The Simplest Way To Open Al Rajhi Bank Account Online 2023

If you are permanently residing in Saudi Arabia, then you must have heard about the exceptional and trusted Al Rajhi bank there. The bank continues to rise in terms of popularity every passing day with many people opening their accounts there daily. In this guide, I will explain a method to open Al Rajhi Bank Account online.

Recently, Al Rajhi started an online account opening service to help everyone open these accounts from the comfort of their homes, conveniently. We are here to guide you about this procedure and help you learn how to open an account in Al Rajhi bank online!

Requirements for Opening Al Rajhi Bank Account

Before learning how to open an Al Rajhi bank account online, make sure you have:

  • Valid Iqama
  • Valid Saudi phone number
  • Active and registered Absher account
  • National address registration
  • Active email address
  • Age limit of fifteen years or more

How to Create New Al Rajhi Bank Account Online?

  1. Start by opening Al Rajhi’s account opening page by clicking here.
  1. Next, enter your Iqama number, passport number, employment and address details in the mentioned slots correctly.
Create Al Rajhi Bank Account online
  1. Once you have double-checked this information, enter the verification code received on your registered phone number and proceed to the next step.
  1. Now, you need to verify your account request using your active Absher account. Do this by simply filling in your Absher username, password, and phone number carefully.
  1. Immediately after authenticating your account, you will be notified about the creation of your new Al Rajhi bank account on your screen! You will now receive a SMS containing your crucial bank account information on your phone.

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Applying for Mada Debit Card

Once you have successfully created an account in Al Rajhi bank, you can apply for its Mada debit card online. Choose between collecting the card from your nearest Al Rajhi kiosk machine or visiting the bank branch physically, at your convenience.


And that is all you have to do to open your new bank account in the leading Al Rajhi bank online! We hope that our guide helped you teach this process correctly and answered any questions you had relating to this online account opening method.

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