List of All Iqama professions in Saudi Arabia

From the list of iqama professions, 2023 many people experience difficulties when choosing the right one. Now that Jawazat has produced a comprehensive list of iqama professions for expats in Saudi Arabia, your problem is solved. Here is the list of all iqama professions as of 2023.

Engineering Profession

All private businesses and institutions are required to maintain an engineering job Saudization level of at least 20%, according to Ministerial Decree 686 from the HR Ministry. Here is the list of all engineering professions that require 20% Saudization:

NoIqama ProfessionNoIqama Profession
Aircraft maintenance mechanical engineer Engineer for factory planning
Central air conditioning mechanical engineerEngineer of agricultural machinery
General Mechanical Engineer Senior mapping software engineer
General production mechanical engineer Aircraft landing gear engineer
Engines and machines mechanical engineer, except marineElectronic engineer
Ship maintenance Mechanical EngineerMineral extraction engineer
Train maintenance Mechanical engineerSenior Aerial Survey Supervisor
Mechanical maintenance engineer Safety and Loss Prevention Adviser
Petroleum engineer Geodetic expert
Shipbuilding mechanical engineerEngineer for city planning
Vehicles mechanical engineer Coordinator of Quality Systems
Welding mechanical engineer Senior Occupational Safety and Health Specialist
Engineer of auxiliary power units for aircraftHead of Internal audit program
Mechanical engineer of hydraulic inhibitors Senior environmental monitoring systems technician
Microwave engineerSafety and Loss Prevention Expert
Production mechanical engineerOccupational safety and health expert
Mechanical engineer for industrial machinerySenior Quality Systems Auditor
Soil Mechanics Senior inspectors’ non-destructive inspection of aircraft
Materials engineerQuality systems internal auditor
Material handling engineerSenior digital aerial survey supervisor
Mining engineerTechnology in the glass and ceramics industry
Military aircraft calibration engineer Marine equipment specialist 
Aircraft brake component processing engineerDigital aerial survey specialist 
Metal engineerDigital Cartographer 
Project engineerOccupational Safety and Health Specialist 
General Survey EngineerDigital Maps Specialist 
Aerospace engineerPatent specialist 
Marine survey engineerSenior Specialist Quality Check / Cartography 
Engineer propeller for military aircraft Aircraft supply specialist
Engineer for quality controlElectrical Engineer
Civil engineer for portsFlight engineer
Civil engineer for methodsNuclear power engineer 
Civil engineer for airportsIndustrial engineer 
Civil engineer for railwaySanitary engineer
Civil engineer for trafficOccupational Safety and Health Engineer 
Civil engineer for damsAgricultural engineer 
Civil engineer for irrigationTime and motion study engineer 
Civil engineer for metal constructionsCathodic protection engineer 
Civil engineer for bridgesWell drilling engineer 
General Chemical EngineerGeologist Engineer 
Engineer in petroleum industriesEngineer gearbox aircraft and artillery 
Engineer for nuclear powerSite Coordination Engineer 
Flight EngineerBlasting engineer 
Engineer for water analysisMining engineer 
Electrical instrumentation engineerDevelopment and specification engineer 
Distribution Electrical EngineerAircraft workshop production development engineer
Electrical Power EngineerEnvironment engineer
Electrical maintenance engineerInterior design engineer
Electrical engineer for monitoring and controlmedical devices
Transmission electrical engineerIndustrial equipment installation engineer
Electrical Safety Engineeron board Senior Survey Engineer
Electrical engineer for monitoring and controlNaval engineer
Electronic maintenance engineerManufacturing engineer
iqama professions – 2022

Technician Profession

The following professions’ iqama renewals require technicians to register with the Saudi Engineering Council. The Saudi Engineering Council will now accept applications from expats who work in the technician professions listed below but lack a degree or diploma. Here is the list of technician profession:

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NoIqama ProfessionNoIqama Profession
Cathodic Protection TechnicianDraughtsman
Casting TechnicianDigital mapping technician
CartographerDrilling Technician
Agricultural MachineryElectronic Technician —Control Equipment
Cartography First SupervisorElectrical Designs draftsman
Technician Building SurveyorElectrical Draftsman
Associate Surveyor AviationElectrical Engineering Technician – General
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration TechnicianElectronic Technician — Radio broadcast
Architectural DraughtsmanElectrical technician – equipment Maintenance
Communications Engineering Technician Electrical Technician – Generators & aircraft Motors
Bus and Truck MaintenanceElectronic Technician —TV broadcast 
Maintenance TechnicianElectrical technician – precision equipment
Chemical Refining TechnicianElectrical technician – land cables
Aircraft Maintenance TechnicianElectronic Technician — Communications
Chemical Cleaning TechnicianElectronic Draftsman
Building Technician /Building SupervisorElectrical technician – aerial lines
Architectural Model MakerElectrical technician – wiring 
Technician Business Analysis SpecialistElectronic Technician —Control Equipment
Desalination Fire Alarm TechnicianFluid Technician
Database SupervisorGeneral System Analyst
Digital aerial survey TechnicianGeneral Chemistry Laboratory Technician
Communications Engineering TechnicianFactory Planning Draftsman
Construction Draughtsman / BuildingsEngine Lathing Technician
Computer Network TechnicianGeneral Maintenance Technician
Computer OperatorElectronics Technician
Computer TechnicianGeneral Mechanical Draftsman
Computer ProgrammerFood Lab Technician
Crude Oil Laboratory TechnicianFood Industries Technician
Database AdministratorGeneral Surveyor
Computer Networks Security SupervisorGeneral Chemical Technician
Computer TrainerGas Turbine Technician
Decoration TechnicianGeneral Draughtsman
Data Bank Systems ProgrammerElectronic Technician -TV Maintenance
Customer Services Electrical TechnicianFire Fighting Technician
        Lighting TechnicianSewage Treatment Plant Technician
Marine mapping technicianQuantity Surveyor
Mechanical Engineering & Steam Engine TechnicianSteam Turbine Technician – Maintenance
Information Security SpecialistRoad Technician
Helicopter Maintenance TechnicianSteam Turbine Technician – Operation 
Locomotive Maintenance TechnicianRoad Machinery Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Draftsman – Air Conditioning & CoolingPower plants switching – installation Technician
Mechanical Draftsman – Welding & TinplateShip Engine Maintenance Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician -GeneralRoad surveyor
Mechanical Draftsman – Plumbing and heatingPower switching O&M technician
Light Vehicle Maintenance technicianSoftware Development Specialist
HVAC TechnicianSoil Mechanics Laboratory Technician
Heat Exchanger TechnicianProduction Engineering Technician
Industrial Equipment Installation TechnicianSound Technician
medical Equipment TechnicianSoftware Engineering Specialist
Technical DraftsmanSecurity & Safety Technician
Mechanical Production TechnicianRoad Supervisor
Metal oven technicianStructural Draughtsman/Roads 
Mine surveyorTelecommunications Technician – General
Metallurgy technicianSurveyor and Field Investigator
Mining TechnicianTechnical Services Specialist
0il TechnicianSystem operation Specialist
Plumbing & Heating Technician – InstallationWelding Tester 
Network Sewer TechnicianWater Laboratory Technician
Paint Industries TechnicianWater Networks Technician
Plumbing & Heating Technician – Operation & MaintenanceWater & Selvage Technician
Power plants- O&M technician Telephone Technician
Mold TechnicianSurveyor
Photographic surveyorWelding Technician
Natural Minerals TechnicianSwimming Pool Maintenance Technician
Mobile Telephone TechnicianTime and Movement Technician
Operations AnalystStructural Materials Lab Technician
Occupational Health TechnicianSupport Technician
Paver plaits – installation TechnicianTechnical Support Specialist

