How to Remove Huroob from Iqama?

In Saudi Arabia, when the ex-pat leaves work or runs away from his Kafeel or sponsor without his permission, then he makes an online report against that person’s iqama in Jawazat, which is called Huroob How to remove Huroob from iqama,

However, the Kafeel or sponsors always think for their benefit. If the expatriates make the violation of rules or create disturbance for them, then they usually file Huroob against ex-pats that are working under them.

How to Remove Huroob from Iqama got Huroob status on your iqama, you became illegal in Saudi Arabia. In addition, your iqama and benefits employee is canceled, and in the worst condition, you will be banned for three years from entering Saudi Arabia.

Removing Huroob is one of the most challenging things to do in Saudi Arabia. One most important thing keeps in mind is that if you don’t remove Huroob status after 15 days that Kafeel has set Huroob. Then, it cannot be canceled even if Kafeel visits Jawazat.

However, if you are looking for how to remove iqama Huroob status, then you are coming to the right place. Here we discuss the legal ways to remove Huroob status from your iqama.

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Request your Kafeel to Remove Huroob Status

how to Remove Huroob Status online

The first way is to go to Kafeel and request him to remove the Huroob status from your iqama. Usually, Kafeel asks you to pay some monetary compensation or to negotiate with them.

If your Kafeel or Sponsor is satisfied with you, he can approach the Jawazat office and submit the documents to remove Huroob status from your iqama. The documents that Kafeel required in the Jawazat office are the following:

  • Runaway report
  • Presence of Kafeel or his representative
  • Statutory fees
  • Form for invalidating runaway report

Approaching Labour Court

The second way to remove Huroob’s status from iqama is to approach the labor court. But you can’t approach labor court alone, you can request help from a social worker or the embassy or a lawyer who submits proof against your Kafeel as he made illegal or unjustified huroob against you. And also, the reasons for your runaway are valid.

For example, your Kafeel asks you to do something illegal, and when you refuse, he sets huroob status on your iqama. If you prove this on Labour Court, your huroob status will be removed.

Surrender Yourself

The third option is to surrender yourself to the authorities at the deportation center, which is known as Tahreel Center in Saudi Arabia. Once you surrender, they will arrest you for a few days and send you to Jail.

After that, they deport you to your home country where you come from. Furthermore, you cannot enter Saudi Arabia for the next five years if you get banned.

What are the consequences of Huroob Status?

If a man doesn’t remove her huroob after 15 days, he will be caught by police at any time. Further, he was sent to jail for paperwork and deported from KSA permanently. When someone is deported, then he will never visit Saudi Arabia, even if not for Umrah and Hajj.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When is the Kafeel Entitled to set a Huroob?
A. First, Kafeel uses all sources to contact you, and if he cannot contact you, he sets a huroob status on your iqama. And an employee who is under huroob status is treated as a criminal, and if police find him, he may be deported back to their country.

Q. How much can we pay for the fine for canceling Huroob?
A. If you are under Huroob or Absent from work without your Kafeel or Company’s permission, the government charges a fine of 1000 riyals. If you pay this amount, they cancel the Huroob status of your iqama.

Q. What happen if I were found guilty in Huroob?
If you are found guilty, then the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia blocks your bank account and iqama. They declared it illegal and may be banned in their country for the next five years.

Q. Can I transfer my sponsorship to huroob status?
You cannot transfer your sponsorship when you are under huroob status. But if your Kafeel is in the Red Nitaqat category, you don’t need permission to transfer your sponsorship to another sponsor.


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