A Complete Guide on How to Apply for a Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

The hard thing in life is when you live in abroad without family. Every expatriate wants to call his family to their kingdom. In this article, we will provide you with the latest method of 2022 for the application for a family visa in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia offers permanent family visas either online or as an Istiqdam form completed and submitted with all required documentation. You may pay attention to All types of Visas in Saudi Arabia.

Eligibility Criteria for saudia arabia

For getting a family visa in Saudi Arabia you must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the Saudi government. If you fulfill the following criteria then you can apply for a family visa otherwise you can try your luck and apply for the visa. 
  • Your iqama would have more than 90 days plus validity.
  • Your profession matters for family visas. A registered Doctor, Engineer and an Accountant can apply for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia. You must be professionally qualified.
  • You can apply just for your wife and children. Do Not qualify for a family visa requirement for your parents. One more thing you can just apply for one wife at a time for a family visa in Saudi Arabia.
  • In order to apply for a visa, the sons must be under the age of 18.
  • The Saudi Arabian GOSI Certificate requires a minimum salary of SR 3,500 for a permanent family visa. 
  • If you meet all these criterias you can now pay a fee for the permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia. And the fee is round about SR 2000

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Methods for Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia

You can apply for a family visa in Saudi Arabia by two methods. In this article, we will define these two easiest methods of application. 

  • Apply for permanent family visa online
  • Apply for permanent family visa through Istiqdam

Apply for a permanent family visa online

This online application is only available to those expatriates who meet the selected professions for a family visa as we explain above these three categories of qualified professions.

Expatriates in the following professions have successfully obtained visas through an online process. 

  • Registered Doctors on the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.
  • Registered Engineers on the Saudi Council of Engineers.
  • Registered Accountants Auditors on the SOCPA.


Here is a complete step-to-step guide for applying for a Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. 

  • Log in your Absher account first and go to the option of “My Services” 
  • On the next screen click on the “Expatriates Services”
  • Then you have to click on the “New Family Visa Application”  and the instructions there carefully.
  • On the next page you can see your full details including Passport number, Expiry date of your Passport, Iqama number, your full name, date, passport issuance place, religion and profession.
  • Now you have to reread all these details and after confirmation click on the “Apply for Family Visa” option.

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  • Next, if you’re eligible for a family visa in Saudi Arabia then this will show you the application on screen. If you are not eligible then it shows an error.
  • If your application screen is appear then you will have to submit these details:
  1. Your level of education 
  2. Your salary amount in SR
  3. Date of your latest degree of education
  4. Subject detail
  • When you fulfil this information then on the next you have to add the information of dependent. Their name, age, passport number, port of boarding and relationship with you. Port of Boarding refers to the city where your family will get their passport stamped with their visas.
  • If you don’t have any second name then add “-” in this option.

Post Application Process

  • When you submit your application then there is the option of print. Print this filled submitted application and give this to HR of your company for verification and sign.  
  • Now your company will return this application with a stamp and sign within 30 days. Maybe it will demand just SR 30 for the verification.
  • Now the status of your application changes to “Approved”. Here you can see the number of your visa and receive a sms notification of this approval. 
  • When you get your visa number then send this approved application to your country. 

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Reasons behind the Rejection of the Online Application

If your online application is rejected then it may be due to the following reasons:

“Your application cannot be processed because it does not fulfill Istiqdam e-service business rules.”

If your profession does not qualify you for a permanent family visa, the system will inform you to visit the Istiqdam office with the following message. 

“Your sponsor is not added for the family visa application. please visit Istiqdam for more info.”

Apply For Permanent Family Visa Through Istiqdam

The second most famous method to apply for a permanent family visa in 2022 is through the Istiqdam.

The first step is to book an appointment in the nearby Istiqdam office.

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Required Documents

You need to submit some required documents in order to apply for a permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia in 2022. Here is a list of these required documents 

  • Istiqdam Form 
  • Copy of your Iqama
  • Copy of Passport where Saudi visa stamped. 
  • Copies of Passports of all  applicants.
  • Your certificates of iqama profession’s degrees with Arabic translation. 
  • Your children’s Birth Certificate with its translation. 
  • A sample of request letter of Family Visa 
  • Attested Marriage Certification with Arabic translation
  • GOSI Certificate 
  • Professional certification


Visit the Istiqdam

After arranging all the required documents, go to the Istiqdam office to apply for a permanent family visa in KSA.

Yellow Slip

When you submit all the documents to the member of the Istiqdam office. He will give a yellow slip after some time. Now you have to look at this slip carefully. If any information on this yellow slip is incorrect then go back for correction. This office will give you a visa that is valid for two years.

Post Application Process

When your Visa appears on the Enjazit website then you will ask your family to send this to the agent for further process. Saudi Arabia has authorized Etimad to carry out the work in some countries, such as Pakistan. 

If a baby is born after the permanent family visa is issued? 

If this happens then you don’t need to panic. Just relax and submit the birth certificate and required documents of the newborn baby to the agent along with the mother’s passport for stamping by the Saudi Embassy.

Process after Arrival in Saudi Arabia

Finally, when your family has reached their destination then you have to apply for their Iqama. You must visit How to apply for Iqama in Saudi Arabia. For the Iqama first, you will have to appear for a medical test. Don’t worry, this test is too easy. You will definitely pass it. After submitting your report to the Government Relations Officer of your company for further activities. Then after completing this you get your Iqama.

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Cancel Permanent Family Visa

The permanent family visa can be canceled before it is stamped on your passport if you are not planning to bring your family to Saudi Arabia and you will receive SR 2,000 back.

Required Documents

For the cancellation of your permanent visa in Saudi Arabia you need to give a reason on the letter and send it to the Jawazat officer. You can also sign this letter from the Chamber of Commerce. Some documents are required for the cancellation of a visa in Saudi Arabia.

  • Original Iqama with copy
  • Original passport with copy
  • Yellow slip issued by Istiqdam
  • Visit the same  Istiqdam office where you applied for the Permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia.  
  • They will give you a form. Fill this form or fill it with any agent’s help if you don’t know Arabic. And submit this with above all required documents.
  • They will cancel your Permanent visa and return your fee which you paid for that visa. 


In this article, we explain the two methods for a Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia. one is applying through an Absher account online with application and the second is through visiting the Istiqdam office physically. You have to be professionally fit for a Permanent Family Visa in Saudi Arabia because Saudi Arabia just allows this visa to registered Doctors, Engineers, and Accountants.

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