Prohibited Items from Bringing in Saudi Arabia (2022)

Those who are arriving for the first time in Saudi Arabia will benefit from this article’s prohibited items from bringing in Saudi Arabia, particularly expatriates and foreigners. The products they should bring or not bring are always on the list of questions people ask. For example, “Can I bring my dog and cat with me to Saudi Arabia?”. Saudi customs’ Prohibited Items from Bringing Into Saudi Arabia in 2022 official website provided all information that I add in this article, which may be changed from time to time at the discretion of government officials.

Require Special Permission Prohibited Items from Bringing in Saudi Arabia Government

  • Animals that are alive
  • Literature 
  • Newspapers
  • Movies 
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Equipment for wireless communication
  • Hazardous Materials and Chemicals
  • Alcohol-Containing Products (e.g., perfume)
  • Books of Religion
  • Asphalt made of Natural Materials
  • Seeds for Agriculture
  • Artifacts from Archaeology.

Products that are Inhibited for Importation According to Saudi Law

  • Alcohol
  • Weapons 
  • Narcotics 
  • Pigs and Pork Products 
  • Sexually explicit materials 
  • Equipment for Distilleries
  • Retired or used Tires 
  • Clothes that are used
  • Sculptures of a certain type
  • Cars older than five years
  • Salvaged vehicles 
  • Rental cars, taxis, and used police cars.

Retail and trading activities, as well as re-selling of goods, are allowed for nationals of GCC member states. While foreign industrial entities cannot engage in direct marketing, they may conduct business in the products they manufacture.

Attention For Prohibited-Items-From-Bringing

Attention: Saudi Arabia inspects 100% of its shipments, luggage, check-in, and hand-carried goods. Available methods include X-Ray, sniffer dogs, and manual inspections. Customs officers may choose products at random during inspections. The process may be delayed. After MOI examines the material, if it is rejected, it will be confiscated and destroyed and not returnable to its owner.

According to the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Information categories of products that can be forwarded for Review and Approval

  • Several books
  • Publications/ Magazines
  • Game consoles, computer games
  • Compact discs containing music or data
  • Touch screen devices, such as laptops
  • DVD’s
  • Media that consists of photographs
  • Electronic cards that contain data, e.g. satellite TV cards, ID cards, maps.

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