How to Issue an Exit Re-Entry Visa – Muqeem Portal

If you are a resident of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you are required to have an exit re-entry visa card that can allow you to enter and leave the country freely but temporarily. 

These cards are issued electronically on the Muqeem or Absher portal. 

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How to Issue an exit re-entry visa card from the Muqeem portal

Exit re-entry visa
  • From the browser, open up the Muqeem portal website.
  • Select a language that you can understand and work freely with it. That is either Arabic or English. 
  • From this point on you can log in at the Muqeem portal with your password and username
  • From the menu at the top right, click on Residents Management.
  • Tap on the search for a resident option.
  • Once done, enter the residents’ expatriate Iqama number for the employee and click on search.
  • You will now be able to check the other details and names on this page. Click on the view option to check this out. 
  • At the top right corner of the page, select the Jawazat services option 
  • Tap on the re-entry visa card option.
  • You can choose either the multiple or the single card then click on proceed to payment. 
  • Choose the issue visa option once the window opens. 
  • After completing this, you have now successfully been issued an exit re-entry Visa. 

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Printing a Saudi Re-entry visa 

Please be aware that applying for a dependents exit re-entry visa only necessitates a printout of the visa so that you can present it to the immigration authorities outside of Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia exit/re-entry visa applicants who are already working there do not require a printout of the visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exit re-entry visa and why do I need it?

An exit re-entry visa is a document that allows you to leave and return to Saudi Arabia within a specified period of time.

How can I issue an exit re-entry visa using the Muqeem portal?

You can issue an exit re-entry visa using the Muqeem portal by logging in with your Absher account, selecting the "Visas" option, choosing the "Issue Visa" service, filling in the required information, paying the fees, and printing the visa.

How much does it cost to issue an exit re-entry visa?

The cost of issuing an exit re-entry visa depends on the duration of the visa and the number of dependents. The minimum fee is 200 SAR for a single exit re-entry visa valid for two months.

How long does it take to issue an exit re-entry visa?

It usually takes a few minutes to issue an exit re-entry visa using the Muqeem portal. However, in some cases, it may take longer if there are any issues with your application or if the system is busy.

What are the conditions and restrictions for issuing an exit re-entry visa?

ome of the conditions and restrictions for issuing an exit re-entry visa are: - You must have a valid iqama (residence permit) and passport.
- You must have paid all your dues and fines.
- You must have a valid health insurance.
- You must not have any travel bans or legal disputes.
- You must return to Saudi Arabia before the expiry of your visa or extend it online if possible.


If you want to travel outside Saudi Arabia as a resident or a dependent of a resident, you need to issue an exit re-entry visa. Fortunately, you can do this easily and quickly online using the Muqeem portal.

All you need is an Absher account, a valid iqama and passport, health insurance, and enough funds to pay the fees. However, you also need to follow the conditions and restrictions of the visa and return to the country before it expires or extend it if possible.

In conclusion, we hope this guide has helped you understand how to issue an exit re-entry visa using the Muqeem portal and enjoy your travel experience.

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