How to Get Saudi Council of Engineers Renewal?

The Saudi Council of Engineers renewal is an organization whose goal is to advance the status of engineering as a profession. The Ministry of Commerce and Investment oversees its operations. Every technician and engineer employed in Saudi Arabia is required to register with SCE. Visit the website to renew your Social Engineering Council membership.

Fees for Saudi Council of Engineers renewal

The Saudi Council of Engineers renewal charges SR 250 for engineers and SR 200 for technicians to renew their memberships.

How to Get Saudi Council of Engineers renewal Membership

You can renew your Social Council of Engineers membership by paying the fees via SADAD.


  1. Log into your SCE account via website. Select “retrieve login information” if you’ve forgotten your password.
Saudi Council of Engineers renewal" user login

2. After signing into your account, click the “Renew membership” link at the bottom of the page.

Saudi Council of Engineers membership renewal

3. When you click the button, you will be taken to a new page where you must select the “Add new Request” button.

Add new Request

4. Next, fill out the three fields as instructed.

  • Number of years or period for which you want to renew your SCE membership
  • Iqama Expiration Date 
  • Iqama Number
Iqama expiration date

5. A new page with your membership renewal request will load on the SCE website.

  • Hold on for a few hours before trying to login into your account once more.
  • SADAD payment number”
  • Pay the bill via ATM or Internet Banking

9. After the completion of successful payment, you will be notified, and your SEC membership will be extended automatically.

Saudi Council of Engineers payment request


The Saudi Council of Engineers (SEC) membership must be renewed by every foreign engineer and technician in order to renew their Iqama. Follow the instructions above and pay fees of SR 250 for engineers and SR 200 for technicians via SADAD to renew your Saudi Council of Engineers membership.

Your SEC membership will be automatically renewed if the payment is successful.


Your SCE membership must be renewed three months before the iqama expiration date.

To renew the membership of SCE, follow the guidelines given at the bottom of the article.

We can now verify the engineers’ and technicians’ membership validity with the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE).
1- Go to the SCE website and select the home tab, e-sevices, Accreditation, and Engineer Membership inquiry links.
2- After that, enter your Iqama number and complete the captcha before clicking the Enter button.
3- The Membership Details listed below will be displayed on the screen.
4- Your Full name
5- Member Number (6 digits)
6- Active, about to expire, expired, temporary membership status
7- Classification Technician or engineer
8- End Date for Membership

Engineers and technicians from other countries who are employed in Saudi Arabia must register with the SCE to renew their Iqama. Check out the provided instructions to see how the SCE procedure functions with or without a diploma.

1- Picture/ Photograph
2- Iqama scanned copy
3- Passport scanned copy
4- Saudi Council of Engineers authorized a letter
5- A letter of introduction that has been properly authenticated by the chamber of commerce.
6- Degree of Diploma properly certified by the Saudi Embassy
7- Academic Transcript of Marksheet.

The registration fee is SR 500 for both Engineers and Technicians.

The registration fee is SR 500

The membership fee is SR 200 per year for technicians and SR 250 per year for engineers

For technicians, the entire cost is SR 700, while for engineers, it is SR 750.

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