with them. The employee can go to any other company for a new job. 
  • In other words, it’ll be a disaster for the company and they will not get any facility from the Ministry Services. 

Iqama Yellow Color Meaning

The Yellow Iqama color is an indication of upcoming danger for the company. If a private company in Saudia Arabia has only 7% local citizens and 93% expatriates the company will get the penalty of Yellow Iqama color. However, if the company starts hiring more Saudi citizens they can get rid of this situation. 

The company will face the following penalties if falls under the Yellow category: 

  • They can renew work visas but they can’t get the sponsorship of non-Saudi workers. 
  • The company will be banned from new visas.
  • They can’t transfer visas.
  • The company will only get a new visa if they depart their two employees. 
  • They lose the right of sponsorship of the employees. 

Iqama Green Color Meaning

The Ministry of Labor (MOL) has divided Green color into three sub-categories high, medium, and low green. On checking the Iqama color if it shows high green it means your company is completely safe and can avail maximum facilities that are offered by Saudi Ministry. So, if you’re an employee or company owner, you don’t have to worry about your Iqama. 

However, if it shows medium or low green, it means you’re not following all guides set by the MOL. It doesn’t mean you’ll get a penalty but if the company doesn’t fix the issues it can go wrong. 

The company will avail of the following opportunities it gets under the Green category: 

  • The company can apply for new visas after every two months.
  • Can recruit employees from Red and Yellow Iqama color companies without informing the employer. 
  • One-month grace period after the Iqama expiry date.
  • Can transfer their workers to any position except those restricted to Saudis.

Iqama Premium Meanings 

Iqama Premium means that the private company in KSA is meeting all the requirements and following the policies set by the MOL. The Premium color is a sign that employees can keep working with satisfaction in the company. 

What happens if a company in KSA has an Iqama Premium category?

  • The company can get visa renewal easily. 
  • They have a right to recruit workers from other categories. 
  • If a company has a Premium Iqama they can recruit expatriates without applying for a visa every two months. 
  • They can transfer the visa of their personal employee to any other company without any condition. 

How To Check The Iqama Red Green Color Status? 

You can check the Iqama status / Nitaqat Status using this link: 

To check Iqama status you require one of these things;

  1. Iqama Number
  2. Passport Number
  3. Border Number

Steps to Check the Iqama Status 

  • Visit the MOL official website using this link.
  • A page will appear where you have to enter your Iqama, passport, or border number.
  • Solve the captcha (to ensure that you’re human).
  • Then click on the search button. 
  • In the next window, you’ll be able to watch the Iqama color status. 


Keeping check the Iqama Color or Nitaqat Status is the responsibility of every employee and employer. Understanding the company status will allow an employee to move to any stable country if the current company is not performing well. At the same time from the company owner’s point of view, it will help the employer to fix the problems and follow the rules. The better the color status the more opportunities will open for the company. 

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