How To Link Mobile Number With Iqama? Stepwise Guide

Registering a mobile number with Iqama can save you from lots of trouble if you are a Saudi expatriate. Many people get confused with its procedure, considering it a mind-draining task. 

However, the Link Mobile Number With Iqama procedure does not involve mind-exhausting steps; it is as simple as pie. Learn the complete process of How To Link a Mobile Number With Iqama in this article. 

How To Link Mobile Number With Iqama?

As mentioned, linking a mobile number in Iqama does not involve any complex procedure. Instead, it is a simple process you can easily do while at home. However, you will be required certain documents, a smart device, and an active Iqama, which you want to link with your mobile number.  

Required Documents 

When registering your mobile number in Iqama (Saudi ID), it is crucial to make sure you have all the required documents and information available. All applicants must be at least eighteen years of age and must provide the following:

  • An active Iqama
  • Copy of the transfer agreement form
  • Copy of your passport showing your photograph and current address
  • An active mobile number from the original local network operator (LNO)
  • Valid proof of residence, such as a rental, ownership, employment agreement, utility bill, etc.

Notably, an activation fee for registering your mobile number with your Iqama will be charged once the application is successfully submitted and approved by the authorized online resource. Also, please note that the charges or fees may vary depending on the LNO selected.

Registering the Mobile Number With Iqama 

Before proceeding further, please note that you can register your mobile number with Iqama by two methods. Both methods are mentioned below. 

Registering the Mobile Number With Iqama Through MOI E-Services

This step involves visiting the online portal of the Ministry Of Interior. The procedure involved the following steps. 

  • Log on to the Electronic Inquiry System, Absher Portal, through your Iqama ID and Password.
  • Once you log in, click on the Change Mobile Number tab from the list shown on the page. 
  • Enter a valid mobile number from active service providers in the country, such as STC, Mobily, and Zain. Reconfirm the number by entering it again and then submit. 
  • Once submitted, you will receive an SMS with a verification code on the number you added. 
  • Check your messages carefully, enter the code, and click the activate button. Please wait for the pop-up window to check its status and whether the number is successfully linked or registered. 
  • If your number is successfully linked, you will receive a confirmation email from the MOCI E-Government system (Tawtheeq) within 24 hours. If the email is not received, you can check your information in your Iqama through the Absher portal to see whether your data include your mobile number. 

Registering the Mobile Number With Iqama Through Mobile Network Company 

Another way to link your mobile number easily with your Iqama is through your network’s website or online application. Below are the steps mentioned to follow this method.   

  • Visit the website of your telecom service provider, and find the option to register your personal information. 
  • Once found, add your Iqama number and any other required personal information, such as your name and date of birth. Also, you may be required to upload a copy of your Iqama and provide further identification details, such as your passport number or date of entry into the country, for verification purposes. 
  • After adding all the required information, submit your application.
  • You will receive a confirmation message within 24 hours on your added mobile phone that your mobile number has been linked to your Iqama.

These are two easy ways to link your mobile number with your Iqama. Linking your number with Iqama is crucial for living in Saudi Arabia as it offers plenty of advantages. 

Benefits of Linking Number With Iqama

Registering your number with your Iqama will provide several benefits you must know. Some of these are mentioned below. 

  • It gives you access to several services offered by the government, such as e-government, government SMS notifications, and many more. 
  • It gives you prompt notification of essential calls, notices, and new services by Government institutes. 
  • Visa renewal becomes a walk in the park due to linking your number with your Iqama. It is because you may face legal consequences in case of overstaying. If your number is linked to your Iqama, you will get a notification beforehand for your visa expiry. 

It opens a room for plenty of employment opportunities and ensures job security.

  • Financial transactions become super convenient and hassle-free by linking your number with Iqama. 


1. How can I link my mobile number to Iqama online?

You can link your mobile number to Iqama online through MOI Service, Absher Portal, or through the website of your network service provider.  

2. How can I find my Iqama number? 

You can easily find your Iqama number at the bottom of your residency card, or it may also be written under the picture on your Iqama. Please note that it is a 10-digit numerical figure. 

3. What is Iqama, and is mobile number registration compulsory? 

Iqama is a residency permit issued to foreign nationals living in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of Iqama is to grant permission or allowance for legally living and working in the country. Notably, it is issued by the government of Saudi Arabia that functions like an identity card. 

Also, Iqama is known as Mouqeem Card in Saudi Arabia. Also, linking a mobile number with Iqama is compulsory to lead a tension-free life as a Saudi expirant. 

4. How many mobile numbers can I buy on one Iqama? 

You can put two prepaid numbers and five postpaid numbers on one iqama. 

5. Can I use the Absher portal outside Saudi Arabia? 

No, you cannot use Absher Portal outside Saudi Arabia.  

Bottom Line

Linking a mobile number with the Iqama will only help the holder. And the plus point is that it is an easy-peasy process that you can do without any guidance or supervision from an expert. 

As discussed above, the article has outlined two easy ways to link your number with your Iqama and unlock plenty of benefits. Also, please note that you may face an error due to poor internet connectivity or a heavy load on the website. For the safe side, check your internet connection before starting the procedure. 

Also, if you still fail to submit your application, try again at any other hour of the day, or you can also seek help from the customer care representative. 

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