Residents’ Children with 25 and above Age can’t Renew Iqama – Jawazat

Several ex-pats have petitioned the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) to let them extend the residence permits Iqama of resident’s children 25 years will not renew Jawazat at the end of their higher education. Don’t miss our latest article extend family Visa in Absher.

But Lt. Col. Badr al-Quraini, a spokesman for the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), said that the dependents of foreign workers who turn 25 would not have their iqamas renewed.

Iqama of resident's children 25 years will not renew Jawazat
Iqama of resident’s children 25 years will not renew Jawazat

Iqama Renewal for Girls and Boys Above 25 – Jawazat

According to Jawazat regulations, the iqama of the resident’s children 25 years will not renew Jawazat upon the presentation of documentation proving their continued single status.

Boys’ iqamas at an earlier age shall only be renewed upon documentation proving they are enrolled in postsecondary education. You also read about Jawazat facial recognition system for immigration in KSA.

People Also Ask

Can Iqama be renewed if dependents are outside KSA?

The Iqama can be renewed six months in advance. If an ex-pat is outside Saudi Arabia, they can continue their Iqama. There is no issue with this, and it is allowed.

What happens if Iqama is not renewed?

The carrier faces a fine of 10,000 SAR and one month in jail for the first violation. The second violation carries a 20,000 S.R. fine and three months in prison. The third offense carries a 30,000 SAR fine and six months in jail. According to the number of parties involved, fines are doubled.

How long does it take to renew Iqama?

Iqama renewal can be completed in a day if the business/kafeel satisfies all application conditions. The Jawazat has not experienced any delay.


If you are an ex-pat residing in Saudi Arabia and have dependents who turned 25, contact your sponsor or any government organization to renew your children’s Iqama. So, you and your children don’t face any problem staying in KSA.

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