Construction Industry

We all know that Saudi Arabia’s largest industry is the construction sector, and practically every company there has some sort of connection to it. A list of Iqama professions relating to the construction industry is what I’m offering today. The Ministry of Labor’s database, which we obtained from their website, is the source of the list. I’ve observed that choosing the best occupation for them might be difficult for many people. Now that you have a thorough and exhaustive list of vocations in Saudi Arabia, your problem is solved.

NoIqama ProfessionNoIqama Profession
Curator; documents and archivesRoad engineer
Civil EngineerTechnician, roads construction
Draftsman, civil engineeringSurveyor, roads
ArchitectRoad tile fitter Rye
Civil registers clerkBridges engineer
Draftsman, architecturalConcrete road paving machine operator
Enterprise ArchitectRoad signs erector
Geodesist architectBroadcaster in radio and TV
Architect worker Engineer of road machines
Files/ archives clerkInterior design engineer
Site engineer / landscape architectConstruction draftsman, roads
Chimney brick masonGlass and ceramics technician
Concrete mixture controllerOperator, ceramic extruding machine
prefabricated concrete makerConcrete pump operator
Metal concrete blocks installerOperator, ceramic wheel
Thermal brick masonOperator, ceramic compressor
Concrete masonConcrete Mixing unit operator
Concrete mason assistantMiller, ceramic raw materials
Central concrete mixer operatorConcrete structure installer
Burned brick masonOperator, ceramic tile compressor
Brick mason assistantCeramic duct pouring machine operator
Concrete blocks controllerConcrete mixers operator
General masonQuantities Surveyor
Surveyor, buildingsSanitary installation draftsman
Marble tiles fitterField Investigator Surveyor
Operator, tile polishingFalse ceilings installer
Tile layerSanitary laying fitter
Tile polisherSurveyor, lands
Operator, ceramic kilnSurveyor, mines
Stone masonSurveyor, quantity
Stone mason assistantSurveyor, helper
Tile layer AssistantSanitary & heating installation technician
Carver ceramicSurveyor, general
Construction assistant installerAuto-body carpenter
Decoration carpenterShoe-heel carpenter
Construction smithDoor/window carpenter
Stone inscription engraverCounter-table carpenter
Engraving / decoration carpenterTile-truss carpenter
General construction installerVeneer carpenter
Stone design layerBoat carpenter
Construction installerConstructions carpenter assistant
Metal construction smith generalDecoration general carpenter
Construction assistant smithConstructions carpenter
Wood cutter/lumberjackConstructions carpenter general
Worker, wood treatmentWooden-floor installation worker
Concrete blocks carpenterSeller, metal furniture
Operator, wood drying ovenWood sawing machines operator
Worker, plywood pressWorker, wood edges sawing
Decoration carpenterWood turner
Walls and floors carpenterWood scraping machines operator
Worker, plywood making machineWorker, wood, rubber or oilcloth engraving
Worker, wood cutting machineOperator, wood pulp mill
Operator, wood grinding machineWood Carving machines operator
Wood sorterWood driller
Furniture carpenter assistantWood ceiling covering worker
Furniture carpenterArtistic painter and carver
Worker, palm leave furniture makingOperator leather painting unit
Metal furniture smithSeller paints
Metal furniture assistant smithEngineering Process, Painting
Metal furniture smith, generalOperator paper painting machine
Furniture Upholsterer Seller paintings
Bamboo-furniture carpenterPainter, oil pictures
Seller, wooden furniturePaint industries technician
Vehicle painterRestorer, artistic paintings
Hot-dip painting workerMetal painter
Metal sprayer painting workerSignboard writer and painter
Wood furniture painterBuilding painter
Blue color painting workerWood painter assistant
Vehicle assistant PainterSign board painter
Wooden works painter generalWooden doors painter
Metal assistant painterWhitewash painter Assistant
Machine painting workerWoods sand papering and painter
Manual dip painterPainting frame fitter
Electro-metal painting workerBuilding Painter assistant
Brush painterSpray painter except constructions

Labors and Workers

List of iqama profession related to labors and workers in stated below. The list was obtained from the Ministry of Labor’s website. I’ve seen that choosing the right occupation might be difficult for many people. Now that you have a thorough and exhaustive list of professions in Saudi Arabia, your problem is resolved. You can choose a profession based on your needs.

