New Rules For Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia

On January 20, 2021, the Saudi Arabian government cabinet came up with some changes in the Iqama renewal rules. But thankfully, it was a good decision that made the expatriate’s life easier than before. The decision of new rules for Iqama renewal was made due to two main reasons;

  1. High fees of previous Iqama renewal method
  2. Covid-19 effects 

So, what is the new rule for Iqama renewal in KSA? According to the new rule, Iqama holder can renew their Iqama on a quarterly basis for at least a period of 90 days. That will ultimately reduce the previous cost of 1-year Iqama renewal. So, you have to pay only a work permit fee and an Iqama fee

For example, before 2021 it was ruled in Saudi Arabia that every expatriate and domestic worker should have to renew their Iqama for at least one year which costs more. But now, MOL gave an opportunity to reduce the worker’s costs and gave them the freedom to renew the Iqama for only 90 days. 

The local citizens are exempted from work permit charges. While a small company of up to 8 workers is also exempted from two non-Saudi employee fees. 

new rules for iqama Renewal

New Rules For Iqama Renewal 

  1. Now you can renew iqama for at least 3 months instead of 1 year. 
  2. The fee will be charged for only 90 days. 
  3. The Iqama fee of 163 SR will be paid before approval. 
  4. You must have to renew Iqama before the expiry date otherwise you have to pay a fine. 
  5. The Iqama holder should have valid medical insurance so that there is no danger to health. 
  6. The Iqama with Huroob status will not be renewed until it’s removed. 
  7. The local employees can’t renew Iqama for three months, they are still bound to renew it for at least one year. This rule is only applicable to non-Saudi workers. 

New Rules For Iqama Renewal For Expatriates In Covid

Recently, due to covid-19, flights were closed in many countries for KSA. That’s why many workers were stuck outside of Saudi Arabia and their Iqama got expired. In that case, the Ministry of Saudi Arabia introduced new rules for Iqama renewal for expatriates. Those rules are as follows and may be helpful in any further issue;

  1. Iqama holders can renew Iqama for 30 days without paying the fee. 
  2. After Iqama renewal, if the worker fails to return back, a three years entry ban will be implemented. Three-year ban rule is only applied if another company hires the worker. If the sponsor (previous company) hires the worker again the rule will not apply.
  3. If the parent company of the worker is willing to renew their worker’s Iqama they can renew.
  4. The company can issue a new visa to employees if they are stuck due to the Covid-19 issue.  

How to Renew Iqama | New Rules For Domestic Workers

Before renewing your Iqama you must have to fulfill these prerequisites:

  • The employee should be located in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Shouldn’t be absent from work.
  • Should have to pay 650 SR for renewal. Also, extra fee/fine in case of any penalty. 
  • A domestic employee should have a personal ID and Fingerprints on a valid passport. 
  • Renew within time, when the current Iqama is valid.
  • Should have to pay for the traffic violation that is registered on the driving license

Steps to Renew The Iqama 

These are the official steps that are required to renew your Iqama. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your Absher username and password at the Absher website.
  2. On your registered number with the Absher website, you’ll receive an OTP/text message to ensure that no one else can log in to your account. 
  3. The main Absher services page will appear once you enter the OTP. 
  4. There you’ll have to click on e-services and then select the Sponsered services. A guide will open, read the instruction carefully and then click to the next. 
  5. Select the account/ID that you want to renew your residency permits. 
  6. Select the time period of renewal, confirm the entered details, and then click on the Renew Iqama.

Contact the officials if you have any questions while renewing the Iqama. Here are the Saudi Arabia government customer support contacts:

What is Iqama Renewal Latest Fee for 2023?

You need to pay Iqama renewal fees before renewing, without paying your Iqama will not be renewed. 

  • For 3 months: SR 163
  • For 6 months: SR 325
  • For 9 months: SR 488
  • For 1 year: SR 650

Please note: Domestic workers (Saudi citizens) are only allowed to renew Iqama for at least one year according to the terms and policy of the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labour and Social Development. However, the expatriates (Non-Saudi) can renew Iqama for at least 3 months.

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I hope now you have got enough idea about the new rules for Iqama renewal for the current and upcoming years. With the passage of time, the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labour and Social Development is introducing strict laws to maintain a safe environment for every Saudi citizen. In case of any violation and character issues, you may not get the renewal of Iqama. 

According to the new rules, the MOL wants to accommodate both Saudi citizens and expatriates. That’s why they introduced a three-month rule for non-Saudi citizens so that they don’t have to pay more for any circumstances. 

I recommend you renew your Iqama before three days of its expiry. Violation of this rule will cost you a 5 Riyal penalty that can go up to 1000 Riyal for the second time. At the same time, violating continuously you might be deported from the KSA.

Only 3 minutes
Once you’ve completed all the requirements it only takes about 3 minutes to renew Iqama. With the emergence of technology now it’s possible to renew Iqama online through the “Absher Business Portal”. So there is no need to visit MOL official office personally.

1-3 weeks
Typically it takes around one to three weeks to receive your Iqama in Sauda Arabia. The MOL has declared a legal notice that each employee should have the Iqama with them at all times. If an employee lost or delay in renewing the Iqama they will be fined. 

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