How To Update Passport Information In Absher?

Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia is always one step ahead when it comes to solving the problem of expatriates in KSA. That’s the reason, they have introduced a new feature in Absher. If you don’t know how to update passport in Absher, in this guide I’ll tell you. This is an online method that will help you to update the passport of dependents and workers through the Absher portal. 

That means, from 2022 you don’t have to visit the Jawazat office personally to update a passport. So, now the guardian of the family and a company’s employer can update the passport in the Absher account. 

This blog post will cover how to update your passport in your Absher account online. 

Step by Step Guide: How To Update Passport In Absher?

Before launching this method the process of Naqal Maloomat (Passport update) was quite hectic and you had to a lot struggle just for a little work. But now, thankfully, all the process is easy to do through the Absher website. 

How To Update Passport In Absher

Step 1: Visit Absher Account

Visit your Absher account and open your profile. The OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number as soon as you enter your login details. Put in the code and you’ll get access to your account. 

Step 2: Go To Services

Once you’ve entered your account successfully, click on the Services option and then click on the Dependent Services

After this, you’ll see a few options that you use to update, for now, click on the Update Resident Passport Information. 

Step 3: Provide the Relevant Details For How To Update Passport In Absher

This process ends with Step 3, which is the most important step. So do it correctly to avoid any rejection. Provide the following details in this section;

  1. Write the name of the expatriate 
  2. Write the Iqama number
  3. Current passport number and its expiry date 
  4. In the 4th section choose the reason for updating. You can select Update Renewed Passport. 
  5. Update the new passport number (written on your passport).
  6. Optical Character Recognition (it’s a digital process of converting images into readable text). These are the digits of a code that you can find at the bottom of the passport’s main page.
  7. Date of new passport issue and expiry.
  8. Country of the new passport issuance: for example Saudi Arabia
  9. City name from where you got this passport: for example Riyadh

Once all the information is given, check it twice and then click on the Update Passport Information button. Congratulation, your passport is updated successfully. 

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How to Check Passport Update Status Online?

If you requested your employer to update the passport status and want to check online here is the process. 

  • Log in to your Absher account on the Absher website. 
  • Select Passport details from the dashboard. 
  • You can find more information by clicking on More Details. 
  • After this, the current status of your passport will appear and you can see whether the passport is updated or not. 
  • If the passport expiration date is matching with your current physical passport it means the Naqal Maloomat/ passport is updated on your Absher account. 

Check Dependents Passport Status 

If you’re living with the family you might be interested in checking their Passport stats too. Follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the Absher account on the website. Log in, in, and verify that it’s you. 
  2. On the dashboard, you’ll see two options, Family Members Services, and Sponsor Services. Click on Services under the Family Member Services section. 
  3. A new window will open with multiple options after you select services. To check or update your passport status, select Visa Services. And then press Next
  4. If you’ve multiple dependents attached to your Absher account, you can select the desired candidate for whom you want to check the status. 
  5. Select the person, and you check the status easily by looking at the upcoming expiry date. If the mentioned date is gone, it means the status of the passport holder is not updated yet. By following the above method you can update the passport status online. 

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Who Can Update Passport / Naqal Maloomat Online? 

The Sponsor/Kafeel has the primary responsibility to update your passport in Jawazat and Absher. However, if you’re an expatriate in KSA and working under a company then the employer will be responsible to update your passport details in your Absher account. 

Anyone who is the guardian of the family (husband or father) can change the passport details of dependents. Or you can also request your employer to update the details in the Absher account of your family. 

People Also Ask

Unfortunately, you can’t. In order to change the passport status of a dependent or a family member, they must be in the KSA at that time when you’re updating the status. Further steps you can take;

  • Call the candidate in KSA on a new passport.
  • Use their passport all the time with them. 
  • Immigration stamp on the passport. 
  • Once the candidate arrives in Saudi Arabia you can update the passport using the Absher account following the same procedure mentioned above. 

SR 1000/-

If you’ve lost the passport and still you’re trying to update your record on the Absher account. You’ll get a penalty of 1000 Saudi Riyals from the Jawazat authorities. 

Yes, it’s essential to update passport in your Absher account otherwise you can not travel outside Saudi Arabia. This means if you’re an expatriate and want to move to your home country; unless you don’t update your passport in Absher you can not move anywhere. Now you can update your passport in your Absher account through an online procedure, so you don’t have to worry about that at all. 


Updating your passport in the Absher account is necessary because you can’t go outside every time with your passport. This means having an online record will help the authorities to ensure that you’re a legal person. The Absher account keeps all your data secure and can be useful in multiple ways. 

If you’re new in KSA and don’t know how to update passport in Absher, follow the above method you can perform this job. However, if you don’t have access to your Absher account ask your company’s GRO or request the employer to update your passport record. 

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