Jawazat denies Reports Regarding Converting a Visit Visa to Iqama

Jawazat denies reports about converting a visit visa to a residency permit. The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) has dismissed online allegations that the government has decided to change visit visas to Iqama (residency permit).

The Jawazat provided this clarification in response to questions over a post that was going around on social media platforms and claimed the Ministry of Interior had approved the conversion of a visit visa into an Iqama for residents.

In addition to misleading individuals, the false posts claimed to have revealed how to turn a visit visa into a resident permit. The Jawazat affirmed that it is against the ministry’s directives to convert a visit visa into an Iqama.

Notably, the Jawazat had previously declared the possibility of changing the visit visa into a residency permit for children under 18, given that only their parents owned an Iqama.

Jawazat’s Response on Twitter about Converting Visit Visa to Residency Visa

Jawazat's Response on Twitter about Converting Visit Visa to Residency Visa

Through its official Twitter account, the Jawazat affirmed that no such order had been issued.

The Jawazat clarified this in response to a citizen’s inquiry on the validity of a rumoured story about converting multiple-family visit visas to residency permits for a specific sum of money.

Jawazat said: 

“The standing instructions do not allow this, and in the event of new decisions or instructions being issued, they will be announced in a timely manner through our official channels”.

People Also Ask

Can we convert the visit visa to Iqama in Saudi Arabia?

Only if the following two conditions are satisfied may you convert a family visit visa for your kids to an Iqama or permanent family visa in KSA. 
1. Each parent holds an Iqama
2. Children under the age of 18

Can a visit visa be converted to a work visa in Saudi Arabia?

The official response is no. You must exit Saudi Arabia and return to your “home” nation. You will then need to obtain a new work visa. The firm can get an Iqama for you after you enter the country on a work visa.

Can I get a job in Saudi on a visit visa?

If they work for an organization that sponsors visas, foreign people are permitted to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days per year. Additionally, the visa allows multiple entries.


Now you know that a visit visa can not be converted into a permanent residency visa in Saudi Arabia. If you want to obtain a residency visa, you should ask the related government department for information regarding this.

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