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NoIqama ProfessionNoIqama Profession
Welding and tin draftsmanWorker hot rolling
Welding technicianWorker plastic injection machine
Examiner weldingWorker mine signals
Dental cleanerWorker clothes darning
Kitchen workerPhotocomposition worker general
Worker dry cleaningWorker jacquard card preparation
Valet cleaning pressingWorker steel rolling
Valet dry cleaningWorker ceramics coating
Worker hospital cleaningWorker buttonhole
Worker building cleaningWorker automatic engraving printing cliche
Worker carpet cleaningWorker textile defect mending
Worker chimney cleaningWorker stamp making
laborWorker mosaic shaping
Worker window cleaningPhoto enlargement worker
Handicapped care workerWorker crushing pulverization machine
Lift workerWorker ceramics coat spraying
Worker loading and unloadingWorker nonferric metal rolling
Worker packing packagingWorker glass engraving
Common laborWorker glass tube shaping forming
Worker manual packingWorker loom preparing
Label sticking workerWorker stone cutting burnishing
Wrapping machine workerWorker automatic netting
Worker pest controlWorker sand blast glass graving
Worker attending play fieldsWorker glass paper ingredient mixing
Worker steamingWorker stitching
Operator paper paste cleaning machineWorker Quarry
Worker paper box automatic makingWorker lithographic transfer
Worker carton lining machineStating worker
Worker paper paste batting machineWorker lithographic engraving
Worker paper foldingWorker Monotype printing machine
leather cleaner and dryerWorker thread winding
Derma cleanerWorker button fixing
Leather acidification workerWorker offset film preparation
Worker leather packingReinforcing concrete worker
Worker leather dyingDecoration works formation worker
Worker meat removal from fur leatherGeneral welder
Operators hide welding machineSewer’s cleaner
Worker hides pullingCleaner viscera and poultry feathers
Worker shoe cap preparingGlass worker
Worker leather stitchingFiling assistant worker
Worker bag mendingAutomatic riveting worker
Operator wool cleaning machineSpray machine preparation worker
Worker pinned thread windingFinishing machine preparation worker
Application workerGrinding worker
Worker spinning thread treatmentTransformer preparation installation worker
Worker fiber sorting classificationShearing machine worker
Worker wool fiber preparationStone roughening worker
Worker fiber collectionWorker brass works forming
Metal casting workerLighthouse worker
Rail switch workerAir pressure riveting worker
Worker rice millingManual riveting worker
Worker baker’s yeast filteringWorker waste incineration
Packing workerScaffolding installation worker
Resistance welding machine operatorPipe Laying worker
Worker textile carding machine tooth sharpeningBoiler sheets fabrication worker
Worker metal shining machineWorker basket making
Marking workerWorker dates vaporizer
Metal spray cleaning workerWorker juice processing
Worker baker’s yeast packing packagingAssistant Oxy Welder
Conveyor belts welderModel making worker
Automatic metal machine workerCleaner viscera slaughtered animal limbs
Tin works formation workerManual cutting worker
Worker fish offal processingWorker rice husking
Cladding workerStones carving worker
Anthropomorphic stone carving workerAutomatic wire winding worker
Car lubrication and oiling workerVehicle polishing Worker
Tube welderCement polishing worker
Mold casting workerWorker conservation freezing of fish
Fermentation workerWorker sweets pastry packing packaging
Manual metal forming workerRoof cleaning worker
Gypsum workerLead works welder
Worker bread preparing makingFiling worker
Worker boring machineGypsum plaster worker
Metal marking workerWorker saw repairing sharpening
Worker ceramics ornamentationGeneral filing worker
Thin metallic sheets formation workerFoundations Pile machine worker
Metal cleaning workerStone sorting and categorizing worker
Switchboard preparation workerBuilding demolition worker
Bicycle repair workerWorker sugar packing packaging
Asphalt roofing workerWorker milling machine
Worker preparation of vegetables fruitsWorker conservation canning of fish
Slaughterhouse workerInsulation worker
Worker vegetables fruits packing packagingSteel sheets formation worker
Worker dairy pasteurizationCeiling covering worker
Tube General welderWorker machine preparing
Workshop workerManual wire drawing worker
Iron WorkerCopper welder
Compounds welderWireless mast worker
Worker waste treatmentPunch machine preparation worker
Arc welderManual wire winding worker
Jewel repair workerDecoration plaster worker
Engraving workerWorker metal cutting tooth sharpening
Worker machineConstruction building worker
Hunting guns repair workerPipe drawing machine worker
Design copying on stone workerDrawing and leveling worker
Polishing workerMetal board ceiling covering worker
Worker hollowing machineAsphalt ceiling covering worker
Lime worker desalination plantPrecious stones fitting worker
Vehicle cleaning and lubrication workerWorker thin metal sheet forming
Worker cutting tooth sharpeningMosaic forming worker
Cutting tools grinding workerChecking worker
Worker pastrami processingConstruction preparation worker
Worker manual brushWorker metal works marking
Metal cleaning workerWorker Abrasion machine
Worker salt processingFish cutter cleaner
General grinding workerStone inscription engraving worker

Hotel Industry

The list’s source is the Ministry of Labor’s system, which we obtained from the Ministry of Labor’s website. I’ve observed that numerous individuals have difficulty deciding on the best profession for them. Now that you have a complete and extensive list of professions in Saudi Arabia, your problem is solved. You can choose a profession based on your needs.

