How to Pay the Driving License Fee in Saudi Arabia?

When you are able to drive, you need to know how to pay the driving license fee in Saudi Arabia. In order to apply for a driving license, you have to pay a fee for the issuance of a driving license and a Dhalla school driving fee as well if you get training for driving in this school. 

Here are complete lists of different fees for different types of driving licenses in KSA. In Saudi Arabia, you can apply for a private driving license as well as a public driving license. 

  • Private Driving License
  • Public Driving License
  • Public Work License
  • Public Work License
  • Motorbike License
  • Temporary Driving License
No.TypeAnnual Fees (SR)Annual Renewal (SR)Lost and Replacement (SR)
1Private Driving License40.0040.00100.00
2Public Driving License40.0040.00100.00
3Public Work License100.00100.00100.00
4Motorbike License20.0020.00100.00
5Temporary Driving License100.00100.00

The main requirement for the driving license is your Medical test report. In Saudi Arabia, whenever you need to get a driving license you should pass a medical test. Your test report will be automatically uploaded to the MOI website for further process.

If your driving license expired then you need to renew it from the Absher website. You should visit How to renew the driving license

How Can I pay the Driving License fee in Saudi Arabia?

In order to pay the fee for your driving license, you need to go to Al Rajhi Bank or download this app on your phone. 

  • Log in to your online banking account.
  • On the left-upper corner, click the three dots.
  • Click on “Payments & Bills”.
  • Click on “Government Payment”.

Have a look at The Simplest Way To Open Al Rajhi Bank Account Online

How Can I pay the Driving License fee  in Saudi Arabia

Select the following on the next page;

  • Driving license service.
  • License is the type of application.
  • Select payment in transaction type option 
  • Add your Iqama number in beneficiary ID
  • Choose a private as in your  license type 
  • Select duration as 2, 5, or 10 years.
  • After you select the correct settings, then the system will allow you to pay the fee for a new driving license in KSA.
Select the following on the next page;

This fee can also be paid through NCB Bank by following the same procedure. 

  • Login to your bank account 
  • Choose “SADAD”.
  • Select “Government Payments and Refunds”.
  • Driving License in Biller option.
  • Select the Issue License in the Service option.
  • Choose “Unregistered”.
  • Select Private in the license type. 
  • Decide Duration.
Select the following on the next page;

If you get training in Dhalla school then you should pay the fee of Dhalla school as well. The fee for Dhalla school is SR 520.

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Here we provide you with all fees of driving licenses including private and public licenses also including motorbike license fees. Here you can also find methods for depositing fees in Banks.

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