Iqama Renewals Process and Fee in 2023-  A Complete Guide

The Iqama renewals guide is important for those who require a residency permit to live and work in a Gulf nation like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, or Qatar if they hold a work visa there. Expats are only permitted to live in Saudi Arabia if they carry a native or citizen permit, known as an IQAMA. This residence permit includes work access and an expiration date. Foreigners may face serious issues if the expiration date of Iqama Renewals passes. We have covered every step of the iqama renewal process in this article along with the Iqama renewals fee 2023.

Iqama Renewal Fees and Payment Options For 2023

To pay your Iqama renewals fee online, you have to carry out the subsequent steps that are stated below:

  1. You have to log in to your online banking-enabled bank account or simply use the SADAD services on your mobile phone. 
  2. Then you have to look for three dots on the very top right corner and select the “Payment” option provided in the menu given on the application. 
  3. After selecting payment, select the “Biller” Option and click on the “Allien Control” option provided under biller.
  4. Now click on the “Services” Option and write “Expatriates Services” or you can also select it from the menu options given on the application.
  5. After navigating to the expatriate services, you will find a “Renew Iqama” option click on that.
  6. Here is the place where you have to write down your iqama ID and Iqama Duration (it can be 3,6,9, or 12 months)
  7. Now click on the payment button to pay your pending dues for Iqama Renewal.
  8. You can check your Iqama Update on your official Absher portal.
Iqama renewal

Procedure To Check Iqama Funds Online:

You must carefully complete each of the steps below to determine whether or not your IQAMA renewal payments have been submitted.

Open the ABSHER site first, then sign in with your ABSHER account. After logging in, choose your preferred language to continue. Right under the inquiries, on the right-hand side of “TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS INFORMATION,” the option of  “PUBLIC QUERY AVAILABLE FUNDS.” Is visible.

To continue, you must enter your IQAMA ID and image number (captcha) after clicking “PUBLIC QUERY AVAILABLE FUNDS.”

A new page with the relevant information opens once you enter your IQAMA ID; if you see 650 SAUDI RIYAL placed under your Passport, it signifies your IQAMA renewal fees have been paid.

Submit Required Documents to Sponsor:

The required sponsors must receive the following documentation once you have submitted your IQAMA renewal fees.

1. A former IQAMA copy (1 copy).

Passport photocopy (1 copy).

3. A valid passport.

4. Passport-sized photographs (2 photos almost 4x6cm).

5. The renewal submission slip for IQAMA.

6. A slip for pending fees.

7. ACTIVE health insurance (1 Copy).

8. Fees slip for MAKTAB-E-AMAL.

9. IQAMA dependent copy (1 copy).

10. Copy of the dependent’s passport (1 copy).

11. The original passport of a dependent.

12. Passport-sized pictures of dependents (2 photos almost 4x6cm).

It is all from your end now. Your sponsors will proceed with the process right away after receiving all of the aforementioned paperwork from you.

Renewal of Iqama Through Absher Portal:

Iqama renewals

Assume you are a sponsor and are unsure of how to renew an expat’s IQAMA that has expired. In that scenario, you do not need to worry because we have outlined the specific steps for “How a sponsor can renew an ex-pat IQAMA via ABSHER” in this article.

Detailed Procedure:

  1. Open the “ABSHER” website.

2. After opening the website, you have the option of selecting between two options “INDIVIDUAL” or “BUSINESS” depending on whether you are an individual or a business.

Absher Individuals and Buisness

3. Using the built-in Google feature, you can change the language after selecting your favorite language.

Absher language

4. Click the log-in icon to access your current account.

5. After selecting Login, be sure to carefully enter your English username and password.

6. Next, carefully enter the image captcha code and click the “Proceed” button.

Absher login

7. A verification code will be given to your registered phone number with Absher when you click on proceed. Simply enter the code and log in to utilize a variety of services.

