Medical Insurance For Expatriate’s Family In Saudi Arabia

Medical insurance is a mandatory need for all national and international workers in any country. To make sure that there is no discrimination between the insurance policies for international workers, the Saudi ministry of health and the council of cooperative health insurance came up with insurance policies for every expatriate’s family in the year 2014. Here we discuss in detail about Medical Insurance For Expatriate’s Family In Saudi Arabia.

But what exactly do these policies consist of? You don’t need to browse the internet to learn about them as we are here to list them down and explain them to you in the easiest way possible. Therefore, continue reading to learn about the medical insurance offered by the CCHI to every expatriate’s family in Saudi Arabia.

Medical Insurance for Expatriate family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

As per the recent amendment in 2016 by the Saudi Ministry of Health and cooperative health insurance, every expatriate’s family is entitled to:

  1. Complete medical insurance for all members of the family, including the expatriate, provided by their sponsor/employer.
  2. All expenses of the insurance are covered by the employer, no matter what salary they receive.
  3.  Health insurance documents must be submitted to the Saudi Jawazat at the time of renewal of the expatriate’s Iqama.
  4. Private businesses should also cover medical insurance expenses for expatriates and Muslim members of their families.
  5. The policy for medical insurance must be mentioned in the employment contract of every Saudi expatriate.
  6. Insurance should be taken from licensed Saudi Insurance companies by the Saudi government.

What does Medical insurance in Saudi Arabia cover?

What does Medical insurance in Saudi Arabia cover?

Before we begin talking about the insurance policy for expatriates and their families in Saudi Arabia, let us quickly go over the importance and detail of any medical insurance policy for a person.

These health care policies contain agreements about covering expenses of unpredictable and severe injuries and diseases. Alongside this, Saudi medical insurance also contains expenses for preventative vaccination, dental treatment, and major surgeries carried out in hospitals.

Lastly, insurance for any expatriate takes care of the delivery of your dead body to the home country in case you die in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These are just the most prominent and main features of any medical insurance agreement. Without further ado, let us move on to the policies defined by the Saudi government for every international worker and their family.

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System of Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the healthcare system is a legal right for every citizen and foreigner. This system comprises of different three main types:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Milita

Public Healthcare System

Cooperative health insurance is another name for Public Healthcare. This type of healthcare is free for all citizens or ex-pats without considering their employment status. All public sector individuals get the benefit of this healthcare system without any out-of-pocket payment. The Ministry of Health (MOH) of Saudi Arabia gives funds to the Public healthcare system, and the king of Saudi Arabia allocated royal decrees to their extraordinary health projects

Military Healthcare System

This system is just made for the Military; Royal army members and their families used this military healthcare system. Through this system, separate hospitals and medication are dedicated to the Military

Private Healthcare System

Mainly, the Private healthcare system is used by foreigners and ex-pats because the Public healthcare system is well-established for Public sector employers and citizens of Saudi Arabia.

Importance of Health Insurance for Expats in Saudi Arabia

Visa is not issued to anyone in Middle Eastern Countries without Healthcare insurance. The Saudi government provides a Private healthcare system to ensure healthcare coverage for all foreigners and ex-pats residing in Saudi Arabia. You receive an insurance card from healthcare systems, and whenever you go anywhere, always take this with you


We hope that this article helps you learn and understand the importance of medical insurance in any country along with conditions that every sponsor in Saudi Arabia should fulfill when recruiting an expatriate for their company.

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