IQAMA Fees and Its Details for Different Businesses 2023

New Iqama Fees 2023 have been announced by Saudi Government that presents the new policies to pay iqama fees and their renewal. The regulations now allow you to pay iqama renewal fees every quarter, every two years, or every year. In KSA, there are two different kinds of firms. Expats working in both firms pay separate renewal costs. 

Iqama Fees for Different Businesses:

  1. Iqama renewal fees for ex-pats will be imposed if a business hires more than 50% Saudi nationals.

The fee for a work permit is 8400 Saudi Riyals annually

Iqama fee: 650 Saudi Riyals annually

Cost of health insurance: 500 Saudi Riyals annually

9550 Saudi Riyals total each year.

  1. Iqama renewal fees for expatriates if a firm hires less than 50% Saudi nationals.

Six hundred and fifty Saudi Riyals annually are applied as an Iqama fee in Saudi Arabia.

9600 Saudi Riyals annually are applied as a Work permit Fee in Saudi Arabia.

Cost of health insurance: 500 Saudi Riyals annually

10750 Saudi Riyals total each year. 

Iqama Fees According to Months (3,6,9,12 Months)

Iqama fees are the same for both types of companies 

3 monthsSAR 163
6 MonthsSAR 325
9 MonthsSAR 488
12 Months SAR 650

The insurance fee is 500 riyals annually which is the same for both types of businesses.

Levy exemption for small businesses:

Small firms with less than nine workers, including a Saudi employer who employs two people full-time, are free from paying the expatriate charge (only until March 2023). If there is a Saudi national among the employees in addition to the full-time employer, the number of people who are exempt from paying fees rises to four.

Maktab Amal Fees for Work Permit

The Maktab Amal Fee for work permits according to different types of firms is 

  1. Less than 50% of Saudi employees companies
Maktab Amal fees for work permit and its related details.
1 YearSAR 9600
9 MonthsSAR 7200
6 MonthsSAR 4800
3 MonthsSAR 2400 
1 MonthSAR 800
  1. More than 50% of Saudi employees companies
1 YearSAR 8400
9 MonthsSAR 6300
6 MonthsSAR 4200
3 MonthsSAR 2100
1 MonthSAR 700

Iqama Fees for Family (Complete Guide) 

Iqama Fees and Renewal Fees for family members, including babies, wives, and Drivers are mentioned below. You can also verify the Details of insurance regarding iqama fees for a family in KSA.

  1. Dependents levy

Four Hundred Saudi Riyals are applicable as the monthly fee of a dependent in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. Wife

The monthly charge for a wife’s Iqama is 400 Saudi Riyals. You must pay for it each year. The cost of renewal is likewise the same.

  1. Drivers

Housekeepers, Saiq khas, and other domestic workers are no longer required to pay the Maktab Amal charge.

  1. Newborn baby

You must pay the 400 Saudi Riyal monthly iqama renewal charge for a newborn infant. It is recommended to take all necessary safeguards as soon as you can.

  1. Family  

The fee for a family is 400 Saudi Riyals per month for each member.

  1. Lost

If you have misplaced your iqama, you should notify your Kafeel as soon as possible. In event of loss, the Saudi government will give a copy of the iqama.

Expat Dependent fee (Dependent Levy) 

3 MonthsTwelve Hundred Saudi Riyals
6 MonthsTwenty-Four Hundred Saudi Riyals
9 MonthsThirty-Six Hundred Saudi Riyals
12 MonthsForty-Eight hundred Saudi Riyals

The dependent fee for ex-pat residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Four hundred Saudi Riyals per dependent per month.

Note: The iqama renewal for 3 months fee and other periods have been mentioned above for the family.

Iqama transfer fee

First Transfer: Two thousand Saudi riyals
2nd Transfer: Four Thousand Saudi Riyals
3rd Transfer: Six Thousand Saudi Riyals

Disclaimer: The Saudi government always adjusts Fees in July. Therefore, if you live in KSA, it is a good practice to keep yourself informed of new fees and laws. Otherwise, you can run into problems, and in the worst situations, your visa might get canceled.

How to renew IQAMA:

  • The iqama fee must be paid.
  • Your health insurance policy must be valid.
  • If you have dependents in your iqama, the dependent levy must be paid.
  • The work permit fee must be paid promptly.
  • There should be no road traffic breach penalty on your iqama number
  • After giving all of the fees stated, your company will then be able to renew your iqama online through muqeem or Absher portals. 

Al-Rajhi Bank:

To pay the iqama Renewal fee online using Al Rajhi Bank, you have to follow these procedures

  1. Download the application through the play store or apple store
  2. You have to log in to your internet banking-enabled account.
  3. Select payments and bills from the options provided in the left upper corner
  4. Select the “Government payment” button, and among the services select Alien control.
  5. Select the application type to “renew Iqama” 
  6. Select the transaction type to be Payment
  7. Enter your Iqama ID/number
  8. Enter the fee duration (3,6,9,12 months)

Have a look at The Simplest Way To Open Al Rajhi Bank Account

After verifying the provided details, proceed with the “Confirm “button to pay iqama renewal fees online.

SNB or Al Ahli Bank

To pay the iqama renewal fee through SNB or Al Ahli bank, you have to follow these procedures

  1. Download the bank application from the play store or apple store.
  2. Log in to your internet banking account and select “SADAD” from the 3 dots that appear in the upper right corner
  3. Then Choose “Government payments and Refunds”
  4. Select biller as “Alien Control” and service as “Renew Iqama”
  5. Afterward, Select Unregistered from the category.
  6. Then enter your iqama number/ID
  7. Select the Iqama Duration (3,6,9,12 Months)
  8. After verifying all the above-mentioned details click the proceed button to pay iqama fees online.

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A Saudi Arabian residence permit is known as an iqama. It permits foreigners to work and resides in the country for a predefined period. The permit has a fee attached to it and is quarterly or yearly renewable. A summary of Saudi Arabia’s plan to charge domestic employees (including house drivers) a work permit fee as of May 22, 2022, has been discussed. However, it will only apply to a Saudi employer’s fifth domestic worker and an expatriate employer’s third domestic worker. The first four domestic employees of Saudi companies and the first two employees of foreign businesses will thus not be subject to the work permit fee or charge.

If you fail to pay your iqama fee on time, you have three days to do so before you must pay additional penalty charges. If your payment is past due and your iqama expires, the first-time penalty is 500 Saudi Riyals; however, if your iqama expires before renewal, the penalty will increase to 1000 Saudi Riyals each time.

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Within 3 days of its expiry, If the Iqama is not renewed then below mentioned punishments are applicable. The company have to pay your Iqama renewal fee online with the fine imposed if any. 
First time fine would-be SR 500 
Second time fine would-be SR 1000
Third time if the iqama fee is not submitted it will result in the deportation of expatriates.

You must sign in to your Absher account to see if your Iqama fees have been paid or not. After that, go down to the “Public Query Available Funds” section of the website. Your Iqama Number and the Captcha Code must be entered here. If you discover an SR 650 deposit charge It indicates that your Iqama renewal cost has been paid under the category of “Passport Deposit.”

The renewal iqama fee or Maktab Amal fee, which must be paid for the issuing or renewal of an iqama, must be paid by the employer, as stated in article 40 (1) of the Saudi Labor Law.

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