How to Open an Account Online in Riyad Bank?

Here we explain the steps to successfully Open an Account Online in Riyad Bank. Riyad Bank is one of the leading banks in the region and offers a wide range of banking services, products, and financial solutions for individuals, businesses, and corporates through its extensive branch networks, as well as its digital platforms.

Bank Accounts are easy to open in Saudi Arabia! You can do so by visiting any Riyad Bank branch across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or at Riyadh International Airports. You will need to submit some documents and 2 photographs. The account can be opened in Riyals, US Dollars, Euros, or British Pounds.

If you are an individual, you will be able to open a personal bank account of one of the following types: A current account, a Saving Account, or an Investment Account.

Required Documents for the open an Account in Riyad Bank

When the following conditions have been met, you can apply to open an account;

  • Having a valid Iqama.
  • A valid Absher account.
  • Registration of National Addresses.
  • Mobile Numbers must be valid.

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Procedure of Online Account in Riyad Bank

You can open an account online with Riyad Bank by following a simple, step-by-step registration process on their website.

  • Visit the Riyad Bank website
  • The Iqama number must be entered.
  • Do you have an Absher account? Choose Yes.
  • Access the Nifaz website by entering your Absher ID and password.
Procedure of Online Account in Riyad Bank

After entering your Absher username and password, you are taken to the national single sign-on portal (IAM).

  • You will need to enter the “OTP” that you received on your registered mobile number.
  • Authentication Successful” will appear on the screen after you enter the OTP.

Add Your Personal Information

Your personal information will be required on the following page.

  • The place where you were born
  • Status of marriage
  • Dependents in the household
  • Level of Education
  • Then click “Confirm.”

Add Your Employment Information 

The next page asks for information about your employment.

  • Name of employer
  • Location of employer
  • Date of employment
  • Career
  • Earnings
  • Frequency of income 
  • Then click “Confirm.”
Add Your Personal Information

Add Your National Address Information

Enter your National Address if it is not already filled in on the following page.

  • City
  • Name of district
  • Name of the street
  • Number of the building
  • Zipcode
  • Added Additional  Number
  • Residence type
  • Then click “Confirm.”

Add Your Contact Information

Your contact information must be entered on the next page.

  • Primary Number
  • Secondary phone number
  • Email Address
  • Then click “Confirm.”

As soon as you submit your information, a message that says “Congratulations, your Riyad Bank Account has been successfully created” will appear on the screen. Additionally, your account number will appear on the screen.

Your account number, username, and a temporary password will also be sent to you via SMS. By using this username and temporary password, you will be able to create a new password for Riyad Online or RiyadMobile.

Once you open an account online, you will receive your Mada Card (ATM Card) at your registered address a few days later.

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