How to Open a New Albilad Bank Account Online?

If you want to new account Albilad Bank then you don’t need to go to the branch, just go to the website and open your account online. 

Just fill out the form and send the request for account authentication through a national single sign-on (IAM service).  

In the following section, we describe the procedure for opening an online account with Bank Albilad. 

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How to Open a New Albilad Bank Account Online?

Requirements for Opening a New Bank Albilad Account

Here, we will describe the requirements for the opening of a new account with Bank Albilad. 

  • Iqama with valid information
  • Authentic Saudi mobile number
  • Email
  • Registration of National Addresses

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The procedure of AlBilad Bank Account Opening 

  • Open an account on the Bank Albilad website

Your Absher credentials must be verified through the IAM during the final stage of the account opening process. If you don’t have your Absher account then you don’t need to worry. You can open your bank account by visiting your nearest branch of AlBilad Bank through your fingerprint.  

Procedure of AlBilad Bank Account Opening 

You will be able to open your account immediately.

How to Activate Albilad Bank’s Net banking service

You can also enjoy your activation of Albilad net account by following below steps:

The link to register on Albilad net will be sent to you by SMS after your account has been successfully opened. You just have to click the link or Click Here to complete the process:

  • Visit your register option for Albilad net
  • Add your Iqama number and phone number
  • Add your OTP code which is sent on your registered mobile number 
How to Activate Albilad Bank’s Net banking service
  • Add your username and password on given option
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
How to Activate Albilad Bank’s Net banking service
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your Albilad net account has been activated

How to Request a Mada Card 

Once you open an account online, you can order your Mada card through the "Albilad app" or "Albilad net"; the procedure is described below.
  • Please sign in to the “Albilad App” or “Albilad Net.”
  • Click on the “Set Card PIN” button after creating the new Mada virtual card PIN.
  • From the main menu, select “My Cards” and choose “Mada Card”.
  • The Mada virtual card can be viewed by clicking on the picture.
  • Choose “Request Physical Mada Card”.
  • Please click “Confirm”.
  • Cards will be issued and delivered to you within seven business days.

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How to Activate Mada Card of Albilad Bank

The Mada cards can be activated by visiting a Bank Albilad ATM or by logging into the Albilad Net account.

  • Select “Cards” from the main menu when logged in to Albilad Net. 
  • Select “Debit Card” from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the required information and click “Activate Card”.
  • Click the “Proceed” Button Now.
  •  Click “Confirm” next.
  • Enter the OTP in the appropriate field. 
  • Activation will be confirmed by a message.

Final Verdict

Here, we will discuss the easiest method of opening an account in AlBilad Bank online. Also describing the method of how we can apply for the Mada Card and how we receive the Mada Car

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