NoIqama ProfessionNoIqama Profession
Dish utensil washerMaker machine
Chief waiterVocational trainer Hotels
Engineer foodstuff industriesDough kneader
Operator cereals fine sievesCook general
Dryer baker’s yeastMaker pickles
Senior Chef AssistantMaker yogurt
Cook foreign foodsFreezing worker foodstuffs
Tea blenderPastry maker
Manager restaurantOperator macaroni drying oven
Operator automatic doughing machineSandwich maker
Meat cutterArabic coffee maker
Pastries MakerButcher general
Miller cerealsFish fryer griller
Operator cereal millMaker western sweets pastry
Fish cookDrying worker foodstuffs
General confectioneryMaker iced beverages
Worker handmade broomMeat griller
Foul Mesdames makerManager fast food
Assistant cookOperator sugar driers
Macaroni makerReception clerk Hotel
Operator fat separation machineCoffee server waiter
Operator hydrogenating vegetable oils equipmentSterilizer foodstuffs
Operator dough cutting machineFood services supervisor
Supervisor room serviceMaker chocolates
IcemakerFoodstuff industries technician
        Manager restaurantMaker buttermilk
Maker chewing gumRestaurant worker
Food supervisorMaker Tahini dregs of sesame oil
Cook Arab foodsFalafel maker
Operator sugar forming machineOperator a sugar cane press
Owner hotelMaker cream
Operator date pressRoom servant
Operator sugar beet grinding squeezing machineOperator macaroni packing packaging
Confectionery makerKiln baker
      Operator sugar separation         machineOven baker
Operator baker’s yeast separatorsWorker hotel room cleaning
Technician foodstuff laboratoryOperator cereal sieves
Maker cheeseFish canner
Salad makerOperator macaroni cutting machines
Kitchen workerMaker treacle Molasses
Cook datesChef
Cook fruits vegetables generalOverseer automatic bakery
Maker jamOperator sugar carbonization equipment machine
Operator dates sorting machineCoffee tea maker
Maker biscuitCoffee roaster grinder
Maker butterWaiter food server
Maker drinking juiceMaker oriental sweets pastry
Maker vinegarMacaroni dough kneader
Hotel ManagerButcher slaughterhouse
Baker generalOperator sugar crystallization machine
Operator cereal grinding machineShawarma griller
Supervisor hotel servicesChicken fryer
Operator macaroni forming machineManager guest house
fermentation field of baker’s yeast operatorMiller spices


Below is the list of iqama professions in the education field.

  1. Bodyguard
  2.  Minister Plenipotentiary A
  3.  Second Secretary A
  4.  Assistant Administrative Attaché
  5.  Governor of Region
  6.  Informer
  7.  Prosecutor general
  8.  Firefighting technician
  9.  General Consul
  10.  Administrative attaché
  11.  Labor attaché
  12.  Maker military head covers
  13.  Saver
  14.  Chief municipality
  15.  Attorney at law
  16.  Counselor
  17.  Charge d affairs
  18.  Rest house security guard
  19.  Commercial Attaché
  20.  Consul
  21.  Cultural Attaché
  22.  Forest fireman
  23.  Educational Attaché
  24.  Assistant Consul
  25.  Fire alarm equipment technician
  26.  Military Equipment trainer
  27.  Guard
  28.  Counselor B
  29.  Occupational security safety technician
  30.  Vice General
  31.  Tailor military uniform
  32.  Legal advisor a special law
  33.  Military Attaché
  34.  Fireman
  35.  Vice Military Attaché
  36.  Ambassador diplomatic corps
  37.  Aircraft fire fighting specialist
  38.  Military Equipment Technician
  39.  Security guard
  40.  House security
  41.  Judge Islamic jurisdiction
  42.  Fire prevention specialist
  43.  Minister Plenipotentiary B
  44.  Second Secretary B
  45.  Deputy Minister
  46.  Attaché
  47.  Vice General Consul
  48.  Emir of Region
  49.  Notary public
  50.  Health Attaché
  51.  Permanent Delegate
  52.  Judge
  53.  Security Specialist
  54.  Specialized reciter of the Holy Quran
  55.  Assistant Military Attaché
  56.  First Secretary A
  57.  Assistant Diplomatic Attaché
  58.  Deputy Charge d affairs
  59.  Swimming Rescuer
  60.  Legal advisor general law
  61.  Rescuer
  62.  Third Secretary
  63.  First Secretary B

Agriculture and farming

Here is the list of all professions related to the agriculture and farming industry.

