One Health Pass Complete Guide for Philippines Travel Pass

The One Health Pass (OHP) is an online Travel Health Certificate. The new health declaration form has been made available in the Philippines to stop the spread of COVID-19. All visitors traveling to the Philippines must complete the One Health Pass before entering the nation.

Foreign visitors are tracked more efficiently and infection rates are reduced by offering contact information and travel advice. A reference number and barcode are given to travelers who register their information with the One Pass system online, which must be provided by them at the airport.

One Health Pass – Registration & Requirements

Registration and Requirements for The Philippine One Health Pass
The following essential information is required to be given by travelers to complete the One Pass:
  • Full name, age, and nationality 
  • Email address and mobile phone number
  • Arrival and departure dates

Additionally, it is required for travelers to disclose any COVID-19 symptoms they may be having right now. Every piece of information submitted must be accurate and sincere.

Before sending the application for review, a photo of the identity document must be uploaded that will be used to travel to the Philippines.

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How can I apply for a Philippines One Health Pass?

How can I submit an application for a Philippines One Health Pass?

You can apply for the Philippines One Pass online. It is easy and quick to complete, and you can do it from the convenience of your home.

Get on the One Health Pass website first. Open the application form after that. They must first answer the following options before you can begin the registration process:

  • Arrival date in the Philippines.
  • Type of port (air or sea).
  • Foreigner or Filipino overseas worker (OFW).

You can access the online form after you’ve submitted your responses. You must enter personal data, including the following, to begin the One Health for the Philippines application:

  • Your full name
  • Birthdate.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • An email address
Information regarding the following is then entered by them.
  • Your Philippine accommodation address.
  • Travel information.

After responding to all the questions, you must give COVID-19-related health information. This includes information about the following:

  • A 30-day travel history.
  • Coronavirus exposure.
  • Symptoms.

Before submitting the form, you must confirm that the data you enter is true and accurate. Legal action could be taken if misleading information is provided. After submitting the form, you’ll get an email with the Philippines travel health form. You must display the paper to officials while traveling because it has a unique QR code. Printing or capturing as a screenshot can be done with the Qr code.

The online system can be re-accessed or your information can be updated by using the transaction number (OSS number) provided by the form.

Remember that the Philippines One Health is an additional entry requirement during Covid-19. You must present all other necessary papers when applying for a visa to enter the Philippines.

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What Is the Philippines on Health Pass?

One Health Pass (OHP) is an online system and travel health certificate. The document gives the Philippine government a mechanism to keep track of the health of international visitors while lowering the chance of COVID-19 transmission. This new procedure was implemented by the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ).

Who Must Complete the One Health Pass for the Philippines?

Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, all foreign travelers to the Philippines must complete and submit the One Pass.

Do Filipino residents and citizens require a One Health Pass?

Additionally, residents and citizens of the Philippines must have a valid One Health Pass. Passengers must have this extra travel document, even with a residence permit or a Filipino passport.

Do Children Need a One Health Pass in the Philippines?

Every age group of kids must have their very own Philippines health declaration form.

When should I submit my Philippines One Health Pass application?

Three days after arriving in the Philippines, the One Health Pass registration form must be finished. If more than three days have passed since your departure date, the system won’t let you proceed.

What is the price of a Philippines One Health Pass?

The Philippines One Health Pass is free of cost.


The One Health Pass (OHP) is an online Travel Health Certificate. This form gives the Philippine government a mechanism to keep track of the health of international visitors while lowering the chance of COVID-19 transmission. All foreign travelers, residents, citizens of the Philippines, and kids of every age must have their own Philippines health declaration form.

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