Naqal Maloomat Online by Absher App – Complete Guide

One of the important tasks for expatriates in Saudi Arabia is to update their passport information using Jawazat.

Fortunately, Naqal maloomat online by Absher app now allows users to complete the Naqal Maloomat procedure without going to the Jawazat office. You can use this method to obtain the updated passports of foreign workers and their families.

However, only his sponsor’s Absher account can finish the Naqal Maloomat process for foreign employees. Through the “head of the household” (Father or Husband) Absher Account, dependents (family members) can complete their Naqal Maloomat.

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How to Update Passport Information on Absher?

Both the Absher app and the Absher website allow users to change their passport information. Here’s how to use the Absher website to do that.

Update Resident Passport information 

  1. login to your Absher account 
  2. Click on the “Services” tab below the “Family Members Services”.
  3. Click on “Update Resident Passport Information.”
  4. You need to choose the dependent whose passport information needs to be updated.

You have to enter the following information in the final step to complete Naqal Maloomat online:

  • Passport Update Type
  • New Passport Number
  • Optical Character Recognition: At the bottom of your passport’s main page, there is a long code that begins with a few digits.
Update Resident Passport information - Naqal Maloomat Online by Absher App
  • Date of the most recent passport issuance
  • new passport’s expiration date
  • The country issuing a new passport
  • New Passport Issuance City

Click the submit button once you have completed the above information. Congratulations. You’ve now successfully updated Jawazat with your passport details.

Who is eligible to do Naqal Maloomat online?

Updating passport information in Jawazat is the responsibility of the sponsor or Kafeel. For instance, if you’re an employee, your employer is in charge of this. Similarly, your employer can update your dependents’ passports in Absher. However, you can update your expired passport within a year of the expiration date.

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Naqal Maloomat from outside Saudi Arabia

If you have dependents in Saudi Arabia, you need to update their passport information (Naqal Maloomat) whenever there is a change. For this purpose, you can use the Absher website, its application, or Tawasul.

Otherwise, without making any changes to your passport information at Absher, you would not be able to leave Saudi Arabia.

When you update the passport information, you will see the following notification if the family member is outside of Saudi Arabia.

“The resident must register the passport in the Kingdom.”

An Iqama holder cannot undergo Naqal Maloomat outside of Saudi Arabia, although they can enter the country on a new passport. Tell them to bring their old passport with them when they travel.

Obtain an immigration stamp for your new passport. Once they arrive in Saudi Arabia, update the passport data.

How to Check Naqal Maloomat Through Tawasul Service

  1. Log into your Absher account.
  2. Under “My Services,” click the “Services” option.
  3. Choose “Passports.”
  4. Select “Tawasul” as the service.
  5. A new tab will appear. Now click on the “New Request” button and change the language to Arabic if you want to, then select the following options:
  • Sector
  • Service
  1. Include your Iqama and Border numbers (if available).
  2. Attach the PDF file (requirements are explained below)
  3. One application per dependent.

Your passport will be updated within one day.

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Updating Passport Information Failed

If the online system is broken, and you receive the following message, you don’t need to visit Jawazat.

“Sorry! You cannot update the passport information. Please visit Jawazat for more information.”

In this situation, you can use the Tawasul service to ask Jawazat to update the passport of your dependent.

  • Screenshot of an error message
  • Old passport photocopy
  • A passport that contains a Saudi visa stamp.
  • Copy of your new passport
  • Copy of the dependent’s Iqama

To update your dependents’ passport information in Absher, you need to follow some steps. First, create a separate PDF file for each family member with all the documentation listed below and upload it to Absher.

Next, you’ll need to submit a request for each dependent separately and wait for the data to be updated. Otherwise, the system would display this error “Sorry! You are unable to make this request. Description went above what was permitted “.

Finally, the PDF file shouldn’t be larger than 1MB. Use an online PDF compressor if the file size rises.

Check Naqal Maloomat Status online

You should always check the Naqal Maloomat status online after submitting the request to modify your passport information via Absher or by visiting Jawazat.

Check Naqal Maloomat Status for yourself

Follow these steps to see if an expat’s passport information on Absher has been correctly updated:

  1. Log in to your Absher account.
  2. Click the three dots and select “Dashboard.”
  3. Once you have scrolled down until you find “Passport”, Click “More Details”.

If you can see the new passport expiration date, your passport’s information has been successfully updated.

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Check Naqal Maloomat Status for dependents

If you want to check the naqal maloomat status of a dependent, check out the following procedure.

  1. Log in to your Absher account.
  2. Select “Services” from the menu under “Family Members Services.”
  3. Choose “Visa Services.”
  4. To continue, click “Next.”
  5. By clicking “More Details,” you can choose the dependent for whom you want to check the Naqal Maloomat status online.

If the details include the updated passport expiration date, the dependent’s passport information has been successfully updated.

Naqal Maloomat for Visit Visa Holders

If the passport of a family visit visa holder expires, then you have to renew the passport and make a Tawasul request with the following supporting documentation.

  • Updated passport form Jawazat.
  • Copy of an old passport
  • Copies of your new passport and your visa
  • Sponsor iqama copy

Penalty on Naqal Maloomat

To update dependent passport information in Absher or Jawazat, it costs SAR 1,000, if the old passport is lost.


What happens if you lost your passport in Saudi Arabia?

If the old passport is lost, updating dependent passport information requires a SAR 1,000 fine at Absher or Jawazat.

What to do if the Passport is renewed in Home Country?

If your passport has been renewed in your home country, you can enter back to Saudi Arabia on a new passport. However, after entering the country you need to follow the above procedure to update your passport information in Absher.

What is Naqal Maloomat?

In Saudi Arabia, the process of updating passport information using Jawazat is known as Naqal Maloomat.


In Saudi Arabia, the process of updating passport information is called Naqal Maloomat. Information about passports can only be updated in Jawazat by a sponsor or Kafeel. However, individuals can modify their passport information via the Absher app and website. Through the “head of the household” (Father or Husband) Absher Account, dependents (family members) can complete their Naqal Maloomat.

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