How to Open a SABB Bank Account Online in 2022?

In the five largest banks in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia British Bank (SABB) is one of them, in terms of deposits. This Bank has over seventy branches in the kingdom. In order to open an account in SABB, you need to full fill the online application. After account completion, you have to apply for an ATM card and receive it from the nearest branch of SABB. in this article we will provide you with a step-to-step guide of how to open a SABB account in Saudi Arabia.

Required Documents for Open a SABB Bank Account

For Open SABB bank account, some documents are required. Here is a list of these required documents:

  • Your Iqama number
  • An active Absher Account
  • Your age must be 18 years old
  • Your Active mobile number
  • Your National Address

Step-to Step Guide for Open a SABB Bank Account

In order to open an account, you need to fill an online application form for this. Here is a step-to-step procedure and all parts of that application:

Open a SABB Bank Account Procedure

  • Click on the link  https: Eform
  • Then click the New Application button
  • Then three statements will show on your screen read this, and click according to preferences. It will be a Yes/No option.
Open a SABB Bank Account

Step# 1 Your Personal Information

  • Select your Nationality
  • The Residence Continent is Asia 
  •  Your Country of Residence is Saudi Arabia
  • Choose these options as described above then move to add ID Information.
Personal information

Step# 2 ID Information

  • Iqama as your ID type
  • Add your Iqama number in ID number Add your place where your country is registered in the Place of ID Issuance.
  • Don’t add any of this in ID Expiry Date in Gregorian option
  • Add Iqama expiry date in ID Expiry Date in Hijri option

Step# 3 Birth Information

  • Select your Birth country
  • Add your Date of Birth which is mentioned on your Iqama in the Gregorian Date of Birth option.
  • Don’t add anything in the Hijri date of birth option
  • Select your Education level 

Step#4: Information About Contact

  • Add your phone number
  • Add another phone number of someone to whom the bank can contact if you are not available.
Information About Contact

Step#5 Details of Employment

  • Choose a private sector in the Occupation sector
  • Choose your profession which is nearest to your profession of Iqama in the Occupation option
  • Write your date of joining of occupation in Gregorian
  • Add phone number of employer
  • Set your income type as monthly Salary
  • Add your Gross income
  • Add if other income sources are available.
  • Add your purpose of Account
  • Add your type of Account
  • Now enter your permanent address on the next page 
Details of Employment

Step#6 Anticipated Monthly Financial Activity

  • Here is a final step for the opening of the SABB bank account. For this purpose give answers to the following questions. 
  • Add Monthly salary option as Anticipated Deposits.
  • Add Monthly salary option as Anticipated Withdrawals.
  • Check No to the relationship with other bank options.
  • Check No to FATCA and CRS option.
Open a SABB Bank Account

Open Al Rajhi Bank Account

Check Out the Branch

Congrats! Your SABB Bank account has been successfully filled out online. In order to obtain the ATM, you will need to go to any SABB Branch with the following documents.

  • Your valid Iqama
  • Passport copy

Final Verdict

In the final words in this article, we provide you with all the guidelines for the opening of a new bank Account in SABB. You just need to fill all the steps of the application online carefully and receive your debit and credit card via selecting the option of the branch as well courier.

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