  1.   Operator water boilers
  2.  Agricultural worker
  3.  Veterinary livestock
  4.  Well drilling technician
  5.  Farmers forests
  6.  Forest Ranger
  7.  Forests grazing land technician
  8.  Crops technician
  9.  Camel breeder
  10.  Seller natural flowers
  11.  Animal feeder
  12.  Engineer geology
  13.  Manager apiary
  14.  Farmer vine
  15.  Agricultural engineer
  16.  Veterinarian poultry
  17.  Mining Geologist
  18.  Zoologist general
  19.  Animal hybridization specialist
  20.  Water Geologist
  21.  Worker poultry incubation
  22.  Specialist forestry
  23.  Hunting Dog Trainer
  24.  Specialist agricultural guidance
  25.  Agricultural Equipment’s Operator
  26.  Cereal cultivation technician
  27.  Cattle breeding worker
  28.  Fishery specialist
  29.  Pilot agricultural
  30.  Specialist green house
  31.  Animal breeding worker general
  32.  Farm supervisor
  33.  Breeder ornamental birds
  34.  Dairy maker
  35.  Farmer palm trees
  36.  Operator oil wells acidification
  37.  Agricultural vehicles assistant mechanic
  38.  Hunter For Scientific Research
  39.  Surveyor geological
  40.  Specialist poultry
  41.  Palm cultivation technician
  42.  Irrigation and spraying equipment assistant mechanic
  43.  Aviculture technician
  44.  Breeders’ poultry general
  45.  Manager animal raising farm
  46.  Breeder oysters
  47.  Worker fertilizing
  48.  Flower shop manager
  49.  Ornamental fish breeding technician
  50.  Worker oil gas wells lining
  51. Cameleer
  52.  Engineer agricultural machines
  53.  Technician animal feeding research
  54.  Maker artificial flowers
  55.  Citrus cultivation technician
  56.  Horse Trainer
  57.  Farmer cotton
  58.  Engineer fertilizer industries
  59.  Agricultural vehicles mechanic general
  60.  Hour’s breeder
  61.  Parks and gardens technician
  62.  Breeders ornamental fish
  63.  Marketing of farm products driver
  64.  Farmer helper
  65.  Overseer oil gas well treatment
  66.  Farmer vegetables
  67.  Water meter reader
  68.  Green house farming technician
  69.  Technician geology laboratory
  70.  Manager poultry farm
  71.  Specialist gardens
  72.  Specialist animal wealth
  73. Zamzam water carrier
  74.  Technician water laboratory
  75.  Horticulture technician General
  76.  Sellers Agricultural supplies general
  77.  Technician insect’s laboratory
  78. Horseman
  79.  Agricultural equipment’s driver
  80. Manager farm
  81.  In land water fisherman
  82.  Rabbit breeder
  83.  Horseshoe maker
  84.  Farmer nurseries
  85.  Farmer citrus
  86.  Butcher poultry
  87.  Animal slaughterer
  88.  Engineer soil
  89.  Worker collection sorting of eggs
  90.  Cow breeder
  91.  Engineer water desalination
  92.  Water Expert
  93.  Agricultural driver
  94.  Oyster diver
  95.  Poultry feeder
  96.  Water treatment machine operator
  97.  Petroleum Geologist
  98.  Gardener
  99.  Specialist insecticides
  100.  Engineer well drilling
  101.  Wool cutter wool shearer
  102.  Farmer general
  103.  Seller of agricultural machines and implements
  104.  General Geologist
  105.  Irrigation and spraying equipment mechanic
  106.  Specialist agricultural pests
  107.  Apiculture technician
  108.  Ornamental birds breeding technician
  109.  Fur animal breeding worker
  110.  Farmer field crops
  111.  Agricultural tractor mechanic
  112.  Farmer horticulture
  113.  Specialist livestock
  114.  Farmer greenhouses
  115.  Oil well performance log technician
  116.  Breeder oyster’s crustacean
  117.  Specialist honeybee
  118.  Specialist crops
  119.  Fish feeder
  120.  Specialist of animal husbandry
  121.  Breeder crustacean
  122.  Hunting Hawks Trainer
  123.  Technician general geology
  124.  Worker irrigation
  125.  Crustacean catcher
  126.  Cattle milker
  127.  Cheese maker
  128.  Exhibitor
  129.  Breeder egg layers
  130.  Seller artificial flowers
  131.  Oyster culture technician
  132.  Fisherman general
  133.  Breeders’ meat chicken
  134.  Pisciculture technician
  135.  Vocational trainer Agriculture
  136.  Controller water purification control panel
  137.  Farmer cereals
  138.  Beekeepers
  139.  Worker local incubation grounds
  140.  Piscicultures general
  141.  Horse breeding technician
  142.  Hunter
  143.  Livestock breeding technician
  144.  Controller oil well testing
  145.  Animal Experimentation Supervisor
  146.  Specialist fishery
  147.  Water sewage technician
  148.  Controller water well drilling
  149.  Livestock breeder general
  150.  Agricultural Equipment electrician
  151.  Worker animals’ birds outfitting taxidermy
  152.  Sea fisher
  153.  Engineer irrigation
  154.  House gardener
  155.  Breeders’ silkworm
  156.  Sheep breeder
  157.  Operator water treatment plant
  158.  Irrigation technician

Maintenance Job

Here is the list of all the iqama jobs related to maintenance.

  1. Ovens and heaters maintenance mechanic general
  2.  Typing machines maintenance mechanic
  3.  Light truck maintenance technician
  4.  Office machines maintenance mechanic
  5.  Aircraft maintenance mechanic
  6.  Panels installation and maintenance electrician
  7.  Plant maintenance assistant electrician
  8.  Radio TV video receivers’ maintenance electronic worker
  9.  Oil ovens maintenance mechanic
  10.  Programmed machines maintenance electronic
  11.  Calculators’ maintenance electronic
  12.  Surveillance maintenance electronic
  13.  Teletype maintenance electronic technician
  14.  Transformer plant maintenance electrician
  15.  Bus truck maintenance technician
  16.  Telephone maintenance electronic technician
  17.  Jet aircraft maintenance technician
  18.  Engineer vessel maintenance
  19.  Television maintenance electronic technician
  20.  Plant maintenance electrician general
  21.  Air conditioning cooling maintenance technician
  22.  Weaving machines maintenance mechanic
  23.  Engineer maintenance
  24.  Sanitary heating maintenance technician
  25.  Manager maintenance
  26.  Road maintenance worker
  27.  Radio maintenance electronic technician
  28.  Engineer train maintenance
  29.  Boilers maintenance mechanic
  30.  General maintenance mechanic
  31.  Maintenance assistant mechanic
  32.  Gas ovens and heaters maintenance mechanic general
  33.  Pump and compressor maintenance mechanic
  34.  Control and protection equipment maintenance electrician
  35.  Steam turbine maintenance technician
  36.  Electrical technician machinery maintenance
  37.  Engineer maintenance
  38.  Copying machines maintenance mechanic
  39.  Protection equipment maintenance electronic
  40.  Optical equipment maintenance mechanic
  41.  Radio TV maintenance electronic technician
  42.  Television maintenance technician
  43.  Precision instruments maintenance electrician
  44.  Maintenance electrician
  45.  Argo machinery maintenance technician
  46.  Worker handicapped equipment manufacturing maintenance
  47.  Medical equipment maintenance electronic
  48.  Exchanges maintenance electronics general
  49.  Transformer plant maintenance electrician general
  50.  Engineer electronic maintenance
  51.  Switchboard maintenance electrician
  52.  Engineer aircraft maintenance
  53.  Equipment maintenance mechanic
  54.  Printing machines maintenance mechanic
  55.  Sewing machines maintenance mechanic
  56.  Exchanges maintenance electronic
  57.  Spinning machines maintenance mechanic
  58.  Road machinery maintenance technician
  59.  Helicopter maintenance technician
  60.  Plant maintenance electrician
  61.  Telephone telegraph maintenance electronic worker
  62.  Locomotive maintenance technician

Aviation and Transportation

Below is the list of all the iqama jobs related to aviation and transportation.

