Process of Renewal of Istimara in Saudi Arabia

Istimara refers to the official vehicle registration document in the country Saudi Arabia. It is mandatory that every owner of a vehicle renews this document punctually to save themselves from any additional fine or penalty charges by the government. Here in this article, I will explain Process of Renewal of Istimara in Saudi Arabia.

Process of Renewal of Istimara in Saudi Arabia

Every istimara has a validity of three years and needs to be renewed after this time. But how exactly are you supposed to renew it? Don’t worry about this question as we are here to explain to you in detail about the steps you need to perform to renew your istimara online.

Requirements for renewal of Istimara online

Before you begin applying for renewal of your vehicle registration document, make sure you have:

  • A valid motor vehicle periodic inspection certificate (FAHAS)
  • No pending payment of traffic fine or penalties
  • Paid the required renewal fee for your Istimara
  • An active Absher account

How to Renew your Istimara Online in Saudi Arabia?

  1. Start by visiting the Absher website by simply clicking on the link:
  1. Next, select English as your language and log into your account using your username and password.
  1. Click on the Eservices option and select the Vehicle Services button from the Traffic section.
  1. At this point, your screen will display a list of your registered vehicles along with its details. On this page, look for the Renew Vehicle Registration option and press it.

Iqama Renewal Process In Saudi Arabia

Congratulations, you have now successfully renewed your Istimara online! You can pick your new Istimara from the nearest Muroor office or get it delivered to your home using the Absher website.

Istimara Renewal Fee

It is important that you pay the Istimara renewal fee before applying for the renewal online. You can do this by paying the required fee online or visiting an ATM and paying using your vehicle registration number there. The exact amount that you have to pay for can be find using the table below:

Istimara Renewal Fee


Just by following these few simple steps, you can get your Istimara renewal online and collect it from the traffic office easily. I hope you will understand the process of renewal of istimara. We hope this article helped you understand this process better and get your Istimara renewed conveniently, using the Absher electronic portal.

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