8. To view all the services Absher offers, select the “Dashboard” after entering into your account.

Absher E- services

Absher E-Services to Renewals Iqama

  1. You will view your account details and various Absher features after choosing “Dashboard.” Click the “E-Services” button that you will see.

2. A tab will open when you click “E-Services,” from which you can choose “SPONSORED SERVICES.”

E-services iqama renewal

3. After selecting “SPONSORED SERVICES,” you must continue by selecting “IQAMA RENEWAL” from the list.

4. After selecting the “IQAMA RENEWAL” option, you will be taken to a new tab where you must select the relevant employee whose IQAMA you wish to reinstate.

5. After that, you will be sent to a new page. Put “IQAMA time period” and “Date” in those fields now, and then click “RENEW IQAMA.”

Iqama time period

6. Your IQAMA has been renewed, so you can go now.

Iqama Renewals fees 2023

I must add that if you reside in Saudi Arabia and are interested in learning more about the Iqama Renewal fees for 2023, you have come to the right site. Two options are possible following the new Saudi government regulations, but only if your business or group employs enough Saudis.

Iqama Update Guide


You will be subject to the following IQAMA renewals fee rules if you employ fewer than 50%, Saudi citizens.

Iqama Renewal Fees650 SAUDI RIYAL
Work Permit Fees8400 SAUDI RIYAL
Insurance500 SAUDI RIYAL


The price is only valid for one year. The thing to do would be to renew your IQAMA annually. There will be penalties and fines if the iqama renewal is overdue. 


You will be subject to the following IQAMA renewal fee regulations if you employ 51 or more Saudi nationals.

Iqama Renewal Fees650 SAUDI RIYAL
Work Permit Fees9600 SAUDI RIYAL
Insurance500 SAUDI RIYAL
Total10800 SAUDI RIYAL


The pricing is only valid for one year. It would be beneficial if you annually renewed your IQAMA. There will be fines and penalties if the renewal is delay. We shall talk about them as well later.

Saying that Saudi Arabia is welcoming to all is not incorrect. It, therefore, works for people of many ethnic groups. Since many people travel to Saudi Arabia frequently, new occupations are established every year. You may easily find a job here regardless of your occupation or skill set.

Fines and Penalties for Late Iqama Renewals in 2022:

It is highly recommended that you renew your IQAMA before it expires. Since the IQAMA only has a one-year legal validity, you must renew it annually by paying a stay fee. You have three days to renew your IQAMA with the Saudi government before you face punishment. Additionally, you risk severe consequences if you renew your IQAMA late.

The length of the IQAMA expiry penalties depends on your negligence! If your IQAMA is revoked, the Saudi police may take you up, transport you back to your place of origin, and impose any fines they see fit. The penalty is referred to as ” بخير” in Arabic.

New Rules For Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia


The Iqama renewal occurs every three months, under Saudi Arabia’s new labor legislation. Previously, it could only be done for over a year.

For this, you must pay both an Iqama fee and a work permit fee. If you have family who lives in KSA as well, you will additionally need to pay a dependant charge while renewing your Iqama.

Additionally required is a current health insurance policy. You may use Google to look for health insurance rates.

Domestic employees are legally excluded from paying work permit expenses. The expatriate charge for two employees is also waived for small enterprises with up to eight workers, including a full-time Saudi employer.


Q1: How much does the Iqama cost in Saudi Arabia?

A. Not all expats pay the same iqama fee. Iqama renewal costs 650 SAUDI RIYAL, whereas the cost of a Maktab e Amal (Work Permit) ranges from 8400 to 9600 SAUDI RIYAL. A typical seven-hundred-riyal payment is also needed for health insurance. If you have relatives living in Saudi Arabia, you must pay the Dependent Fee as well.

Q2: How do I pay my Iqama fee?

A. The iqama renewal fee can be paid online. Rajhi Bank Select “SADAD” from the drop-down menu list of payments, then continue to pay the iqama cost.

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