Check Iqama Renewal Process & Fee in KSA (2023)

This is the complete guide on how to check the Iqama renewal process, fee, requirements, and status.

Iqama is basically a permission document from the government to stay in the country. It is a residence permit and you can’t live in the country if Iqama is expired. It is very important to check the iqama status regularly.

Because the iqama expiry date is not mentioned on the iqama card and the government of Saudi Arabia imposed very heavy fines and penalties on people whose accounts were expired.

Usually, the iqama is valid only for one year, and after that, you need to renew this for next year. However, if you are looking for how to check iqama renewal status then you are at the right place.

How to renew Iqama

How To Renew Iqama?

Here is the method that most people prefer is to renew their iqama through the official website of the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of Saudi Arabia. This is an easy online method where you can renew your iqama through your mobile or laptop anywhere and anytime.

  • The first step is to visit the official website of the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia.
  • After opening the website, you need to log in with your MOI account or create your new account on this website.
  • When you open your account you should click on the Renew Iqama of Employee option.
  • Then, your Iqama will get ready in just 2 days.
  • After that, your Sponsor will take your old Iqama from you and give a new one.

How To Check Iqama Expiry?

Requirements for Iqama Renewal

If you want to update your iqama, then you don’t need to hold all documents for this process because the Saudi government allows you to renew your iqama through an online portal.

The best practice is that you should renew your iqama in grace period which is 3 days before expiry. Otherwise, the government will charge extra fines on you for late renewal.

Here are some requirements that you need to fulfill when you going to renew your Iqama.

  • For you, it is necessary to stay in Saudi Arabia during the renewal process.
  • According to the Law, your sponsor is bind to pay your iqama renewal fees but if your sponsor is in financial crises then you will pay the fees.
  • You cannot apply if your Passport is expired, you should get your new passport first.
  • If you belong to any African or Asian country, then you need to pass some medical tests that are recommended by Saudi officials.
  • If you clear the medical tests, then pay your renewal fee through E-banking or through your bank branch.
  • After all the process go to your HR office and they check your paid fees status and all necessary details, then renew your iqama in few minutes.

Iqama Renewal Fee 2021

The Saudi government recently introduced its new policy about the Iqama renewal process, and they charge renewal fees to their foreign iqama holders according to this policy.

If your company has more than 50% local Saudi citizens as employees then your iqama fees will be 750 Saudi Riyals, the Insurance fee is 450 Saudi Riyals, and the work permit fee is 6000 Saudi Riyals.

However, if your company has more than 50% of foreign workers as employees then the government charges extra work permit fees on you. They increase the work permit fees by 7200 Saudi Riyals.


What is the age limit for Iqama renewal?

According to the updated Law in 2020, the Kafeels are not renewing iqama of the employees who reach the age of 60 years. So, the Saudi government does not allow you to work in their country if your age is more than 60 years.

Can I renew my iqama when I am outside the country?

No, you cannot leave the country at the time when you renew your iqama. Because the system does not allow the renewal process if you are outside Saudi Arabia.

How long does it take to renew iqama?

If you fill in all the required detail and paid all the fees that are required for the iqama renewal process, then it will take few minutes only. This is because of the online procedure, so your sponsor can do this through their Absher Business Portal.

Can I renew my iqama without Kafeel?

The answer is negative because you cannot renew your iqama without Kafeel’s permission. Whenever you renew your iqama, it means that your Kafeel extended your contract for next year, then how you can do this without your Kafeel.

Final Words

You are working as an expat in Saudi Arabia and have no rights as compare to the local citizens of this country. So, keep in mind that work here gently and try your best to keep your Kafeel satisfy and don’t report against you.

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