  1.  Wooden installation carpenter ships
  2.  Driver all vehicles
  3.  Railway installer assistant
  4.  Train driver
  5.  Taxi driver
  6.  Wood transport vehicle driver
  7.  Ship traffic controller
  8.  Copilot
  9.  Engineer traffic
  10.  Compactor driver
  11.  Tour leader maritime
  12.  Chief Marine Officers
  13.  Train assistant driver
  14.  Tourists guide general
  15.  Power driver filling machine operator
  16.  Ship ignition worker
  17.  Ship anchoring worker
  18.  Water tanker driver
  19.  Asphalt machine driver
  20.  Digital Aerial Survey Machines Operator
  21.  Grader driver
  22.  Aircraft carpenter
  23.  Captain passenger vessel
  24.  Ground steward
  25.  Airplane Radio operating worker
  26.  Shovel driver
  27.  Land transport services inspector
  28.  Worker ship loading
  29.  Motorcycle driver
  30.  Aircraft controller
  31.  Leveling machines driver
  32.  Engineer marine survey
  33.  Manager transportation
  34.  Temporary wooden foundation carpenter ships
  35.  Digital aerial survey signing technician
  36.  Engineer air survey
  37.  Small transport car driver
  38.  Ship captain
  39. Seaman
  40.  Airplane landing controller
  41.  Shipping risks insurance broker
  42.  Train Bus steward
  43.  Common seaman
  44.  Ship engine maintenance technician
  45.  Ship general mechanic general
  46.  Roller driver
  47.  Air transport services supervisor
  48.  Land transport broker
  49.  Skilled seaman sailor
  50.  Aircraft engineering technician
  51.  Pilot no transportation
  52.  Supervisor marine
  53.  Chief marine
  54.  Marine System Technician
  55.  Marine Specialist Instructor
  56.  Aircraft smith
  57.  Ship engineer
  58.  Senior digital aerial survey supervisor
  59.  Air traffic controller
  60.  Air steward
  61.  Captain ferry
  62.  Private driver
  63.  Railway switch mechanic
  64.  Railway general installer
  65.  Pilot helicopter azimuth
  66.  Supervisor ship services
  67.  Airplane take off controller
  68.  Ship oiling and lubrication workers
  69.  Supervisor maritime services
  70.  Engineer railways
  71.  Train brakeman freight
  72.  Ship radio operating worker
  73.  Ship repair supervisor
  74.  Pilot experimental
  75.  Air navigator
  76.  Safety Advisor Aircraft
  77.  Transport services inspector
  78.  Ship steward
  79.  Captain cargo vessel
  80.  Road vehicles drivers
  81.  Forklift driver
  82.  Digital Aerial Survey Specialist
  83.  Ship carpenter
  84.  Tourist guide
  85.  Ship engine operator
  86.  Tourist reservation clerk
  87.  Traffic signs controller
  88.  Land transport services supervisor
  89.  Shipping unloading services clerk
  90.  Marine Equipment Specialist
  91.  Sewage Truck Driver
  92.  Air cargo transport broker
  93.  Railway goods agent
  94.  Maritime navigator
  95.  Air traffic controller
  96.  Ships electrician
  97.  Tourism Program Supervisor
  98.  Marine shipping broker
  99.  Ship pipe fitter
  100.  Railway installer
  101.  Marine diver
  102.  Marine traffic controller
  103.  Bulldozer driver
  104.  Tourist agent
  105.  Tour leader guide visitors
  106.  Train brakeman
  107.  Railway sleeper installation worker
  108.  Aviation engineer
  109.  Marine engine filer mechanic
  110.  Train traffic officer
  111.  Ship engine mechanic
  112.  Engineer airports
  113.  Public driver
  114.  Ship controller
  115.  Tourism Program Supervisor
  116.  Bus driver
  117.  Ships general electrician
  118.  Ships electrician assistant
  119.  Manager travel agency
  120.  fuel tanker driver
  121.  Travel agent
  122.  Car traffic controller
  123.  Engineer shipbuilding
  124.  Trailer driver mine
  125.  Truck driver
  126.  Ships painter
  127.  Engineer seaports

Information Technology

The Minister of Labor, Eng. Ahmed bin Suleiman Al-Rajhi, approved a ministerial ruling requiring 25% Saudization in 36 communication and IT professions, i.e., the Saudi IT sector. Below is the list of all the iqama jobs related to Information technology.

  1. Radio and television engineer
  2. Computer engineer
  3. Satellite network engineer
  4. Telephone technician
  5. Communication and Information Technology
  6. Internet administrator
  7. Technical services specialist
  8. Computer technician
  9. Data bank systems programmer
  10. Electronic maintenance of public communication devices
  11. Communications Engineering Technician
  12. Technical support office specialist
  13. Business Analysis Specialist
  14. Software development specialist
  15. Support technician
  16. Program and systems documentation specialist
  17. Software engineering specialist
  18. Car phone technician
  19. Application development Programming and Analysis
  20. Communications engineer
  21. Electronic Communications Technician
  22. Computer network technician
  23. Electronic Maintenance Calculator
  24. Electronic computer operator
  25. Systems operation specialist
  26. A wired communication technician
  27. General system Analyst
  28. Electronic phone maintenance
  29. Network Engineer
  30. Wired communication operator (radio)
  31. Technical support
  32. Computer operator
  33. Technical support office technician
  34. Technical support specialist
  35. Electronic Radio technician
  36. Aircraft radio and radar engineer
  37. Computer programmer
  38. Network administrator
  39. Transmission broadcast engineer

Directors and Managers

Below is the list of all the iqama jobs related to directors and managers.

  1. Director rural and municipal affairs
  2.  Director post office
  3.  Feeding location manager
  4.  Director polymers documents department
  5.  Manager research and development
  6.  Director support services department
  7.  Manager theatre
  8.  Scientist or expert
  9.  Director GA of new opportunity
  10.  Director operations planning
  11.  Director GA of letters of credit
  12.  Director hospital
  13.  Manager personnel relations
  14.  Director GA of productions accounting
  15.  Director licenses unit
  16.  Director operation investment for intermediate textile
  17.  Director strategical planning
  18.  Director educational affairs
  19.  Director industrial gasses development
  20.  Director shares department
  21.  Director maintenance communications department
  22.  Director offices services department
  23.  Director internal market development
  24.  Director of cargo Europe America
  25.  Director health affairs
  26.  Director staff compensations department
  27.  Director planning of operations technology
  28.  Director zakat taxes department
  29.  Director commercial research analyzing
  30.  Director operations planning
  31.  Director planning financial coordination department
  32.  Director planning of operation technology
  33.  Director planning of operation
  34.  Director internal sales customers services
  35.  Director coordination of international cooperation
  36.  Director airport
  37.  Director organizations department
  38.  Director veterinary hospital
  39.  Unit president
  40.  Director GA of reviewing
  41.  Director housing materials
  42.  Manager department
  43.  Director judicial affairs
  44.  Director operational reports department
  45.  company president
  46.  Director tech services coordinator tech
  47.  Executive director Sabic project for development integration of work system
  48.  organization expert
  49.  Director GA handling of liquid materials
  50.  Director culture information affairs
  51.  Director personnel affairs
  52.  Director follow-up
  53.  Director broadcasting
  54.  Director social welfare institution
  55.  Director regional offices affairs
  56.  Director commercial information research
  57.  Director internal auditing department
  58.  Director economic and commercial affairs
  59.  Member of the board of directors
  60.  Director Agriculture and Irrigation affairs
  61.  Director albolite aster unit
  62.  Director railway station
  63.  Director projects
  64.  Director sports and youth welfare affairs
  65.  Director television station
  66.  Director utility department
  67.  Director cargo distribution of gas department
  68.  Director theatre
  69. Director safety security department
  70.  Director information tech support department
  71.  Director investment
  72.  Director telecommunications
  73.  Director operation investment for gasses industrial
  74.  Director museum
  75.  Director training workshops
  76.  Air Traffic Station Assistant Director
  77.  Director functional development department
  78.  Laundry Manager
  79.  Coordination director
  80.  Director seaport
  81.  Director Administrative systems department
  82.  Assistant feeding location manager
  83.  Director journalistic department
  84.  Collection credit department director
  85.  Director financial and accounting affairs
  86.  Director industrial affairs
  87.  Director public works and utilities
  88.  Director ships department
  89.  Director strategical planning department
  90.  Director laboratory of physics mechanical features
  91.  Director east cargo distribution department
  92.  Director contracts bidding department
  93.  Director GA of support operations for information technology
  94.  Director chamber of commerce
  95.  Director General
  96.  Director documents of chemical products fertilizes and others related products
  97.  Director hazards department
  98.  Director customers tech support unit
  99.  Director staff payments department
  100.  Director research and studies
  101.  Director strategical planning investment
  102.  Director experimental factories unit
  103.  Manager archaeology
  104.  Director GA for the office of delegated member
  105.  House manager
  106.  Director sea transportation
  107.  Director west cargo distribution department
  108.  Director financial reports department
  109.  Director GA of solid products handling
  110.  Director industrial relations
  111.  Director development department for administrative services
  112.  Director manufacturing lab unit
  113.  Executive manager
  114.  Director association
  115.  Director GA for application of information technology
  116.  Director G A customer’s services
  117.  Director editing
  118.  Director laboratory
  119.  Director advertising publicity department
  120.  Chairman of board of directors
  121.  Director club
  122.  Director commercial information marketing research
  123.  Director of cargo southeast Asia
  124.  Director international trade department
  125.  Director customers services
  126.  Manager business services
  127.  Gas Field Exploration Director
  128.  Director cashflow department
  129.  Expert Labor force
  130.  Director training
  131.  Director training center
  132.  Air Traffic Station Director
  133.  Geodesic Expert
  134.  Director fertilizers technology unit
  135.  Director GA of support services
  136.  Director technical operation
  137.  Director annual planning department
  138.  Director GA of raw materials utilities
  139.  Director water and sanitary drainage
  140.  Director GA of operational coordination marketing aluminum unit
  141.  Director air transportation
  142.  Director telephone office
  143.  Director raw materials department
  144.  Director labor affairs
  145.  Vice president
  146.  Director financial planning loans department
  147.  Regional director for plastic sales
  148.  Director plastic products operation
  149.  Director GA of plans operations
  150.  Director GA of commercial policies
  151.  Director printing and publishing
  152.  Director trade financing department
  153.  Director library
  154.  Director commercial analysis planning operation research
  155.  Director statistics
  156.  Director GA of legal affairs
  157.  Director GA of private sector relations
  158.  Project Manager
  159.  Director BFC unit
  160.  Director land transportation
  161.  Director social affairs
  162.  Director GA of planning investment aluminum unit
  163.  Director suppliers’ payments department
  164.  Director GA of technical services for information technology
  165.  Director G A for industrial safety
  166.  Director operation maintenance of job evaluation system
  167.  Director clinic
  168.  Director GA of cash
  169.  Director manpower planning department
  170.  Director public relations
  171.  Director planning
  172.  Junior Contract Manager
  173.  Director electricity
  174.  Director information
  175.  Director industrial city
  176.  Director training special programs department
  177.  Director cash operations department
  178.  Sector president
  179.  Director religious affairs
  180.  Director institute

Finance and Audit

Below is the list of all the iqama jobs related to finance and audit

  1. Auditor accounts
  2.  Analyst credit
  3.  Senior quality control auditor
  4.  Manager credit
  5.  Senior Financial Auditor
  6.  Budget organizer planner
  7.  Cashiers in establishments
  8.  Internal auditor
  9.  Analyst political
  10.  Controller financial
  11.  Financial Auditing Supervisor
  12.  Accounts technician General
  13.  Cashier
  14.  Finance clerk
  15.  Analyst economic
  16.  Accountant costs
  17.  Analyst financial
  18.  Accountant general
  19.  Fee accounts clerk
  20.  Internal quality control auditor
  21.  Investment cash department manager
  22.  Accounts auditing technician
  23.  Junior Business Analyst
  24.  Cost accounting technician
  25.  Vocational analyst
  26.  Chief of internal auditing programs
  27.  Cashier
  28.  Manager accounts and budget
  29.  Professor financial sciences

Diplomats and Security

Below is the list of all the iqama jobs related to diplomats and security

  1.  Emir of Region
  2.  Military Equipment trainer
  3.  Vice General Consul
  4. Saver
  5.  Labor attaché
  6.  Commercial attaché
  7.  Cultural attaché
  8.  Military Equipment Technician
  9.  Security guard
  10. Fireman
  11.  Aircraft fire fighting specialist
  12.  Deputy Charge d affaires
  13.  Military attaché
  14.  Swimming Rescuer
  15.  Chief municipality
  16.  Health attaché
  17.  General Consul
  18.  Vice Military attaché
  19.  House security
  20.  Assistant Diplomatic attaché
  21.  Tailor military uniform
  22.  Vice General
  23.  Third Secretary
  24.  Rest house security guard
  25.  Firefighting technician
  26. Rescuer
  27.  Administrative attaché
  28.  Assistant Consul
  29.  Deputy Minister
  30.  Fire prevention specialist
  31.  Forest firefighter
  32. Informer
  33.  Bodyguard
  34.  Ambassador diplomatic corps
  35. Judge
  36.  Notary public
  37.  Occupational security safety technician
  38.  Maker military head covers
  39.  Legal advisor special law
  40.  Permanent Delegate
  41.  Security Specialist
  42.  Assistant Military attaché
  43.  Judge Islamic jurisdiction
  44.  Prosecutor general
  45. Attorney at law
  46. Governor of Region
  47.  Charge d affaires
  48.  Military trainer
  49.  Legal advisor general law
  50.  Assistant Administrative attaché
  51.  Educational attaché
  52.  Fire alarm equipment technician

Mechanical Jobs

Below is the list of all the iqama jobs related to the mechanical field

  1. Washing and ironing machines mechanic
  2.  Handling equipment mechanic
  3.  Industrial equipment installation technician
  4.  Gear mechanic
  5.  Wood works machine mechanic
  6.  Diesel pump mechanic
  7.  Light vehicle mechanic
  8.  Heavy vehicles assistant mechanic
  9.  Equipment installation assistant mechanic
  10.  Vehicles air conditioner mechanic
  11.  Truck and bus mechanic
  12.  Turbine engine assistant mechanic
  13.  Heating mechanic
  14.  Mechanical
  15.  Air Conditioning assistant mechanic
  16.  Crawler vehicles mechanic track
  17.  Hydraulic mechanic
  18.  Steam turbine mechanic
  19.  Brakes mechanic
  20.  Mechanical cutting worker
  21.  Home oven repair mechanic
  22.  Aircraft engine filer mechanic
  23.  Train engine mechanic
  24.  Engineer mechanic general
  25.  Mining equipment filer mechanic
  26.  Hydraulic turbine assistant mechanic
  27.  Propelling and steering mechanic
  28.  Sanitary laying mechanic
  29.  Measuring instruments mechanic
  30.  Heavy vehicles mechanic wheels
  31.  Steam turbine assistant mechanic
  32.  Aircraft turbine engine mechanic
  33.  Turbine engine filer mechanic
  34.  Train brakes mechanic
  35.  Car mechanic
  36.  Mechanical engineering technician
  37.  Home Cooling mechanic
  38.  Industrial Stone making worker
  39.  Precision equipment mechanic general
  40.  Gasoline engine mechanic
  41.  Bicycle mechanic
  42.  Diesel engine mechanic
  43.  Mining machines mechanic
  44.  Engineer industrial equipment installation
  45.  Machine erection mechanic
  46.  Engineer engine mechanic
  47.  Air Conditioning mechanic
  48.  Equipment installation mechanic
  49.  Installation filer mechanic
  50.  Music instruments mechanic
  51.  Metallic works mechanic
  52.  Technician soil mechanics laboratory
  53.  Central Cooling mechanic
  54.  Mechanic filer wood
  55.  Air Conditioners mechanic
  56.  Central Heating mechanic general
  57.  Mechanical wire drawing worker
  58.  Mechanical technician
  59.  Harvesting machine mechanic
  60.  Steam turbine general mechanic
  61.  Mechanic filer textile
  62.  Tractor mechanic
  63.  Trains mechanic
  64.  Quick service mechanic
  65.  Sanitary laying assistant mechanic
  66.  General equipment installation mechanic
  67.  Metal tools filer mechanic
  68.  Central air conditioning Equipment mechanic
  69.  Industrial facility mechanic
  70.  Aircraft engine mechanic general
  71.  Hydraulic turbine mechanic general
  72.  Aircraft field service mechanic
  73.  Gas turbine mechanic
  74.  Hydraulic turbine mechanic
  75.  Mechanic automatic loom preparation
  76.  Technician mechanics laboratory
  77.  Central heating assistant mechanic
  78.  Heavy vehicles mechanic general
  79.  Train valves mechanic
  80.  Operator industrial sewing machine
  81.  Motorcycle mechanic
  82. Mechanic filer drilling equipment
  83.  Aircraft body repair mechanic
  84.  Steam turbine mechanic
  85.  Central air conditioning equipment assistant mechanic
  86.  Hydraulic assistant mechanic
  87.  Engineer industrial machines
  88.  Train wheels repair mechanic
  89.  Boats mechanic
  90.  Cooling mechanic general
  91.  Engineer industrial
  92.  Mechanical draftsman
  93.  Office machine mechanic
  94.  Engineer mechanical
  95.  Combustion engine filer mechanic
  96.  Turbine engine mechanic
  97.  Mechanical engineering engines technician
  98.  Gas turbine assistant mechanic
  99.  Precision equipment mechanic


The important iqama professions are covered in the lists above. The medical area, electrical and logistical jobs, employment in sales and marketing, production, and several other general professions are also included. Since the ministry of labor website is the source of all these lists, anyone can now find the ideal profession they have been looking for.

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